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  1. Lego The Force Awakens. It's simple, dark (you can see everything perfectly) and with no annoying sound. But i also like this one:
  2. "Not enough Royale, 7/10" IGN.
  3. Yeah, the game crashes when you skip a cutscene in free play (and sometimes even when you don't skip it) and also when the controller dies as someone said, and now is even crashing in the open world. My best option was to pause and choose "Save and quit the level" before the last cutscene start. Nevertheless, i will try disabling motion blur and other options because it keeps crashing even in the open world. Very annoying.
  4. Pretty much. The only "new" trophy i see is Completing a Level without dying. Can be a little annoying if you don't have the Invincibility extra.
  5. I wonder if you can get the Difficulty related trophies in New Game+ Because i would love to play in Normal the first time.
  6. Looks easier that Rise indeed. I never got the trophies for the Speedruns in that game.
  7. If i didn't miss anything, all of them are story/collectable and some misc trophys. Also, some difficulty related. This are maybe the hardest?
  8. Can you check the mileage? how? Edit:I find it. You have to go to Player Profile using R1
  9. The trophy NEC: Day One is bugged for me. I did the tutorial 3 or 4 times without luck. I have to try making another profile, but it doesn't feel good when trophies don't pop up. EDIT: Creating a new profile and replaying this tutorial actually worked.
  10. I had the same problem. Thanks guys.
  11. Great game, a graphic adventure not that difficult but as somebody say before, for the moment the Platinum is impossible to get.
  12. I just read that in another thread. lol. That was the problem. Thanks.
  13. mmm... i was having the same problem and i left the animations to run because i was waiting something from the game. A message, something, after killing every other colossus and i didn't get any animation or light, nothing. I agree with the OP, is not clear.
  14. I completed the history mode on Normal, then i started a New Game+ on Hard and i did 4 time trials. The problem is that none of the items are unlocking. @linkdevivo was having the same issue. Does anybody knows why? Do i have to do the time attacks on Normal first? (i still have the save file)