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  1. Easy pick for me.
  2. #48 - God of War Father and Son Obtain all other trophies A good game definitely better than 3. Am disappointed with how few of the gods you fight but oh well. Apparently Egypt might be on the list for future entries and would definitely like to see that. Can be played on easy and thus the plat is easy unless you just totally neglect upgrading and try to take on the Valkyries at level 2 or something just because you stumble upon one and get literally stomped >_>
  3. Tomb Raider for sure.
  4. Kuudere apparently though it tied with Dorodere. Mostly accurate. I only care for alone time when the alternative is being with people i dont care for. Outside of that and basic privacy id rather never be alone again. Dorodere has been posted already and bar the first line it is accurate as well. Ill do my best to be polite but if i dont care about you i wont pretend otherwise.
  5. #47 - Armello ...Happily Ever After Unlock every other Trophy. Fun game though being heavy on the RNG always causes misery now and then. Makes me want another Civ Revolution though. The plat is not difficult as far as skill is concerned but the RNG is real if you dont boost. Took several hours for the last trophy getting infuriatingly close so many times only for luck to say no. The first of my UR plats that i can understand why its so. Am the 3rd fastest achiever though and i think thats the best ive done so far so yay.
  6. #46 - Nights of Azure 2 Conqueror of The Land Without Night Acquire all trophies. Gameplay was a step down but everything else improved from the original. Is still nothing all that special though. Did really like human Muveil's outfit though still looks decent as a demon but a shame you couldnt get her as a human. Plat is about as easy as they come since you can play on easy for everything. And easy means the guard and dodge commands exist for no reason because not even the final boss will make you need them. Due to their random decision to suddenly plummet the amount of AP you get in the later levels 3 playthroughs are required to max Aluche though.
  7. For what we have in common which is about all i can vouch for the three easiest/quickest would be God of War III, Infamous Second Son, and then either Nier Automata or DmC pending your feelings on Automata's trophy shop. @JoocyMan Going by the same note as above - Far Cry 4 and Type 0 are both easy and quick enough and youre wrapping up XV already it seems.
  8. Got Type-0 and Watchdogs with it but this was the first i played. One of my favorite games ever so was happy to pick up the remaster.
  9. Wiped out LA Noire at long last and will be starting Nights of Azure 2 soon but still havent worked up the mood to start Mankind Divided :l Here is my next set at any rate. I did say i might get the newer God of War in my last post here and its about time i got Primal. Meant to get it some time ago. Am not expecting to pick up any more games until Code Vein comes out so if i finish this lot before then maybe ill have no choice but to start Deus Ex.
  10. #45 - Okami Top Dog Acquire all trophies. Eh it was an alright game but it dragged on a bit too long for me. Couldve stood to pick up the other 2 types of weapons sooner as it was rather dull only having the reflector for the start but oh well. More importanly you play as a deity that quickly drowns, specifically a sun deity that can also be frozen by normal ice, and also is seemingly the only god it its universe that is incapable of talking...but i forgive it cause its a wolf o: All in all an easy plat. The forest race took me a couple retries but thats it. Didnt come close to dying once and you also get up to 4 free revives even if you do manage to.
  11. #44 - Doom Thy Flesh Consumed Earn all Trophies An alright game but it definitely couldve used some more work. Falling through the floor and the game crashing a handful of times along with 2 trophies glitching on me kind of soured the experience. The plat also serves as my 2500th trophy though so thats neat. Multiplayer didnt seem that good for what little the plat required but i might get some of the free dlc trophies all the same. Ignoring glitches there is nothing at all hard about the plat though even if you do get glitched it just means another playthrough so is just a time thing anyways.
  12. #43 - L.A. Noire Platinum Trophy Collect all other trophies to unlock. An okay game. Nothing special and not much to say. Nothing hard about the plat but probably the most boring set of collectibles ive dealt with so far. From one to the next with nothing inbetween to provide any type of break.
  13. For what ive played id only say Final Fantasy IX and DmC Devil May Cry so far. FF IX - While it only takes like 4 hours speed runs are meh, double digit hour grind for x amount of kills is just why, they went from Triple Triad to Jump Rope, Tetra Master, and Hippo Fitness i have to assume the former head of minigames died between games, and then missables are always annoying. The drive a Moogle to become a serial killer trophy was appreciated though. DmC - 360 version was bad enough with it but Ps4 version was made even worse by having Vergil required for the plat. The bulk of the time spent is - Oh you beat the game on this difficulty? Now do it on this newly unlocked one! Oh you beat the game on that difficulty? Now do it on this newly unlocked one! Oh you bea-Fucking stop. "Beat the game twice" is bad enough to me for a trophy in general. Do it again and again and again and again oh and again is garbage to me. Hey should we bring that get SSS rank on all missions back? Nope just make them play through as Vergil. Then have them do it again. Also make them do it again. I have another idea for what they should do after that can you guess what it is? Of course if i had any sense or self control i wouldnt of done it all at once in both cases but dont be ridiculous. Probably my least favorite type of trophy even if its to strive for different endings or such. Simply grinding holds less risk of burn out for me.
  14. #42 - God of War III Remastered King of the Hill Unlock all trophies Took a little bit to get into it but an alright game overall. Wasnt expecting the power of hope conquers all theme though. Had a couple glitches but nothing majorly frustrating and the flight segments were eh but short at least. Will likely pick up the new one at some point. If you do a first playthrough on easy rather than starting on Titan then you can set up Titan to where you have infinite health and can also clear the game in 2 bosses if it suits you making the bulk of the plat cake. Challenges were annoying but none of them took me more than a few tries so still cant say that theyre hard.
  15. #41 - Far Cry 5 We Always Had Faith In You Obtain all the Trophies. I had meant to buy and play Primal at some point after i finished 4 some time ago but 5 first i guess. Overall i enjoyed it more than 4 but the antagonist was a step down and the story was just stupid. Oh i can magic juju arrow you at anytime from anywhere and capture and imprison you afterwards but when i actually decide to kill you i am suddenly not an omnipotent force because reasons. The ending was ugh but ive always been a bit of an "extremist" for those matters. And while Pagan was a fun psychopath Joseph was just a psychopath with bad taste in music. John was more entertaining than him and John was a side guy ;_; Allied characters were better this time around though. Nothing remotely difficult about the plat. Less work than 4 even what with requiring only half the skills rather than all this time and just play a few missions co op rather than do stunts. Only thing of difficulty is finding a rabbit to kill because they arent where the map says they are. Literally on the other side of the map in fact.