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  1. What a great idea! Count me in!
  2. Yes. Should be. Was in a public mp match last weekend. Never played co-op but assume is available.
  3. Finally find the path out. After grabbing the blue crystal, turn around and backtrack east briefly. Then the exit path will be to the south.
  4. I can't find the exit to the level. The level begins with a boulder chasing you as run run south towards the screen. After you drop down you head west jumping over a series of pits. Next you encounter 3 pillars to jump across as you continue west. Finally you encounter 4 more pillars placed in a rectangular pattern, the last of which has a blue crystal on it. I can't see where to go next. Any direction I jump next has me dying in sand.
  5. @SquirlRuler I am fine with whatever numbers you use as starting points. Looks to me you started me off my stats 1 week or so into the year as opposed to Jan 1...but that's fine with me. I just wish I knew how you work your magic anyway!! So far this year I have completed 2 games which combined had been on my back log for 10 years! Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault & All 4 One. Both games can be played solo but really shine as co-op games. I was fortunate to hook up with 2 players who helped me immensely. Also I have come within one trophy of 100% on AC3, but the 100% sync requirements on several sea missions are eluding me. The single player missions on this AC is without a doubt the most difficult one of the series I have encountered so far.
  6. Thanks to Squirlruler for all you work this last year. I have no idea how you managed to do it! My highest percentage was 75.09 exceeding my goal by .09 but then had to start Hitman 2 on the 30th due to server closure on the 31st. This caused my percentage to dive due to the incredibly large number of trophies that game has. While I was able to get the multiplayer trophies finished before the servers closed on the 31st, there was no way to recover from the loss. I did manage to finish the base game trophies, so I just have to plug away at all the DLC over the next year. Congrats Everyone for all your accomplishments!
  7. Please sign me up as well. This year I am going to keep my goal at just a 5% increase. Tried for basically a 10% increase last year and learned how very difficult that is to do. What I really want to do this year is move more, lets say 10, of my games that are in "E" rank to at least "D". And also to reduce my unearned trophy count by 500. I made excellent progress on this last year and am looking to continue the trend. Good Luck Everyone!
  8. I finally reached my goal yesterday of 75%. Was hoping to pad that a bit more before the final scan on the 31st...but just found out the servers for Hitman 2 are closing on the 31st. Which means I will now have to add that to my profile to quickly pop a couple of multiplayer trophies. It will set me back at least .69% because it has a whopping 125 trophies before rolling into an additional trophy list with over 50 more trophies. Good Grief! This after having to add Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor last month for the same reason. So after working all year toward this goal, does this mean I fail? Tell me what you think... My year at a glance: Started 66 games ... finished 63 of them Finished 19 games started in previous years Made significant progress on about 25 other games talking them from a handful of trophies earned to almost 100% 40,000 kills in Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC Congrats to everyone who completed their goal!
  9. I can confirm that today's hot patch fixed my locations trophys not popping issue. I had previously discovered all 223 locations..Was quite pleased to see A Hundred Names for Sand pop followed several looooong seconds later by the next ...and then next....and then next...Yeah!!!! 😄
  10. Been awhile since I posted so I thought an update is in order. I am zoning on reaching 70% by the end of the month. Will still be off a pace to reach my goal of 75%l by the end of the year but significant nonetheless. For the last 3 months I have been focusing on achieving trophies already existing on my account rather than starting new games. I have finished Frycry Classic which was hanging on my account since Sep 2017. Finally figured out regardless of anything the game says, it is NOT a stealth game & the AI can always see you thru earth, grass, water, etc. but not thru "some" large trees or rocks. Never hears you either. Maybe this helps someone. Earlier this month I made a list of about 18 games which I had earned only 1 or 2 trophies for the most part. My focus will be those for the next 2 months. I have already knocked out 2 of them. Two others, SR the Third & SR IV will be wrapped up by the end of the month. Not sure if I will do the Genki Bowl DCL - love to hear your thoughts. Those have been on my account since Jan 2018. I have spent an enormous amount of time on Killzone 2. Elite mode is no joke. Finished up the next to last area twice now & my ps3 has locked up in the same place... after killing the last opponent but before triggering the save!!! I don't know if I want to keep at it. Afraid it is not the system but the disc. Killzone 2 completion is now up to 92%. Really wanted that 100%... Currently working on Littlebigplanet which as has been on my account since 2011! Platforming games are outside my comfort zone...I am happily using Community missions to avoid hours of platforming deaths trying to collect prize bubbles! I had wanted to play Control before it left PS Now but it has 2 expensive DLC packs, 1 of which is not yet released. I am not wanting to add to my percentage deficit. Any thoughts on the game anyone? Speaking of expensive DLC, Titan Quest after years of being out released 2 DLC packs which made my completion percentage dive some more. That entire game is just 1 horrific grind already. If anyone could help me knock off some bosses in the second playthrough I would be extremely grateful!
  11. No. As I recall I found very few of the of the vault symbols. For me the level 1 Challenge that was difficult was the high number of in your face kills with a shotgun.
  12. This is the level where the robot starts out with a Santa Hat. I have made the jump up and entered the rotating cage which raises a ball from a hole below. But I don't see what to do next. Help any one?
  13. State look spot on Squilruler. Thanks again for doing them. February was a difficult month for me in that I has very little time to devote to gaming. Nonetheless I was pleased to have finished Uncharted: Lost Legacy. A very good game, I highly recommend it. Crushing was a pain I freely admit particularly on the last chapter in which your character is on railway cars & getting blasted from all sides with little cover. But there is no requirement for doing it without dying or within a time limit or anything super annoying like that. I congratulate everyone on their goal process. Particularly to @Fnee2000 with a staggering 60 games completed! I have determined that starting & finishing a game with a platinum & typical amount of points gives me a percentage boost of about 0.08% while simply starting one drops me 0.50%. In other words I need to start & finish about 112 games in the next 10 months to get my goal. Looks like I need advice from @Fnee2000!
  14. Great idea Doctor! Thanks for the contest. Good Luck Everyone! Unfortunately I am unable to insert my photo of my plat for Aer: Memories of Old here. Here's the link to my profile:
  15. Agree! I loved the Sierra city building games on the pc back in the 90's and was really looking forward to trying this out.