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  1. For me, Driver: San Francisco, because of the MP grind & the frustrating as hell Capture the Flag mode!
  2. #27 WATCH DOGS 2 Graduation Day Win every trophy
  3. #23 Everybody's Gone To The Rapture This Pattern is Mine You got them all. You got them all.
  4. #22 PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour The magnetism of the tungsten Win all other trophies
  5. Mine glitched on me too - even completed the game 100% but the Woman of the People trophy didn't pop - interesting it still has the active marker next to it even though it has a strike-through (meaning complete)
  6. Yeah it is marked as completed and have the game at 100% complete - but even though it is marked as complete the mission still has the active marker next to it and now the woman (for the tombs) is no longer available on the map either.
  7. Anymore info on this guys? It didn't pop for me either?
  8. "Woman of the People" glitched for me this evening after finishing all optional tombs - strangely the mission is crossed out but still marked as active - mega annoyed!