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  1. Just to add a bit more info to this topic, I'm a F2P Guardian and have now completed the GM NF and my Plat this season. In all, it took me 6 weeks and change to reach 1557 with +18 bonus to hit the 1575 requirement to enter a GM. Also so that new guardians are aware even tho it says "recommended level 1600", all GM NF are capped at 1575 so that's the highest level you need to reach. A few comments up @MrFudge gave in great detail a roadmap to maximize your Pinnacle level grind as a F2P Guardian. To his points, I'll add that at the beginning of every week you get an XP buff called "Well Rested", you can view it by your weapons on the load-out screen. This buff gives double XP for the next 5 seasonal levels for the week. Redeeming a few seasonal challenges will give you a major XP bump with this buff. Next, Season Pass Guardians get XP buffs as they move up through season levels, F2P Guardians can take somewhat take advantage of this perk by joining a said Season Pass Guardian and redeeming your bounties once in the fireteam. The buff you are looking for is called "Shared Wisdom" and it tops out at a +10%XP, you must be inside an activity or world to see it and kick on. Above that, you get a +2%XP bonus for redeeming your bounties while in any fireteam. If at this point you are shying away from this possible grind since you play solo then stick around bc all you have to do is download the official Destiny 2 App and there is a place to look for games (LFG). Doing Dares of Eternity Legend or the first 3 chests in Vault of Glass takes no coordination/ no mic needed and you profit 2 Powerful and 1 Pinnacle item per character weekly. Plus most of the Guardians you will pair with for these 2 activities will give you the "Shared Wisdom" buff so you can easily redeem all your weekly bounties then! It might be a lot to keep track of and do but as you do it weekly you will get into a flow and rhythm and be more effective at it. I know there are D2 apps and websites that keep track of your weekly activities but personally, since being a F2P Guardian, I just made my own google sheet of the stuff I could do for the week. I'll link it below, feel free to download it/add it to your own drive if you feel it can help you on your grind for the Plat!
  2. @Shmeefly take a look at the Red War Destinations badge, all the armor sets are being sold this week by vendors. So it will take some grinding but you'd earn the trophy in a weeks time. This info is per @ryuji_sakujo he did the find and seek on it ๐Ÿ‘. EDIT: Thanks to @Zbir_Vladimir brought to my attention that the Geswyn set was sold last week by Xur, I mixed up my info week to week but one can buy what is available from the other vendors and wait for that set to become available again
  3. Okay mate here is some real advice from a trophy hunter and not some Destiny lifer fanboy. You have the exact time. First, you will need to buy the Forsaken expansion as the free version Destiny offered at the end doesn't include trophy support. Once you have that focus on the Forsaken story and you will get a few story progress trophies. The week of Feb 8th the nightfall strike will be a Forsaken and you must defeat its boss for a trophy and the last chance at nabbing it before the Witch Queen power reset. Basically, aim at completing as many of the Forsaken trophies as possible before Feb 22nd. On that date, Then Tangled Shore location will be vaulted tho Dreaming City will stay. I've been on D2 for just 2 months and will achieve all but the Grandmaster Nightfall trophy before the power reset date previously mentioned.
  4. I was playing the free expansion and got the trophy for entering the dreaming city (though I traveled there outside of the story missions), but after finishing the story I didn't pop "Nothing Left to Say." So I'd say owning the pack is required for some of the trophies.
  5. I've tried for the past 2 days, a few times each day and it always states can't connect to EA Origin account. Hope it gets fixed.
  6. Has anyone successfully rented a server in the past month (April 2021)? If so any info as to how the positive rental went about would be direly appreciated, thanks
  7. I bought the PS3 Hardened Edition in Feb 2021 and the season pass it comes with let me claim both the PS3 and PS4 DLC's
  8. Ah our mistake. We thought it was just a new entry into the leaderboards, like being new to the game. I now realize you guys are having issues getting a brand-new PSN account to register on the leaderboards.
  9. Me and @Vprime77 were able to pull off both Friend trophies for him just now. I have an old acct and his is from Sept '19. After going into single-player leaders boards we had to hit triangle to toggle the board and then R1 "choose rival" became available. Hope that helps others.
  10. This was my experience: Coming into Fri morning I needed 14 treasures left (12 rare, 1 common, 1 Inca DLC) Fri (14 left) : played for about 5-6 hrs and just kept grabbing treasures not really acknowledging which and by the end of it I thought I'd only picked up 2-3 new ones but then was surprised to see I had nabbed 6 new ones, all rares. Sat (8 left) : I woke up early and began the grind, played for about 6-7 hours and managed to pull off 5 new treasures including the common one and the Inca DLC one. Sun (3 left) : Again woke up early and started playing, in the first 3 hrs I grabbed (Newari Figures Copper) treasure. Took a small break and watched 2 shows on Netflix. Then came back to it and within 2 hrs grabbed 2nd to last treasure ( Official Seal (jade)). Kept at it and actually was even thinking on calling it a day since now I only had 1 left, but inside I just wanted to be done with these so kept saying one more game, one more game. Then about 3 hrs later I got the last treasure ( Mani Jewel Thogchag (bronze)). So on Sunday, it took me about 8hrs to pull off the last 3 treasures. After reading all sorts of "things to do to help you find treasures" this is what I did and truly felt like it helped me find treasures. 1- Every 2 rounds I would change character and add hats and any accessories to them. I must have cycled between 7-9 characters all throughout. (didn't worry about taunt) 2- Cycle maps, try to play on maps you haven't in a while 3- Game with new players every so often, My last treasure came in the very first game I matched with @tgrz314 4- Go for the chests as well, I've read plenty of stories where someones last treasure came from a chest. Indeed my second to last (Official Seal (jade)) came from one. Above all just keep playing, they are bound to drop at one time or another, good luck to all still hunting!
  11. Your progress is saved and I never encountered an issue with tracking when logging back in
  12. So you bought the 9.99 online pass from the PS store even tho you had already bought a new game, right? Can you (anyone) confirm that the new Free Bundle DLC doesn't include an online pass, for US region
  13. So trying to get online with a used copy and the free bundle for US players will not work? thanks in advance
  14. @HuntingFever It isn't that the servers where shutdown, its that the game won't matchmake players together. So its as if you are the only one searching to play and will never find anyone else on the server. On the other hand, the XBOX servers (last I knew) work perfectly well. I had a mate of mine achieve the 100% on XBOX since he couldn't do it on PS. So this sounds more like a bug that some1 could fix if they just dedicated some time to it..... sigh...
  15. @GTRP_Lancerlover I don't think you can earn credits from an unraked online match.