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  1. If 10k kills was taken out i would've preferred it yeah. Not on board with 3x speed disabling trophies but if the other two you had to go into the menu to access and they disabled trophies like some of IX's did that'd be fine also. But eh its one of the easiest games of all time so a quick and easy trophy list is fitting really.
  2. #53 - Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Lionheart Obtain all trophies My favorite game from my favorite series on PS4 at last ;-; The same amazing game it always was but now it looks better and has a 3x speed option. Definitely wouldnt of minded them upgrading the backgrounds to the same extent as the character models but its easy enough to get used to. And as far as difficulty goes...VIII was already the easiest game i had ever played then some genius came along and decided why not add cheats for it to boot. Cake plat as expected though i was expecting more trophies but oh well.
  3. Better for sure as its my favorite of them all. Squall is my favorite character video games or otherwise, Triple Triad is my favorite minigame in all of gaming, and it has the best music and summons for the series as well. Also at least for what ive played of the series its the easiest to break and become an unstoppable god which nets many kupo points for me. Id say the characters overall are weaker than a few of the other games and are ridiculously stupid at times but thats the only notable negative for me. Was the 2nd game in the series for me and has always been my favorite. Theme that came with it was disappointing but am very glad it finally made its way to PS4.
  4. #52 - The Order 1886 The Grail Collect all Trophies Decent game overall. Could do without the instadeath stealth nonsense and faster movement but those are the only real negative to me. Would definitely get a sequel if it got one. One of the more well known easy plats id imagine so should go without saying that its easy. Didnt know it was so quick though and it is now my quickest plat so thats neat.
  5. #51 - Far Cry Primal Apex Predator Obtain all the Trophies. A decent game but definitely liked 4 and 5 better. Combat is a bit repetitive by the end, no dub, and villains were meh. Short enough not to be too big a deal though and you get a pet panther more or less so what could go wrong? You can play on easy thus making the plat easy. Not much variety to the side missions which you have to do a good chunk of but not difficult whatsoever.
  6. Full game stealth trophies. Beat the game without ever getting caught/setting off an alarm etc. I can handle small stealth sections usually but any more than that and id rather go do an actual chore instead of making a game into one. If i were to pick from that list id probably go with multiple playthroughs though. Always the risk of burn out and can lessen my opinion of the game by the time im done even if i loved it after the first run. Also games that i kind of regret finishing even once that im certainly not going to play again.
  7. The stats on the banner, trophy cabinet, then games in common. If we have a fair few i might look at the rest to see if theres anything that might interest me but thats usually it.
  8. #50 - Assassin's Creed Origins Earn Them All! Earn every trophy. A decent game. Definitely liked it more than the first 3 minus Brotherhood's multiplayer so am looking forward to Odyssey also. Combat is better and im glad the modern stuff seems to be taking more of a back seat. Can be played on easy which makes the plat easy as well. Shocking hm? The locations part of it is a bit repetitive though.
  9. Its not just element that matters but species as well. You have to hit all weaknesses within the same combo for it to count if i remember right. I forget the name of the town but between the town in the ice area and Mt Kilaraus there should be a pig type enemy that only has one or two weaknesses and thus is easy enough to farm. As for what abilities to use its been far too long for me to remember such things but when setting them up it should tell you the element of and/or species the move is effective against so just match them up with the piggy and eventually youll have them.
  10. Ive only played Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, and Nioh. Bloodborne is my favorite game this gen though DS3 isnt terribly far behind. And i would choose DS3 over Bloodborne for PvP. Did not like Nioh much at all and probably wont pick up its sequel. Am looking forward to Code Vein and Sekiro. Particularly Anime Souls. Hope its delay was worth it.
  11. I have let it build up to 12 but im finally starting to get to work on it at least.
  12. I mean i like the symbol well enough on its own i suppose but i wouldnt use Griever as pretty much all my profile pics if it wasnt VIII. Squall is my favorite character in gaming, Triple Triad is my favorite minigame ever and is probably the most rewarding one ive ever seen on top of that, favorite OST and summons for the series, and the ease in which you can become a god gameplay wise is fantastic. A good chunk of characters are hopelessly stupid at times but thats not enough to drag it down from 1st for me. VIII > X > XII > VII > IX > XIII > X-2 > XV > VI > IV IV and VI dont give me much motivation to try the rest of the earlier ones but i do want to play XIV and LR at some point.
  13. If thats what you are looking for. Was made by Tsunyan on GFAQs.
  14. MC is usually Aeterna and side characters usually keep their default names. For stuff like Dark Souls with multiple character saves i just go through my favorite female names after Aeterna has been used.
  15. #49 - Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Warden of the Stars Obtain all trophies. Nothing much to say on enjoyment front. I found it mediocre at best across the board. It is an easy UR plat though if a tad lengthy. Theres a role that grants invincibility making even the hardest difficulty pretty easy and you can also build gear to spam ultimate attacks with ease on top of it.