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  1. I can confirm that today's hot patch fixed my locations trophys not popping issue. I had previously discovered all 223 locations..Was quite pleased to see A Hundred Names for Sand pop followed several looooong seconds later by the next ...and then next....and then next...Yeah!!!! 😄
  2. Been awhile since I posted so I thought an update is in order. I am zoning on reaching 70% by the end of the month. Will still be off a pace to reach my goal of 75%l by the end of the year but significant nonetheless. For the last 3 months I have been focusing on achieving trophies already existing on my account rather than starting new games. I have finished Frycry Classic which was hanging on my account since Sep 2017. Finally figured out regardless of anything the game says, it is NOT a stealth game & the AI can always see you thru earth, grass, water, etc. but not thru "some" large trees or rocks. Never hears you either. Maybe this helps someone. Earlier this month I made a list of about 18 games which I had earned only 1 or 2 trophies for the most part. My focus will be those for the next 2 months. I have already knocked out 2 of them. Two others, SR the Third & SR IV will be wrapped up by the end of the month. Not sure if I will do the Genki Bowl DCL - love to hear your thoughts. Those have been on my account since Jan 2018. I have spent an enormous amount of time on Killzone 2. Elite mode is no joke. Finished up the next to last area twice now & my ps3 has locked up in the same place... after killing the last opponent but before triggering the save!!! I don't know if I want to keep at it. Afraid it is not the system but the disc. Killzone 2 completion is now up to 92%. Really wanted that 100%... Currently working on Littlebigplanet which as has been on my account since 2011! Platforming games are outside my comfort zone...I am happily using Community missions to avoid hours of platforming deaths trying to collect prize bubbles! I had wanted to play Control before it left PS Now but it has 2 expensive DLC packs, 1 of which is not yet released. I am not wanting to add to my percentage deficit. Any thoughts on the game anyone? Speaking of expensive DLC, Titan Quest after years of being out released 2 DLC packs which made my completion percentage dive some more. That entire game is just 1 horrific grind already. If anyone could help me knock off some bosses in the second playthrough I would be extremely grateful!
  3. No. As I recall I found very few of the of the vault symbols. For me the level 1 Challenge that was difficult was the high number of in your face kills with a shotgun.
  4. This is the level where the robot starts out with a Santa Hat. I have made the jump up and entered the rotating cage which raises a ball from a hole below. But I don't see what to do next. Help any one?
  5. State look spot on Squilruler. Thanks again for doing them. February was a difficult month for me in that I has very little time to devote to gaming. Nonetheless I was pleased to have finished Uncharted: Lost Legacy. A very good game, I highly recommend it. Crushing was a pain I freely admit particularly on the last chapter in which your character is on railway cars & getting blasted from all sides with little cover. But there is no requirement for doing it without dying or within a time limit or anything super annoying like that. I congratulate everyone on their goal process. Particularly to @Fnee2000 with a staggering 60 games completed! I have determined that starting & finishing a game with a platinum & typical amount of points gives me a percentage boost of about 0.08% while simply starting one drops me 0.50%. In other words I need to start & finish about 112 games in the next 10 months to get my goal. Looks like I need advice from @Fnee2000!
  6. Great idea Doctor! Thanks for the contest. Good Luck Everyone! Unfortunately I am unable to insert my photo of my plat for Aer: Memories of Old here. Here's the link to my profile:
  7. Agree! I loved the Sierra city building games on the pc back in the 90's and was really looking forward to trying this out.
  8. When you get the chance, please bump me up to Lego Junior Architect. If I am counting correctly, I have 30 plats now.
  9. Stats look fine. I did not start any new games in January while finishing 7. I gained less than a percentage point in completion. This confirms my earlier suspicion that to reach my goal I will have to devote my entire year to games currently in my profile without starting new ones. So not going to happen! That said, I started Uncharted: Lost Legacy yesterday and so far totally enjoying it. Starting Chapter 3 today and hope to get thru it and Chapter 4 without using weapons or explosives to earn the least earned trophy in the game. I finished up Call of Cthulhu this week. This is just the 2nd Horror game I have played. (The first, Bendy and the Ink Machine, I am still working on.) So I have little to compare it to. Having said that, the devs employed techniques and music to good use to heighten the suspense and crank up the horror factor. Gameplay controls handled well. Collectibles were easy to find without a guide. Trophies popped naturally without a guide up until Chapter 10. At that point your choices affect the 4 different endings required for trophies. For me, I was disappointed that the story left more questions than answers. Perhaps reading the book which the game was based upon may resolve that. Or perhaps the story is left unresolved to drive home the main character's descent into madness. Overall this game is well worth a look. 4 out of 5 stars simply because I didn't get the closure I desired on the storyline.
  10. Thanks for the encouraging words & suggestions. I will be working on those in the near future. But first I want to get Horizon New Dawn (with DLC) finished before it leaves PS Now. So that's up next along with wrapping up Call of Cthulhu. I just finished up Valiant Hearts: The Great War. I had postponed starting it because of the cartoon look to the game. I mean what is a shooter doing looking like a cartoon? Well, that was mistake number 2 because it is not a shooter. What it is is like no other game I have played. It has puzzle elements, QTE elements, & adventure elements mixed up with good level design, good music, collectibles rich in historical interest, and a good story line. A true gem that you owe it to yourself to check out.
  11. After crunching some numbers, it looks like I will have to finish around 60 or so games that I have already started but not completed to get my percentage to 75%. Since that is about the number I finish a year including new titles, I am not feeling real good about my chances of reaching my goal since I know I will be starting new games this year. Nonetheless, In the spirit of completion, I have refrained from starting any new games this month so far. This week I managed to finish Reverie, a short Legend of Zelda clone which had a minigame trophy that was kicking my butt. The rest of the planet will probably breeze right through it, so if you catch it on sale, you might consider picking it up.
  12. What does the category "Peripheral-Based" mean?
  13. Thanks for the percentage calculation rules/examples. Not sure I completely understand so I might revisit this later if you don't mind. Igs63: I have been chasing Flapmaster on and off for like 2 years on the PS3 so Congratulations! Which town did you earn the trophy in?
  14. Stats look great Squirlruler. Thanks! Can someone please tell me how the completion percentage is calculated? I tried various methods and just can't get it. I would like to figure out how many trophies I need to reach my goal and what negative impact starting a new game has on the percentage.
  15. Definitely in! Already have Spiderman GOTY so leave me out of that drawing.