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  1. Thanks for the heads-up regarding double XP weekend. 😄
  2. In the last area, after you trigger the walls closing, switch to a dark side force character and get to the right rear corner to find the trigger spot
  3. Very nice of you! Good Luck everyone.
  4. First Update: PS3 inFamous: Festival of Blood (0% -> 100%) Book of Spells (0% -> 20%) Book of Potions (0%) PS4 Grim Fandango (0% -> 100%) Doodle Devil (0% - 100%) inFamous was every bit as good as I hoped. Of course I took 3 times as long to do it as usual. Still, given the amount of UGC missions available, I plan to revisit it again. Cole's ability to fly in a bat swarm is particularly fun! Grim Fandango was disappointing. I could not get into the storyline so I was grateful when it was over.
  5. Final Update: Life is Strange (100%) Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2 (2% => 4% => 18%) Tales from the Borderlands (100%) The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (100%) Heavy Fire: Afghanistan (100%) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (100%) Killzone HD (100%) Infamous 2 (100%) Rogue Warrior (100%) Many of the games had been on my backlog for over 5 years, so I'm extremely pleased to have these finished. Mickey proved my undoing but the 18% does not give a true representation of the number of hours invested in the game. However, even at a mere 18%, the game has moved from a rank of "E" to rank of "A". For this I'm pleased. Congratulations on everyone's progress!
  6. I don't think new PS3 are even available. Perhaps in Japan.
  7. Well I just got past the part that has had me stalled all summer! Still a long way to go, but at least I have a chance. Wahoo!
  8. I have managed to finish another game that has been on my backlog for almost 6 years: Rogue Warrior 11% -> 100% I found the music interesting but repetitive, graphics and controls excellent, but the extreme unceasing vulgar dialog to be horribly distasteful that after finishing the first mission I tossed it aside. In the intervening years, I forgot why I never finished it. Moments after starting over, I realized what the problem was. This time however, I was diligent enough to determine that there Options settings allowed for customizing volume on both music and speak. After setting both to 0 level, the game became enjoyable. If anyone still has this on their backlog or wants an quick inexpensive shooter, I recommend jumping on this before the mp servers go down. Consider yourself warned regarding dialog however. OK. Regarding my summer nemesis, Epic Mickey. I started over for the umpteenth time this morning. If I can't get past the point that has me stuck, I will have to accept that this one will join the legion of games that I can't do but that others seem to have no challenge doing.
  9. Oh mighty creator/arbitrator of rules, one final question regarding RDR and I promise never to bring it up again. I have already obtained 100% completion on the main game and the true DLC content. Only on Undead Nightmare am I under 25%. So does this make it unavailable for this challenge?
  10. I just realized our host never added me to the list of participants! LOL
  11. Rdr undead nightmare is a standalone game. You can buy the physical disc separately and don't need to have rdr installed to play. Therefore it should count. But if that seems too unreasonable, just add Doodle Devil instead. 😜
  12. Yes absolutely. Any AC game with the 100% sync for example. But the better question is which one have I been chasing the longest. Call of Duty World at War. Stuck on the next to last mission on Veteran for seven years. And the trophy for finishing on Hard failed to pop. LOL
  13. Going with a fall theme for the Fall Backlog Challenge: PS3 Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare (23%) inFamous: Festival of Blood (0%) Book of Spells (0%) Book of Potions (0%) PS4 Grim Fandango (0%) I may add more later, but with so many new titles coming out such as COD and Origins I think this may really be a September only challenge! Good Luck everyone!
  14. Release of: Baulders Gate 1 and 2 Champions of Norrath With trophy support would find me dancing in the street!
  15. Finished KZ tonight. Actually ended up enjoying playthru 2 and 3 better than the first. Different characters with different weapons, and access to different parts of the map. By playthru 4 I just really wanted it to end.