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  1. #39 - Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen The True Arisen Collected all other Dragon's Dogma trophies. A pretty good game shame i missed it last gen. My preferred type of class is one of if not the weakest in the game and climbing could really use some help but thats my only notable negatives. I dont like nerfs to "OP" single player things and Capcom could also learn what voice test is meant to be as the actual voice test is done via "view expression" but eh. Difficulty wise if you do hard mode as an NG+ thing its cake although its a you just get hit for more kind of thing and there isnt much thats terribly hard to dodge anyways so it probably wouldve been fine to start off with it. Main game everything works fine and Magic Archer with ricochet or Assassin/Archer with blast arrows slaughters the post game stuff. You can apparently also get level 200 AI for free if it suits you but it really isnt necessary and is arguably more efficient to get pawns lower level than you.
  2. #38 - Horizon Zero Dawn All trophies obtained Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. A pretty good game definitely one of the better ones of last year. Customization was eh but oh well. Gotta wonder if the devs are anti religion with how moronic they made the bulk of everyone who was religious in it but its funny either way. Unsure if ill do NG+ now but will definitely go for the DLC. Can be played on the easiest difficulty so plat is cake. Easiest difficulty meaning you can pretty much not even try to dodge anything at all and youll survive. Unless you walk off a cliff naturally.
  3. Over half of my URs are from the Sims 3 Pets and the Sims 4. Ive read that some people had a lot of issues with glitched trophies in 3 Pets but bar that they are both really easy lists with nothing remotely skill requiring and a few of the UR arent even all that time consuming. 3 Pets is also pretty easy to rank on the fastest 100% list for this site if that interests you. For the rest of mine...Prominence Poker ones are just a tad time consuming, For Honor plat is easy since the glitched trophies were fixed but takes like 2 months minimum due to season trophies, and then Tales of Zestiria ones are cake if you do them in 2 playthroughs rather than one for NG+ shenanigans.
  4. Kingdom Hearts III - Until they inevitably say oops 2018 was a mistake we meant 2028 ;_; Code Vein Far Cry 5 Shadow of the Tomb Raider All i am currently aware of.
  5. #37 - Gravity Rush 2 Ultimate Shifter Collected every trophy. Meh game. DLC is free but if i do it at all it probably wont be for a while. Targeting needs help, stasis could do with a fix so you dont launch stuff into the ground when you are aiming at something in the sky because thats where it wants to start the throw, and this is also the first time the camera in a game has frequently got in my way. Raven looks cool at least. Shame you cant get her outfit for Kat. A few hours of grinding to unlock all abilities and you might not gold every challenge on try 1 but an easy plat all the same.
  6. for The Sims 4 at 1.55%. Easier list than 3 Pets so i assume it will become more common than it in due time. Dont think ill ever get a sub 1% short of being one of the first to get a game or something :c
  7. #36 - The Sims 4 Ultimate Sim Guru Earn all trophies. Shouldve had this in like a week but instead it took me over a month as crashing and bugs killed my motivation to play at all :l But when it works as it should its decent enough. Definitely preferred 3 Pets but eh. Will not buy 5 early on when/if it comes in hopes of less issues though. Just another Sims game so not much to really say. Bar 1 annoying RNG related one the trophies are pretty simple. Get all careers and stats maxed and voila youve got like half of them not including ones youd pick up on the way to that. Triple play is tedious waiting on your luck to kick in but still technically very easy also so certainly not a hard plat.
  8. Ah it isnt meaning a combo chain. It wants 50 consecutive kills of the same type of enemy without touching a save crystal or going somewhere new(different zones on one map are fine). A couple of easy ways to pull it off are the skeletons on the bridges in the Lhusu Mines or the Yensa tribe members in most areas of the Sandsea. Can be done most anywhere though if you zone to respawn stuff so long as you take care not to kill anything off type.
  9. No email for me sadly but the answer is likely - Bloodborne > Dark Souls III > Tales of Berseria
  10. #35 - Persona 5 Legendary Phantom Thief Earn all trophies. My first Persona game and second favorite game for 2017 is finished at last :0 Just a bit too long to require NG+ but ah well. Liked all but Morgana for the main party, all VA's excluding Morgana's and Haru's, and the villain that was out for revenge and recognition. Other little things like the seven deadly sins theme as well but characters tend to be the biggest piece for me. Also a chunk of annoyances though via being forced to sleep early, 2 minute convos acting as 18 hours of your day, never ending spam from teammates about "Do you think we did it?" or "We need to go to the palace!", Morgana in general, and then the whole killing criminals is evil what have we done nonsense always bothers me. A couple other little time wasters also but eh could just put time wasting in general. Hifumi was the one i decided to romance so finding out that she was apparently supposed to be a main party member but instead of literally anyone else(or especially Morgana} they cut her instead was sad. Still a great game desite all that though. Can be played on the lowest difficulty, you can set yourself up to absorb all but 1 decently rare type of damage, and theres a massive exp exploit before the last few dungeons. Ive read that some people struggle with one of the games but thankfully i didnt. At any rate the plat difficulty is pretty much as easy as you want it to be.
  11. Havent run through all the games i want to yet but is easily Tales of Berseria for me so far. Persona 5 would be the runner up.
  12. As far as what i might play goes - Bioshock 2 Bioshock Infinite Deus Ex Mankind Divided Horizon Zero Dawn LA Noire Sims 4 And some Neptunia game on the Ps3 that i wanted to try the series with but am just meh on the Ps3 I buy in groups and generally only after ive beaten everything im going to that i got previously. But Bioshocks im going to need a decent break between them.
  13. AC IV. Burned out during Brotherhood and havent played any games since but always liked the symbol and is my favorite take on it with the plat image from your collection of the series.
  14. Havent played 10 total yet so couldnt do a full list of either let alone both but thankfully i liked all so far at least a little so heres the like list thus far. 1. Tales of Berseria 2. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age 3. Mass Effect Andromeda 4. For Honor 5. Nier Automata 6. Tekken 7 7. Nioh Have Horizon and Sims 4 but will be a bit before i get to them and ill be starting Persona 5 probably today. Am looking forward to Hollow Knight when(if) it comes but apparently the devs are focusing on Switch first...or only? There are crying pandas either way. Think theres a couple remasters but outside that dont know of any other games from 2017 i want.
  15. Tougher Than She Looks Survive a night in the Siberian wilderness The 3rd story trophy glitched and is thus my plat popper. Was actually considering saving this for my 2k trophy pic due to liking wolves but eh is kind of more fun to let it be whatever it happens to be naturally. Time to see if Persona 5 will dethrone Berseria for me as my Goty.