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  1. #35 - Persona 5 Legendary Phantom Thief Earn all trophies. My first Persona game and second favorite game for 2017 is finished at last :0 Just a bit too long to require NG+ but ah well. Liked all but Morgana for the main party, all VA's excluding Morgana's and Haru's, and the villain that was out for revenge and recognition. Other little things like the seven deadly sins theme as well but characters tend to be the biggest piece for me. Also a chunk of annoyances though via being forced to sleep early, 2 minute convos acting as 18 hours of your day, never ending spam from teammates about "Do you think we did it?" or "We need to go to the palace!", Morgana in general, and then the whole killing criminals is evil what have we done nonsense always bothers me. A couple other little time wasters also but eh could just put time wasting in general. Hifumi was the one i decided to romance so finding out that she was apparently supposed to be a main party member but instead of literally anyone else(or especially Morgana} they cut her instead was sad. Still a great game desite all that though. Can be played on the lowest difficulty, you can set yourself up to absorb all but 1 decently rare type of damage, and theres a massive exp exploit before the last few dungeons. Ive read that some people struggle with one of the games but thankfully i didnt. At any rate the plat difficulty is pretty much as easy as you want it to be.
  2. Havent run through all the games i want to yet but is easily Tales of Berseria for me so far. Persona 5 would be the runner up.
  3. As far as what i might play goes - Bioshock 2 Bioshock Infinite Deus Ex Mankind Divided Horizon Zero Dawn LA Noire Sims 4 And some Neptunia game on the Ps3 that i wanted to try the series with but am just meh on the Ps3 I buy in groups and generally only after ive beaten everything im going to that i got previously. But Bioshocks im going to need a decent break between them.
  4. AC IV. Burned out during Brotherhood and havent played any games since but always liked the symbol and is my favorite take on it with the plat image from your collection of the series.
  5. Havent played 10 total yet so couldnt do a full list of either let alone both but thankfully i liked all so far at least a little so heres the like list thus far. 1. Tales of Berseria 2. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age 3. Mass Effect Andromeda 4. For Honor 5. Nier Automata 6. Tekken 7 7. Nioh Have Horizon and Sims 4 but will be a bit before i get to them and ill be starting Persona 5 probably today. Am looking forward to Hollow Knight when(if) it comes but apparently the devs are focusing on Switch first...or only? There are crying pandas either way. Think theres a couple remasters but outside that dont know of any other games from 2017 i want.
  6. Tougher Than She Looks Survive a night in the Siberian wilderness The 3rd story trophy glitched and is thus my plat popper. Was actually considering saving this for my 2k trophy pic due to liking wolves but eh is kind of more fun to let it be whatever it happens to be naturally. Time to see if Persona 5 will dethrone Berseria for me as my Goty.
  7. #34 - Rise of the Tomb Raider Platinum You unlocked every trophy in the game A good game i liked it more than the reboot. Still a bit too heavy on collectibles and for a game more on exploring it has an somewhat infuriating amount of nah you cant do this til later thanks for coming all the way over here though but eh. Endurance sounds kinda tedious to me so i probably wont do that dlc set but if only all dlc would follow suit of this games and just be free. And not much else to comment really will just continue to get TRs as they make em. Supposedly a handful of glitchy trophies and yet the only one that glitched for me isnt on that list x_x 3rd story trophy didnt pop originally and thus is what popped the plat on the 2nd try for it. As for difficulty Survivor is what i was expecting more of the normal or easy mode to be but nah they made easy extremely easy and didnt make the harder ones remotely hard so alls well. Didnt unintentionally die in combat outside of the score attacks with conditions of no healing. A couple of the score attacks were annoying but just takes not wanting to rush.
  8. #33 - Nioh You Are Nioh Obtained all trophies. alright game for the most part but probably my least favorite game for the year still. Devs ideal way of difficulty seems to be lets just give half the things in the game OHKO potential and while once you get the hang of it the bulk of that isnt an issue its still a lame way to go about it. Enemy one shots shouldnt exist period imo let alone for regular enemies but oh well. Also hated the Ki system and no dub completely shut down my paying any attention to the bulk of the story. Gameplay still carried it fine all the same though and glad they added a disguise i actually wanted even if it was 10x the cost of the ones originally in game. Also liked the base idea of the guardian living weapon thing though i wish they added variety rather then every spirit giving the same moveset with just alternating elemental affinity. Difficulty wise while id still say nowhere near actually hard ill probably rate this as my hardest plat so far. Maybe if i wasnt so insistent on using heavy weapons id of had a better time avoiding OHKOs but hammers/axes were the funnest for me by far. Also there is an easy mode that i didnt discover til very late game via Sloth talismans...knowing that from the start would probably of knocked it off me thinking it as my hardest but i didnt This is only concerning the plat though...they did add a handful of missions post launch that arent required and one of them i gave up trying to beat. Its something i know i could with enough tries but id definitely call that one mission hard. Think it was called Iga Style or something to that effect. Also getting kind of bothered by DLC with another sub 70% plat. If what i hear of FF XV is true the plat wont even be 40% completion by the time they are done :l But what can you do hm?
  9. Will probably get Nioh before the end of the year but it depends on what i choose to play next if theres any hope for a 2nd. 1. DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition 2. Senran Kagura Estival Versus 3. The Sims 3 Pets 4. Final Fantasy XIII 5. Final Fantasy VII 6. World of Final Fantasy 7. Skyrim 8. Nier Automata 9. Mass Effect Andromeda 10. Prototype 2 11. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition 12. Watch Dogs 2 13. For Honor 14. Birth By Sleep 15. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age 16. Tales of Berseria 17. Dark Souls III 18. Bioshock 19. Final Fantasy XV 20. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition 21. Tekken 7 Hopefully will pull 30 next year.
  10. Yep every place can be revisited eventually. Just some limits throughout parts of the story.
  11. 43 it seems. About half would be people who whined to me and the other half people who used the Dried Finger in Dark Souls 3 so i could only invade the same person over and over and over until they were blocked. A couple randoms who kept messaging and 1 twink in Bloodborne are the only extras.
  12. Alternating Aquila's tornado spin to win thing and Axe combos is a decent way to maintain the combat part of it. And if you havent got the bosses theyre probably among the easier missions to score it. In the Ps4 version you only need to score 10 rather than all missions so bosses would put you halfway also.
  13. If anyone cares for hunting URs in general the 3 of mine are all easy though For Honor you have to do a fair bit of waiting. FF XIII being rarer than X is kind of strange to me but eh. Ps4 version is much closer to dropping to Rare but i imagine the drinking game is to blame.
  14. Someone upped me by an hour so out of the top 10 for The Sims now ;_; A couple new ones though - 11th in Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist - If anyone has a thing for being number 1 this one seems an easy one to top if you have the focus. 27th in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - Was 15th when i got it but im surprised im still on the list at all actually since i slacked a bit. In due time im sure that will fix itself though. 43rd in Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition If it werent for a bug i might have been one of the first to get For Honor's...but im not the only one that was unfortunate enough to get affected by it so who knows?
  15. Almost a year later and im at 32. 23 for a year eh...wonder if ill be able to score 30 by this time next year.