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  1. Thanks a lot for the list, I think you´re missing duke nukem 3d though 🙂
  2. Just letting you know that the trophy isn´t possible to get anymore if you self-boost on ps vita and ps4 at the same time. Roughly at the same time since they expanded the party capacity from 8 to 16 players, ps4 and vita parties aren´t compatible anymore and the only way me and a friend ended up unlocking it was to use the ps vita or ps4 party, just staying in a lobby with mic turned on didn´t work for us.
  3. IMO it has to do with whether you played an activision game before a certain date (app early-mid 2019 I think). In some activision games its play an mp game, in this its just do a race so your score got uploaded. If you did and your account got saved on their leaderboards it will save all your scores even years later and since its tied to the leaderboards friends make better enemies is obtainable. If you haven´t you´re out of luck. Also in games like wolfenstein, transformers, even old call of duties etc. your xp rank gets/got reset every time you closed the game. Maybe the leaderboards just got broken/closed down or it reached its max amount of entries. Thats why so many new accounts are affected but its not necessarily a case of when your account got created
  4. Revenge of the fallen seems to be down. Tried to create a game and connect to the leaderboards and neither of them work edit: Log in failed message when trying wolfenstein, guess that got wiped out late as well
  5. Lets see, we did a 30 minute math in objective mode. Make sure you have team balance off and friendly fire on. I could never get the desk method to work so we did a method that got me around 480-540 per kill (1 target) or the amount I stated with 2 targets at the same time. We used the middle of the map in one of the bright areas. Both the targets and you need to place the satchels near each other, both targets need to have their backs turned against you and you need to look at their backs. Hit them with the flamethrower at the same time to down but not kill them, then move your stick back (but still look at their direction) and then let the satchel explode. You should get at least 50000 points per game that way and I don´t think it is much worse than the desk method in the end as its quite a bit quicker and easier to set up.
  6. Managed to achieve the lvl 50 trophies with the satchel grind method with the help of two friends. Took about 6 hours, all level trophies can pop during the warm up screen as soon as the non-killing people leave, no worries there. Multikills (we just used the middle of the map for simplicity) netted me around 1-1,3k depending on how accurate we were with our positioning (what also helps increase your xp is that the others got their back turned against you) Good luck to everybody still having to sufferr through this, its a very exhausting experience. One player who goes afk at the wrong time, one disconnect, its all gone...
  7. I´m still able to connect and create lobbies here. Weird...
  8. Our group started boosting this game yesterday and we came across the same problem. We managed to get one of the classes to lvl 23, then I closed and restarted the game and all my progress was gone. After lots of testing I´m pretty sure the leaderboards just aren´t working properly anymore for new players and all online progress must be tied to it. My two friends I boosted it with started the game a couple of years ago and all of their stats got saved on there. However that wasn´t the case foe me and one dummy account we used to fill the lobby. So...unless somebody else comes up with a solution I´m pretty sure everybody who is starting this multiplayer fresh has to become level 100 in a single sitting without closing the game by pressing the psn button or shutting down the console. I´d estimate it at least taking 15-20 hours without breaks and depending how many randoms you encounter and how many players help capture the point at once. Good luck to us, we´ll need it. 😑
  9. I just got it now. Thanks a lot for the tips, those two were missing for me
  10. Yup can confirm this trophy didn´t pop for me either (1.5 mil. at the end of the season)
  11. Got the rival trophy at the second game while boosting the 100 wins. I think it might be popping when you beat a player you´ve previously lost against. Could be wrong though.
  12. Just wanted to mention you do indeed need to win 50 and 100 matches respectively in order for online master and online legend to pop. While you can´t quit out of the game each player can conscede the frame after the player who does the break-off shot committed a foul. With boosting you´ll be looking at around 6-7 hours for both players to get this done