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  1. Since there still seems to be a lot of confusion about how to get the code (and it took me about 3 hours myself) here is how it worked for me. 1. Go to 2. Create an account (E-Mail account shouldn´t matter here but I used my us one to be safe, for the phone number I just typed a random us one) 3. Activate your account through your E-Mail adress then log in 4. Now click your account (the tab where you can also log off) 5. Go to account settings on the left bar 6. Go to shipping adress (its very important you fill this out since its different from billing adress) 7. Enter your Name 10780 KEMPWOOD DR 10780 HOUSTON TX- TEXAS 77043 Your US Phone number you entered earlier 8. Now add both dlcs to your cart and hit check out 9. Choose to pay by credit card and fill everything out there 10. Now scroll down to billing adress and you should find an option ´select saved adress´ Do that to make 100% sure the form is the same as the shipping adress 11. Place your order 12. After you purchased your stuff check your e-mails and your order status. If you didn´t recieve a cancellation after 3 minutes you should be good Good luck! 😀