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  1. I never changed the time on my console to do the lum glitch that I see posted online and my creatures stopped giving daily lums for like a week now, anyone know a way to fix this
  2. i didn't realize i had started a new game until the cutscene started and it was too late, it already overwrote it the only explanation I can think is like how it happened to all the other ppl who also accidentally started a new game, where Continue is grayed out and not immediately available for whatever reason, if u hit A too soon on the main menu, it will auto default to New Game since Continue is grayed out. If I had waited just a little bit, then Continue would've been highlighted instead. Basically what happened to these ppl where Continue wasn't immediately available... none of them came bk to say yet if they had to do stuff that would've unlocked the previously already unlocked trophies that aren't campaign related...or do I need to screenshot what I already have unlocked to know what needs to be redone again later or does the game just check if they've been unlocked on said PSN ID and not unlocked on this particular new save..
  3. Everything got erased! There's no way to get it back is there? At least the server still gave me yesterday's challenges cups as rewards after logging in, I wish other progress was saved on Ubi's side too The only backup I made was like a month ago Those ppl who had this happened to as well lol: is anything else saved onto Ubi's servers like lums or cups or anything else? I know I had like over 600k lums, not sure how many cups, but do I have to end up earning like 1.6million lums now or just 400k more lums for example? And all the trophies I have already gotten, do I do have to do all the stuff that's required to pop them (even tho I already got them) in order to get the platinum to pop on this new save? Or does the platinum pop by just having all the other trophies unlocked, regardless if they were done on the new save or not? Edit: My lums got all resetted, I got enough lums rewards from the cups yesterday to get 12000 lums rewarded which auto bumped me to lvl 4 when starting the new save. But no idea if that's just visually or does the server somehow still remembers me having over 600k so I'd only have to earn like 400k more. So the server side stuff that loaded after logging into PSN was just the Leaderboard for Challenges stuff which says I have 367 cups/pts made up of 9x Gold, 41x Silver, 72x Bronze for me. Weekly Challege was locked but by visiting it from the My Stuff menu's Weekly Challenge, it unlocked it. But all other data regarding compaign was reset to 0.
  4. Bummer, nvm then, thought it was just Steam not letting us log into the game since steam players & ps3 players were able to play with each other in the same gaming session
  5. Anyone tried this recently now that there's another game that links PSN ID + Steam? https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/players-can-now-link-their-playstation-network-and-steam-accounts/ silly article says SM is the 1st game but P2 was the 1st game. I have no idea where my P2 disc is, I only got around to hugging 2 of 3 for the trophy
  6. I'm wondering this too! Trying to access it and doesn't go anywhere it just says server not available even though it's not mp
  7. Oh yes on Monday morning after challenges reset, the server went down for almost 2 hrs but eventually came back up. I'm not like half a second from getting a gold cup on the daily challenge, I've never been this close before for that trophy ugh idk if I can improve my speed anymore to get it within the next 2 hrs before reset. Edit: was so close grrrr... Managed to improve a little bit more. Was 0.21 of a second too slow...only like 3 silvers were ahead of me before the gold time/person..grr.
  8. Ya it went offline for almost 2 hrs after dailies and weeklies reset earlier today and surprisingly came back online afterward
  9. When Rayman Legends on PS3 was offline this morning, the Leaderboard was unviewable, gave the same "Connecting...." error just like when trying to jump into the Challenges painting...they were both inaccessible. Which doesn't really make sense coz at the end of my daily run, the game booted me to the main gallery instead of the daily gallery and my previous daily/weekly challenges cups that didn't drop yet before my daily run dropped on me out in the main gallery... So we don't know if the cups were sent when timer was up and coded to drop/land after my daily run was completed regardless if I was on or offline or nothing was sent until after I was out of the daily challenge and kicked out to main gallery...if it's the latter then the game can probably still read leaderboard data even if we can't view it or connect to it...I think?
  10. There's a short cut to deck which takes you thru control room. you can trick some of the mobs to run into the barrier thing while standing on other side and swipe with ur knife in the control room lol. Redeem your RE points at their website for weapon cases and hope u get lucky https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/186226-resident-evil-revelations-trophy-guide-and-road-map/?do=findComment&comment=5770879 depending on how many pts u have, probably best to buy just normal weapon cases coz named blue rare weapons can drop from normal cases too... https://game.capcom.com/residentevil/rev/sp/en/playstation3/gameitem-12-1.html If u feel like being a risk taker then ultra rare https://game.capcom.com/residentevil/rev/sp/en/playstation3/gameitem-12-3.html but I remember every time I bought it I was disappointed by wasting pts coz it dropped normal weapons or ones that hardly had any slots, therefore useless. No idea if legendary pink weapons can drop from website cases...all of my pink ones came from ghost ship but u can get good blue named ones with decent amount of slots on cases.
  11. Ps3 went offline about 5 hrs ago after dailies/weeklies resetted while I was online. Couldn't connect to challenges or view leaderboard, just said could not connect to Ubi servers. Supposedly it was only offline for under 2 hrs and now it's back online but not home to check.
  12. Servers just got yanked. Logged on about 5mins after weeklies reset and a few minutes before dailies reset. Started working on today's new daily and at the end of my 1st daily run I got kicked to the main gallery saying there were ubi server connection issues. While in main gallery the game did give me cup for the extreme daily that ended while I was doing the daily even though I wasn't in the challenge painting. Glad they waited until the daily and weekly ended to yank the servers at least. If only I had more time to practice lol...I was just 4 seconds shy of my 1st gold cup to get the trophy blah, that was the closest I'd been to gold this whole time lol...most of my silvers were midrange, no where near gold lol, those videos of those pros getting platinum cups is wild lol
  13. How is the 0.5x bonus calculated for each successfully done?...is there any point in completing them? Like does it give 0.5 to the cash reward or the score for mastery or whatever?
  14. Got this trophy earlier this morning. Didn't get this Epsilon pivot in Boston error or Kappa pivot in New York error, but the other error. I quit game during the pivot tutorial so I could back up save and when I got restarted game, got the dreaded undefined and 0 pivots error where the tutorial gets skipped and timer goes down/up but nothing appears ☹️ Thought I messed up coz game wouldn't load the pivots tutorial again and afraid that's what was causing pivots to not appear and had no idea what I was supposed to do lol eeek. Couldn't find any Youtube videos post campaign either that shows the game's pivot tutorial grrr. Those of u working on this, back up save during epilogue instead after credits roll or coz backing out during pivot tutorial won't restart it. Start pivots, wait until all are scanned, and if Kappa is in New York and Epsilon is in Boston, reload save coz u might have glitched ones. Did not delete anyone and I have over 100 friends and logged off psn on xmb then relogged onto psn again while in pivots menu and got the psn error 2x where it kicks u offline without connecting u. 3rd time spamming the triangle on pivots menu finally got me connected and I got the whooosh sound upon getting on psn and connecting to ubi servers, and grabbed all the pivots in 1 session. Edit: and ubi just moved shutdown date to oct 1st! https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/help/gameplay/article/decommissioning-of-online-services-for-older-ubisoft-games-october-2022-update/000102396
  15. Yet https://support.activision.com/onlineservices?gameTitle=Guitar_Hero_Live&sfdcIFrameOrigin=null still says the servers are still available