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  1. People who simply play for fun, not challenge nor competition.
  2. Lunch. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a scoundrel. If going off of teachers id vote AG i suppose but i really did not enjoy any subject in school.
  3. Unsure what i would opt for. It would be between swapping to Xbox or going back to playing less than 10 games a generation. Am unsure if id want to start over with Xbox. Id certainly be all in on OldSchool RuneScape again though.
  4. Traditional single player campaign? Probably also Persona 5. Took 129 hours for the plat though that does include a small segment of NG+. Single player game in general might be Slay the Spire. Average run probably lasted 35-40 mins and ive played a few hundred. Multiplayer game and overall is RuneScape by far though. 313 days in what used to be Rs2, 230 days on the main account in OSRS, and over 300 days playtime on the OSRS ironmeme as well. Over 2 years playtime in total and im sure that number will increase in due time.
  5. "EMBRACE THE DAHKNESS!" Is my general desire. 99% of my playtime is in the living room with lights off and blinds closed whenever possible.There is a light in the kitchen thats usually on but it doesnt do a whole lot to the living room. If it wasnt too far away for a good wireless wifi connection id probably play in my room since i have blackout curtains in there but it is what it is.
  6. The DuelistWin 50 multiplayer Head-to-Head tournaments 1.67% I assume it is UR only due to people getting the free game then dropping it before playing much. Extremely easy, plenty of people are willing to just go all in from the get go in 1v1s until someone wins which makes it decently fast as well. Aside from my 2 from Slay The Spire i do not consider any of my URs to be difficult. I just assume either people arent as into the respective games as i was and thus dropped it before getting far trophy wise or they simply dont care about trophies and didnt go out of their way for them. So if you want 60+ relative freebies feel free to copy my list.
  7. Agility is 170 for sure and breaking the hp limit is unnecessary. And 130 Luck paired with the other stats maxed is for guaranteed hit/crit. Forget how much lower you can go if you ignore her but its one of the Magus Sisters that requires 130 as the peak if you wanna try them with a bit lower. And from Sephirosuy's guide on GFAQs the following should be the total stats contained in the expert grid - Tidus Yuna Auron Kimahri Wakka Lulu Rikku HP 2000 1800 3600 200 3400 2000 3200 Strength 31 16 47 2 31 9 18 Defence 21 22 22 2 17 32 11 Magic 9 41 6 2 33 30 15 M Def 3 33 22 0 0 48 11 MP 190 220 40 0 120 240 200 Agility 30 30 11 0 16 17 42 Luck 3 0 0 0 2 0 9 Evasion 19 28 8 0 10 43 4 Accuracy 18 0 1 0 27 10 11 This wont count characters starting stats so in theory you should need 2-5 less of each but if the above stat board is true then you would need - 26 Strength spheres, 32 Defence spheres, 30 Magic spheres, 35 Magic Def spheres, 28 Agility spheres, 29 Luck spheres, 36 Evasion spheres, and 47 Accuracy spheres. Am unsure how many clear spheres would be needed.
  8. Plat hunter. A few are beyond me and i do have a couple of games i consider duds but i gun for every plat i can. I generally only go for DLC if its free or if i love the game. Im not spending money strictly for trophies and i kinda wish DLC didnt have them.
  9. I generally balance it by not playing difficult games at all. I made a mistake picking up Nioh but otherwise did not play any games id consider overall difficult this past gen. Challenge is a negative to me, as for picking my next game its just whatever i think im in the mood for.
  10. Between work and gaming there is zero chance that my amount of screen time is anywhere near the realm of healthy. I am unsatisfied having to work but the screen time has nothing to do with that. I do not care in the slightest about whether anything i do is healthy, only whether or not i enjoy it.
  11. The message boards are the primary reason i go to the site at all so thats a no for me.
  12. Only real goal for Playstation is to trim my backlog down to size. Up to 22 now and there are more ill likely pick up. But it largely depends on what i do on Oldschool RuneScape as thats my main game these days. 80 s should come naturally if i do some work on the backlog, and at least 94% completion would be nice. Ideally 95% but i havent looked at how much DLC will tear me down from the games in the backlog to know how realistic that is. And for OSRS... 600m xp on the ironmeme from the current 442m and 18 pets from the current 10.
  13. Of those ive replayed a fair few times... FF VII - Kalm flashback - I like when Sephiroth starts his fun times but the bulk of it is just a slog to me. FF VIII - D District - Round and round in circles you go with each floor looking pretty much identical to the last. Oh you reached a story point? Go all the back up now. Oh another story thingy?! Hope ya like NASCAR because back to the circles you go! Its just dull. FF X - Catcher Chocobo - I dont take as long to get the sigil as i used to but i still hate the process. Lightning Dodging and the Butterflies could also be listed but i rarely use Lulu and Kimahri late/end game so i dont have to hunt their sigils as often. Ocarina of Time - Bottom of the well - For as much as ive replayed it i still dont have most of the fake floors memorized. Down to the basement i fall over and over and over....3DS made the Water Temple a lot better at least. Twilight Princess - Spirit Bugs - Takes too long, you have to do it too many times, and it was a total chore even on the very first playthrough. Outside of those i think the only games i have a solid chunk of replays on are some of the Pokemon mainlines but theyre fine throughout for me.
  14. Nope. When i was taken to shoot i thought it was boring, they arent interesting to look at and im not a decor kinda person anyways, i have no interest in killing animals, and while my little suicidal episodes are rarer these days it would probably not be a good idea to have access to a gun when they do happen.
  15. Smash Ultimate on Switch. Got it when this became a thing - If PS3/4 specific i dont know if ive ever played a game that didnt have trophies. Civ Rev doesnt on PS3 but i played it on X360 which did. Thats about as close as ive gotten.