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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that Good_Sir_Matt_II's advice worked perfectly for me. Finally got the trophy for beating the game on Sith Master difficulty and the Platin after almost 10 years πŸ˜‚ When you are low on health, you can simply reset your yellow skill tree and upgrade it again. Even though you will loose one skill point by using this method, you will have enough to spare. Many thanks to westersburg for bringing this to my attention. The guide here mentions 35 hours to finish the game but I beg to differ. My two playthroughs took me only 8 hours (Sith Lord) and 9 hours (Sith Master) respectively.
  2. Dear all, Unfortunately, I will not be able to compete any longer in the Fall/Winter Backlog challenge ☹️ since the Firmware Update 7.00 I'm experiencing massive problems with my Playstation 4 Pro...I've looked everywhere possible, browsed through countless forums, tried to install the update via safe-mode via usb and even initialized it anew but regardless what i've tried im constantly getting the error message SU-30645-8 when downloading the new update...besides not being able to access any online features, I can't play any game at all cause all of them are locked behind a padlock! Well it was fun while it lasted but I guess as long as im overseas I won't be able use my PS4 anymore......
  3. PS4: AbzΓ» - 0% => 10% Aragami - 0% Battlefield 1 - 19% Borderlands - 30% => 39% Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - 15% => 46% Judgment - 0% The Crew 2 - 0% After a bit more than 10h of playing Guacamelee! I finally beat Calaca 😁 took me longer than expected (most probably cause I suck at these kind of games). Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my time and by the end got used to the mechanics quite well. During my playthrough, I actually didn't pay special attention to any of the collectibles, therefore before starting my second run on hard, I will try to achieve 100% completion in all areas and most importantly finish all the Infierno challenges (not sure how I will be able to pull that off πŸ˜‚). To spice up things I switched to Borderlands every now and then. Maybe its just me but at the moment the game feels like a chore to seems I've hit a point of stalemate where I need to put it aside for a couple of days before being able to continue it. Unfortunately, I never really got invested in the story as well and the environments look so smiliar to each other...don't get me wrong the game has a unique appeal to it and still manages to excite me but not as much as I initially thought it would. Can't really give a well thought comment on AbzΓ» after a short 20min hands-on. However, what I saw is truly breathtaking 😱
  4. First update: Unfortunately, I was not able to make as much progress as inteded due to various work related issues, settling into the new flat with the dog and gf etc. Nevetheless, the approximately 4h I've played Guacamelee! were great! The artwork of the characters and the world itself are amazing.. Gameplay wise I can't complain either. Can't wait to continue the challenge πŸ˜‡ PS4: AbzΓ» - 0% Aragami - 0% Battlefield 1 - 19% Borderlands - 30% Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - 0% => 15% Judgment - 0% The Crew 2 - 0%
  5. I guess better late then never 😁 after skipping the last two challenges due to moving from Europe to Manila, I'm back for some trophy hunting! PS4: Abzû - 0% Aragami - 0% Battlefield 1 - 19% Borderlands - 30% Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - 0% Judgment - 0% The Crew 2 - 0% Side-Quest: Metro 2033 Redux - 75% Star Wars Battlefront II - 88%
  6. Can't agree more with your statements. Really enjoying being part of this community, share my experiences about games with other people but also just to read a bit what's going on in the forum. Even if the worst case scenario would happen I'll still continue with my Trophy Hunting but something would defintely be missing.
  7. I really like the idea of being able to play the next GTA in an Asian setting πŸ˜€ Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS was a nice nostalgia trip (of course) but a true next-gen experience would be incredible.
  8. Was transferred to Manila for one year, so at the moment I have plenty of time going through my PS3 backlog. Currently working on God of War: Ghost of Sparta and will soon continue with South Park: The Stick of Truth (messed up some of the missable collectibles...) and start Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.
  9. God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PS3) GRAND THEFT AUTO IV (PS3)
  10. I can relate to that as well actually. Can't really remember when it started but from time to time going for trophy hunting seems like a chore and negatively influences my overall experience with a game. Instead of having fun with one of my favorite hobbies, I spend a lot of times reading about requirements and road maps. For instance, I was really enjoying South Park: The Stick of Truth until I've messed up and missed a collectable....after realizing the mistake my perception of the game changed immediately 😞even though it was all my fault. Luckily, after some time passed, I was able to appreciate the game as it is again! At the moment, Im just playing what I want and do not yet choose my games based on trophies. Trying to find a good balance between work, family (gf), outdoor sports and gaming, there's really no reason to put yourself through something that will be more stressful than enjoyable.
  11. 1. Mass Effect Trilogy (never had the chance to play it on my PS3) 2. Demon Souls (unfortunately lost my copy of the game) 3. Assassin's Creed (maybe with some trophies πŸ˜‡)
  12. Thanks for making this thread, an interesting topic I was actually thinking a lot about recently. I can (partly) relate to the original post. I had to move to Manila for work in December (for 1 year) and did not want to take my new Playstation 4 and ended up bringing my old PS3 with me. In the beginning the transition was quite difficult but now I'm enjoying some of my old games, I was never able to play or finish. For me graphic was never a criteria to buy or not buy a game but I have to admit if you go back to old PS3 games you sometimes recognize the outdated look of it πŸ™ƒ However that does not affect my enjoymnet of games like Dragon Age Origings or Far Cry 3 for example. But like mentioned in previous posts, certains things like the Controller, the home interface or PSN store are just way superior on the PS4 in my opinion.
  13. (Long overdue) Update: PS3: Bioshock - 9% Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - 25% => 100% South Park: The Stick of Truth - 0% PS4: Darksiders Warmastered Edition - 100% Pyre - 0% => 100% Titenfall 2 - 17% Finally managed to find some time to write in the forum again (sry about that...). Really liked my time with Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. For me a DLC done right because it offered me everything I was asking for πŸ˜„ the crazy setting was a blast and the story was so retro...I loved it!!!! All the little movie references, "cut-scenes", trophy descriptions, songs and dialogues were just perfectly on point. Of course the overall mechanics and mission design stayed the same and was not too demanding, but as a person who enjoyed the base game, I was satisfied with it. My only issue was the the dark lighting, which made it sometimes difficult to play the game and maybe the lack of main missions...but in the end it's sometimes nice to see the end without having the need to push through it. I don't really know what to write about Pyre because it was a gaming experience I've never had before. Even though it's just an indie game, the people over at Supergiant are just very talented at creating a well-thought world. The story quickly becomes really deep and thrilling. Moreover, after just the first couple of matches I was already invested into the characters and their individual fates. I was also surprised how far-reaching your choices are during the story. Other highlights are the superb soundtrack (WOW😍), the unique character design and world setting, deep lore and (part of) the game-mechanics. The mix between the RPG elements and quick sport matches were truly unique for me. It just fitted perfectly together and even if all 12 Titan Stars are active, the game never gets frustrating but just asks you to learn your characters and their abilities to develop a good strategy! However, towards the end it became a bit repetitive because you already know all of your opponents and locations... Nevertheless, I can fully recommend this game and can not wait to see what Supergiant is planning for the future!
  14. Update: PS3: Bioshock - 9% Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - 0% => 25% South Park: The Stick of Truth - 0% PS4: Darksiders Warmastered Edition - 35% => 100% Pyre - 0% Titenfall 2 - 17% Finally finished Darksiders yesterday and I really enjoyed the game overall. Even on the highest difficulty you progress rather fast and won't have many problems with the enemies. In my opinion, the last couple of bosses were even too easy to beat, especially if you have the Abyssal Armor Set equipped. Nevertheless, liked the ending, character designs and the story (even though it was a bit predictable). In my last post, I mentioned that most of the dungeons are linear and the puzzles can easily be solved after some tries. While this is still true in general, the last dungeon was a nice challenge and required some logical thinking 😁 While I was fighting the 3 guardians in the last area, I've encountered the only major bug during my playtime. Somehow I couldn't start the quicktime event near the end of each battle. But the problem was easily solved by reloading the last checkpoint. Getting Platinum was pretty straightforward but some of the trophies were too grindy and felt a bit out of place (Max out all your weapons and Riding 100km). Looking forward to restart Darksiders 2 and happy to see that a third part is coming out later this year. Also played Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for two hours more or less and what can I say πŸ˜‚ its damn entertaining!
  15. Finally my first update for the Fall Backlog Challenge: PS3: Bioshock - 9% Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - 0% South Park: The Stick of Truth - 0% PS4: Darksiders Warmastered Edition - 0% => 35% Pyre - 0% Titenfall 2 - 17% Compared to the other two challenges I've been part of, I started rather slow into this one. On the one hand, I tried to finish Far Cry 3 (a game from the previous challenge) and on the other we had perfect weather for being outside the last couple of weeks 😁 I really enjoyed Far Cry 3 and it is definitely one of the best games I've played on my PS3 overall. Easy to get in, none of the trophies are particular difficult and the two main villains are just so damn crazy πŸ˜‚ Therefore, I was not in a hurry and took my sweet time with the campaign! However, to make some progress with my backlog I decided to start the Fall challenge with Darksiders on PS4. I was holding back on this for a long time but I'm digging it! The game reminds me a bit of Zelda but with an overall darker tone (or put it differently more brutal combat). The story so far is interesting but nothing really spectacular, cause the plot is somewhat predictable. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to see how it all ends! What I really like are the character designs 😳 especially Samael, the watcher (your comedy relief companion) and the bosses are well made and creative! The gameplay on the other hand is one of the weaker points...War feels a bit slow in combat and even though you have different weapons they don't give you a sense of variation (in my opinion). At least some trophy requirements force you to use other options as well, if not you could beat the game with your very first weapon. Somewhat related to this issue is that even though you can purchase new techniques for your weapons, it does not translate into a lot of new combat moves... While you progress through the story you visit various areas with different themes and even though the game is not open-world, some of them are quite big. However, you never have the feeling of being lost because the game holds your hand a little bit too tight with the quest-markers. The same can be said about the dungeons...they are rather linear and the puzzles can easily be solved after some tries. The overall game seems a bit easy, therefore I'm happy they added the Apocalyptic difficulty, which makes the fights (and especially the boss battles) harder and more rewarding!