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  1. Yet https://support.activision.com/onlineservices?gameTitle=Guitar_Hero_Live&sfdcIFrameOrigin=null still says the servers are still available
  2. got kicked out to main menu around 1:02am hawaii time & trying to access GHTV it says "Service Unavailable" It's over lol
  3. Servers still up? https://support.activision.com/onlineservices?gameTitle=Guitar_Hero_Live&sfdcIFrameOrigin=null reports in pacific time so I guess it will be down at midnight pacific time then?
  4. highly doubt i can, i just got home lol but i'll attempt anyways lol dang did u use duct tape or electrical tape or anything on the saw blade or strum bar?
  5. I accidentally saved the wrong direction once lol USB file save onto my HD save when I was super tired ... so I lost about 4 hrs worth of stats. From what I remember only my stats regarding trophy stuff was reverted to the USB save stats...when I went online to ghtv, my actual current xp & coins whatever wasn't lost, so I know that much was saved server side
  6. with a reciprocating saw u can get over 100k per hr according to aowba... I was gonna try it with a mixer but then swapped to the saw. Couldn't get it the perfect speed to register...either the saw would go slower than me strumming with my fingers or it would go super fast where it wouldn't even register any strums lol (or maybe it did just none of the strums playing on basic difficulty registered on screen O.o no idea) and the controller would time out asking me to hit a button to start playing. During my experiments, I ended up accidentally scratching up the side of my guitar pretty badly lol ugh, I didn't realize the angle I had the saw blade at was scrapping the side of the guitar so now the white outline around the guitar is gone where the saw blade was on oops Manually is about 25k per hr... I have like 500k left to do.... What timezone does Activision typically pull their servers? Wondering if I have all of Dec 1 to play or is it yanked right at midnight Japan time or whatever?
  7. 3 million strums! 😂 Anyways I am constantly being bombed with the Jasper error today, this is getting redonkulous... "Jasper Error type: Audio track didn't download in time. Message: The Guitar Hero Live service is not available." according to https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Guitar-Hero-Live-Error-Messages/ geez! didn't have this problem until today, so weird Now I'm getting the Flint error geez https://support.activision.com/onlineservices?gameTitle=Guitar_Hero_Live is totally unhelpful
  8. Wait I thought we had to reset it each song or something? Haven't gotten around to getting the mixer set up yet. So strums count even when no song is playing? Or just letting to run nonstop on a channel is the way to go...?
  9. Idk...basically the game won't let u load the co-op campaign until after u have successfully logged into/connected to Steam..otherwise the game times out while trying to load the co-op campaign if u have a weak connection. Unless there's a way around it like how ppl got Bulletstorm on PS3 to work to make the game think it has connected to Steam hmmm...but the problem with P2 is that the game won't let u log into the Steam interface even before any campaign is attempted.
  10. ahhhh I just got hit with the Kimberlite error LOL
  11. ahhhhrrrrgghhh if i haven't started this yet & start like right now, is it possible to even get this by Dec 1st? My game & guitar is still in the box, haven't even opened it yet, got it like over a year ago, stupid backlog lol What should I watch out for while starting this late so I don't mess up on this O_o
  12. Warthog being unlocked is linked to the PSN ID, even on a different game save the vehicle is selectable in menu during vehicle selection screen. All the kills/maps/modes have to be under the same game save whether its physical or digital. Also stats need to be tracked manually due to trolls joining/leaving & connection problems...the Google Doc mentioned in the other thread is super helpful coz the Profile's Statistics page is kinda meaningless since it shows both ranked and unranked kills & wins. Matches pretty much become unranked when someone dcs or leaves when it comes to kills #s even though the wins will increase & count for the daily 30 days win if game is TDM or LMS & host got 1 kill in. Everyone still working on this atm with glitched trophies should read https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/twisted-metal/241766-whoever-looking-4-infamous-glitched-trophies.html This article is interesting https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/10/sony-breaks-its-own-promise-on-warhawk-server-shutdown-timing/ the reddit page for Warhawk has ppl recently talking about how there's 58 days left until Warhawk shuts down. So maybe TM has 58 days left too, who knows...weird Starhawk couldn't get extended...
  13. A person got it in July, but think he/she used a game save coz those timestamps look suspicious lol Anyways this most likely went down coz of GDPR which affected quite a few games. Apparently Steam only made a statement regarding CS:GO on PS3 & pretended Portal 2 doesn't exist https://steamcommunity.com/app/620/discussions/0/1692669912398496957/#c1694922980043732397
  14. Not that I'm aware of but that's probably what happened, I finally got A La Mode after replaying a bunch, my 10th Nuke win apparently wasn't registering and wasted time on TDM to get 38 wins lol. Unfortunately I didn't keep track of what I was playing while I was not hosting is the problem, but I rarely did any kills, so weird. I finally got Another Level to pop as well... now I'm just missing the car & missile kills, which I'm way over the minimum atm... Nope, been on physical disc the whole time. Basically this is my problem: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/twisted-metal/241766-whoever-looking-4-infamous-glitched-trophies.html Managed to get the maps & modes trophies to pop the last 2 days so far after struggling until day 68 for the 30 day trophy to finally pop ATM: missiles r at 187, 183, 170, 186, 177 car kills r at 74, 74, 75, 70, 67, 75, 68, 66, 84, 73, 95, 71, 67, 87, 71, 82 and still nothing, been the only one hosting the last couple of days... guess i'm gonna have to make them 200 missile kills and 100 kills per car at this rate Edit: Mine FINALLY all popped, if anyone has glitched trophies, u r gonna have to do literally 2x what the required minimum is coz u don't know what's missing. What I needed for my glitched trophies to pop: Swarmer 198 Stalker 189 Power 199 Homing 210 Fire 204 - trophy popped midround DM 18 LMS 14 Hunted 16 TDM 38 - this was probably overkill lol TLM 10 TH 17 Nuke 11 - trophy popped on scoresceen, this was probably all I was missing w/out having to do all those extra TDM wins Diesel 14 Watkyn 13 Diablo 13 Metro 16 Black 12 Sunsprings 12 - trophy popped on scorescreen Thrills 15 LA 11 Death 143 Roadkill 103 Kami 123 Outlaw 117 - trophy popped midround Meat 121 Vermin 124 Road Boat 104 Shadow 104 Talon 110 Crimson 104 Junkyard 124 Jug 102 Reaper 113 Sweet 111 Warthog 101 Darkside 102
  15. When u did the 30 days again to pop on day 58, did u redo the dates or start on a brand new month or just continue where u were or did u back up your original save & do it on a brand new mp only save? Have the same issue, 10 wins on each map, 10 wins on each mode & 100 kills per missile trophies aren't popping. I only added +1 to my stats when I was hosting & had no issues with the game. Like 40 kills from popping the 50 kills per vehicle atm but not having hopes for this. Currently on day 67, over 115 missile kills for each type, 15 wins per map and mode & nothing popped other than the lvl 30 trophy has popped... always redid days where lobby crashed. Edit: Got the 30 days trophy to pop on day 68, when I got my last car's 50th kill; sadly the kill 50 w/every vehicle trophy didn't pop