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  1. Stats look great Squirlruler. Thanks! Can someone please tell me how the completion percentage is calculated? I tried various methods and just can't get it. I would like to figure out how many trophies I need to reach my goal and what negative impact starting a new game has on the percentage.
  2. Definitely in! Already have Spiderman GOTY so leave me out of that drawing.
  3. Sounds fun! Count me in!!! I generated my card. Not sure how to copy/paste and get the borders, but here it is. I don't understand what some of the boxes mean so I will have questions later. Bingo Bonanza 2020 B I N G O Recommended By a PSNP Member Arcade, Rhythm, or Puzzle In a Series New To You One Word Title Adventure Based On a Non-Gaming IP With Gorgeous Vistas DLC Pack or Standalone DLC Originally Released in 2020 Sci-Fi or Fantasy Themes With Online Features Favorite Genre Player's Choice That You Started But Didn't Finish Nonviolent Ultra Rare Platinum That You've Been Meaning To Get To That You Can Beat In One Sitting That Gives You the Feels Anthropomorphized Animals Developed In a Foreign Country Cooperative Game Historical Fiction or Mythology Peripheral-Based That "Everyone" But You Has Played "Everyone"
  4. @Squirlruler I don't see my name on your list. I am uncertain what my percentage was at the start of the year, probably very close to 65%. But earlier this week when I posted was at 66.0%. Starting: 66% Goal: 75% Increase: 9%
  5. I would love to join in! In late 2016 I was below 33% and have managed to slowly bring it up to: Starting: 66.0% Goal: 75.0% This will be quite ambitious for me because I am hoping to start a bunch of new games this year. Good Luck Everyone!
  6. How do you level up spells? Enter the purple Arcane Headquarters in the southern continent just west of Mew Fields.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up regarding double XP weekend. 😄
  8. In the last area, after you trigger the walls closing, switch to a dark side force character and get to the right rear corner to find the trigger spot
  9. Very nice of you! Good Luck everyone.
  10. First Update: PS3 inFamous: Festival of Blood (0% -> 100%) Book of Spells (0% -> 20%) Book of Potions (0%) PS4 Grim Fandango (0% -> 100%) Doodle Devil (0% - 100%) inFamous was every bit as good as I hoped. Of course I took 3 times as long to do it as usual. Still, given the amount of UGC missions available, I plan to revisit it again. Cole's ability to fly in a bat swarm is particularly fun! Grim Fandango was disappointing. I could not get into the storyline so I was grateful when it was over.
  11. Final Update: Life is Strange (100%) Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2 (2% => 4% => 18%) Tales from the Borderlands (100%) The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (100%) Heavy Fire: Afghanistan (100%) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (100%) Killzone HD (100%) Infamous 2 (100%) Rogue Warrior (100%) Many of the games had been on my backlog for over 5 years, so I'm extremely pleased to have these finished. Mickey proved my undoing but the 18% does not give a true representation of the number of hours invested in the game. However, even at a mere 18%, the game has moved from a rank of "E" to rank of "A". For this I'm pleased. Congratulations on everyone's progress!
  12. I don't think new PS3 are even available. Perhaps in Japan.
  13. Well I just got past the part that has had me stalled all summer! Still a long way to go, but at least I have a chance. Wahoo!
  14. I have managed to finish another game that has been on my backlog for almost 6 years: Rogue Warrior 11% -> 100% I found the music interesting but repetitive, graphics and controls excellent, but the extreme unceasing vulgar dialog to be horribly distasteful that after finishing the first mission I tossed it aside. In the intervening years, I forgot why I never finished it. Moments after starting over, I realized what the problem was. This time however, I was diligent enough to determine that there Options settings allowed for customizing volume on both music and speak. After setting both to 0 level, the game became enjoyable. If anyone still has this on their backlog or wants an quick inexpensive shooter, I recommend jumping on this before the mp servers go down. Consider yourself warned regarding dialog however. OK. Regarding my summer nemesis, Epic Mickey. I started over for the umpteenth time this morning. If I can't get past the point that has me stuck, I will have to accept that this one will join the legion of games that I can't do but that others seem to have no challenge doing.
  15. Oh mighty creator/arbitrator of rules, one final question regarding RDR and I promise never to bring it up again. I have already obtained 100% completion on the main game and the true DLC content. Only on Undead Nightmare am I under 25%. So does this make it unavailable for this challenge?