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  1. They don't pup up for me 😠
  2. Anyone having problems to unlock the trophies in the new DLC? (Super Size)
  3. For anyone having trouble with this one, there's an optional minigame that you need for this trophy. After you collect the hair sample from the redhead wig, you have to press down on the D-Pad to analyse the sample, and compare it to the DNA sample from before. I hope this helps.
  4. That's interesting, i need to take a more deep look at that. Nevertheless my point is that the architecture is "more similar" this time, if you will. At that time the PS3 was a little pain in the ass for developers. It was more powerful, but companies didn't have the will to invest the time and money to take advantage of that. Even Mark Cerny admitted that. Maybe that same thing is happening this time with the Series X. For the time being, the only complain from devs i've hear is that they had less time to try the Series X dev kit. Time would tell.
  5. Remember when the PS3 was the most powerful console? And they even say they were used as Servers? But when multiplatform games started to release most of them look or run better on the 360, if not the same. Of course this time is different because the architecture was very different then and now is very similar between them. But i wouldn't take an Ubisoft game as definitive prove of which is a better console. Specially at the star of the generation. Im still gonna wait a few months before deciding which one to buy, this is still fanboys wanting the other to be bad, which is pretty immature and pointless.
  6. Sure, im not avoiding it. In fact i got the Platinum already, but i was just curious, because most people think is Classic required. Thanks for the answer.
  7. Ok, don't take this as bragging but as encouraging to people who want the platinum and are a little worried. After reading a lot of posts and comments on this site and others, i was very afraid of this one. I start the race prepared for hours of trying, and got it before the 60 minutes mark. I didn't cut corners on grass, i didn't use the ram (X) button, i didn't use the speed limiter or any other trick. You can get it just by racing like any other racing game. Im a pretty mediocre gamer, so if i can do it, you can do it, it shouldn't be a deal breaker for the platinum for anyone. Honestly, i found CTR Nitro Fueled on Normal a lot harder than this, lol. Just give it a try and be patience. here's my race
  8. Im asking because i got the trophy the first time playing the game on Normal, and having "Simulation" driving settings. But everyone talks about this trophy like requires classic difficulty. The description is just "won the race", but the same description in spanish say "Won the race on classic difficulty" so i thought the trophy was bugged. So is the trophy bugged, the description wrong, or im going crazy?
  9. Oh, my bad, i don't understand how i cannot read, lol. So, in my case, to download Mafia 3 on the console, i go to Mafia Trilogy (in my games library, or in the store) and then the button "Download" will be available. This button add to the downloads Mafia 2, Mafia 3, and all the Mafia 3 dlc. The download button is not available to you for Mafia Trilogy? I don't understand.
  10. You have to search for Mafia Definitive Edition on the store (the game, not the preorder game) and it's gong so say "Free". Buy that and download it.
  11. Lego The Force Awakens. It's simple, dark (you can see everything perfectly) and with no annoying sound. But i also like this one:
  12. "Not enough Royale, 7/10" IGN.
  13. Yeah, the game crashes when you skip a cutscene in free play (and sometimes even when you don't skip it) and also when the controller dies as someone said, and now is even crashing in the open world. My best option was to pause and choose "Save and quit the level" before the last cutscene start. Nevertheless, i will try disabling motion blur and other options because it keeps crashing even in the open world. Very annoying.
  14. Pretty much. The only "new" trophy i see is Completing a Level without dying. Can be a little annoying if you don't have the Invincibility extra.