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  1. Anyone have tips for beating that cave "Night of Absolute Chaos" in Muramasa Rebirth? I maxed myself to 99 and have all the swords so just wondering what swords and item to use.

    1. FrozenAntiFreez


      Nvm, I just noticed there was a guide by A-brawler that answers my question.

  2. Got my first platinum. Touhou Genso Rondo. The "Everyone's Feeling Refreshed" trophy glitched so I had to do all the character's campaigns again x-x. Fun game at first, but it gets kind of boring. :/ Hopefully Genso Wanderer is better.

  3. Anyone have any idea how I didn't unlock "Everyone's Feeling Refreshed" Trophy in Touhou Genso Rondo? I did all the campaigns and it seems no one is having a problem ;-;