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  1. The guy said "If you love collectibles..". Clearly he's not talking about you. And some people like collectibles.. i swear to you that not everybody like the same things as you. Just ask.
  2. A 9 Gb update just start downloading in my PS4, is Version 1.05. Let's hope it fix the problem. EDIT: Confirmed, the 20.000 trophy is fixed. I loaded my last save (almost at the end of the game) and the trophy poped up.
  3. Uh! Those are good news... i hope is true. I didn't remove the game from the ps4 so the patch can pop up in the notifications.
  4. Still nothing. This is the link to the ticket i opened. You can try to leave a comment or open your own ticket. https://support.syberia3.com/public/tickets/71e2e9f0ad7f161c6b690b3e786551f014060656244dcfb0033167a66039a973 I never get a response from them.
  5. Sadly i have the digital version. I opened a Ticket in the Syberia 3 support page that is in opened state. They didn't answer though. I will contact them via twitter then, thanks for the info.
  6. Looks like a game just for the Trophies... i pass..life's too short, and i have many games to play 😋
  7. The trophy "20,000 leagues under the lake" is not popping, and is story related. Just look at the percentages in the list. More people obtained posterior trophies. I hope they fix it.