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  1. You were right. Left it alone for a while... and now it's there. Thanks for the confirmation! I appreciate you letting me know that
  2. Has this Trophy glitched for anyone else? The Trophy popped on screen after I beat Bahamut. I even have a Notification about it. But when I check my Trophies, it reads "Not Earned." I tried rebuilding the Database but nothing popped. I'm pretty bummed about this. I went through all that trouble of fulfilling the Intel reports just for the trophy to bug out on me.
  3. ^ Solid answer! It also is worth noting that Metal King Slimes sure seem to pop up more in the Fetid Foothills, at least in my experience. They're always great for big experience, and Jessica seems good at landing criticals on them.
  4. So just for reference... how long would you say it takes to platinum Chain of Memories? Am I looking at a 70+ hour time sink?
  5. I sure could use some help with getting 3 stars on Prison in moderate difficulty. It's the only star I'm missing!! Do you know how frustrating it is to have 29/30 stars but can't get the last measly one on Prison? If I could just get a team where 2 of us go after the Treasures in the first area, and another one stands ready at the moment for when the second wave of treasures appears in the second area, I could have this thing beat. Except I usually get stuck with people who don't know what they're doing Heck, I'm lucky if I get people who understand what "Seige" means...
  6. I'm always up for joining sessions. Just FR me on PSN (PSN name: Penless) Because I sure could use a return favor by someone helping me with the two Co-op trophies... they're all I have left to get for the platinum
  7. Kya: Dark Lineage please! 3D Platformers seem to be coming back, and Kya was a fun one that was criminally neglected. Plus, it's colorful, cartoony visuals have helped it age rather nicely...especially compared to other PS2 titles. Give Kya a second chance, Sony!
  8. Hi guys. Is anybody else playing Dead Rising 2 on PS4 having difficulties getting the "Look At All That Juice" trophy to pop? I've mixed each of the 9 drinks multiple times, consumed them all and... nothing :/ Is it bugged or am I do something wrong? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!