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  1. I had the same problem. Thanks guys.
  2. Great game, a graphic adventure not that difficult but as somebody say before, for the moment the Platinum is impossible to get.
  3. I just read that in another thread. lol. That was the problem. Thanks.
  4. mmm... i was having the same problem and i left the animations to run because i was waiting something from the game. A message, something, after killing every other colossus and i didn't get any animation or light, nothing. I agree with the OP, is not clear.
  5. I completed the history mode on Normal, then i started a New Game+ on Hard and i did 4 time trials. The problem is that none of the items are unlocking. @linkdevivo was having the same issue. Does anybody knows why? Do i have to do the time attacks on Normal first? (i still have the save file)
  6. The guy said "If you love collectibles..". Clearly he's not talking about you. And some people like collectibles.. i swear to you that not everybody like the same things as you. Just ask.
  7. A 9 Gb update just start downloading in my PS4, is Version 1.05. Let's hope it fix the problem. EDIT: Confirmed, the 20.000 trophy is fixed. I loaded my last save (almost at the end of the game) and the trophy poped up.
  8. Uh! Those are good news... i hope is true. I didn't remove the game from the ps4 so the patch can pop up in the notifications.
  9. Still nothing. This is the link to the ticket i opened. You can try to leave a comment or open your own ticket. https://support.syberia3.com/public/tickets/71e2e9f0ad7f161c6b690b3e786551f014060656244dcfb0033167a66039a973 I never get a response from them.
  10. Sadly i have the digital version. I opened a Ticket in the Syberia 3 support page that is in opened state. They didn't answer though. I will contact them via twitter then, thanks for the info.
  11. Looks like a game just for the Trophies... i pass..life's too short, and i have many games to play 😋
  12. The trophy "20,000 leagues under the lake" is not popping, and is story related. Just look at the percentages in the list. More people obtained posterior trophies. I hope they fix it.