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  1. Well, I can certainly say I agree wholeheartedly with much of what's being said on these boards and the sentiment behind it, but I think we all need to keep something in mind. The percentage of actual 'trophy hunters' versus the entire player base for any game, is easily on the smaller side. For a franchise like Call Of Duty it's likely even smaller. So no matter how many of us post on their official board / thread for this issue, I don't know if it's going to make too much of a difference, even though it should. I'm not by any means discouraging doing so, but I don't think they honestly really give two fucks. I only say this because I just went through the same thing a little while back with STAR WARS: Battlefront II by none other than [FUCK!]EA. Without going into any needless detail, much bitching was done, [FUCK!]EA employees even responded directly, assurances were given, not a damn thing was done, and then all of the sudden, many, many months later........the issue and trophy were fixed. So, there's certainly hope, but I also think we need to temper our expectations appropriately, especially considering this is DLC content we're talking about. Just my 2 cents worth and I'm keeping my fingers crossed regardless.
  2. Can anyone confirm if this glitch still works (as of 07.28.18)?
  3. I feel ya and I largely agree with you, but I also happen to be one of those gamers who likes to at least platinum what they play and a trophy like this is a game breaker for me. With so much else out there that I want to play I just won't waste my time on something like this. And it's not that I'm afraid of difficult games or trophies; I've done Dead Space 2 & 3, Vanquish (!!) and all the Dark Souls / Demon Souls / Bloodborne games, just to name a few. But holy crap this trophy requirement is utterly stupid. Too bad because this game is incredible from everything I'm hearing and I loved The New Order and The Old Blood. Oh well, maybe they nerf it just a little one day and I'll play it. Otherwise no cash of mine will they get...............
  4. Depending on what you're into, I'd say the games I'd most recommend would be as follows, in no particular order: RESISTANCE: Burning Skies (Good generic FPS w/ a sci-fi twist and SUPER EASY to platinum) KILLZONE: Mercenary (Same as above only more militaristic slant instead of apocalyptic / alien-invasion. A little tougher plat but not hard at all) CALL OF DUTY - BLACK OPS: Declassified (I know it got sh!t all over by many but I quite enjoyed it. Thought it was a nice 'bite-sized' version of the larger games and I liked the way the missions were broken up. Tough plat tho) Unit 13 (REALLY fun, very overlooked 3rd person tactical shooter. Quite surprised by this one. Really worth a look if you like shooters / military games) UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss (Full length Uncharted game on a pint-sized platform. Looks good and utilizes all the Vita's functionalities rather well. No tougher than any other Uncharted to plat) Limbo (EXCELLENT, atmospheric platformer with a dark vibe) Gravity Rush (Really fun, unique and made great use of the Vita's touch & motion controls. Absolute SHAME the second one wasn't released on this dying platform) Guacamelee (Very solid, very fun and extremely well done platformer. Another tough plat, IMHO) Counterspy (Totally stealth based game with a unique art style) Hope this provides you with a good idea or two!
  5. If it helps any, I opened support tickets with both Gearbox & People Can Fly last week. Here is a link to the discussion on another website: here is the link to Gearbox's ....'official statement' ...... about the issue in response to mine and other's requests for help. It's partially vague and involves a rather convoluted technical work-around (that none of us should have to deal with, TBH), but for what it's worth: Hope this helps the community in some way!