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    Video Games - Dynasty Warriors, Zombie games like Dead Rising etc., Fallout, Soul Calibur, Last Of Us, Metal Gear Solid, Tales of Xillia, Bioshock, Resistance, God of War, and I love CO-OP games, I like a wide variety of games!

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    If you want to know anymore interests just ask!

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  1. woah what really a final fantasy tv drama cooool haha
  2. Although not technically my last but it was my last 3 or 4 and im proud of it Platinum Trophy All trophies unlocked. Mortal Kombat X
  3. welcome back and make sure not to drop the soap
  4. DIE WILL YOUDeal 1,000 total hits during Invasion Boss fights Mortal Kombat X
  5. mountain dew, totally unrelated i also had eaten doritos lmao mlg 4 lyfe
  6. lol ima have to go back to my memories with me and my friends with the yearly cods before advanced warfare
  7. i bought a new hdmi cord...stiiiill waiting on it to arrive
  8. lol really happy finally got the 1000 respect trophy also got the 10 wins in a row online
  9. prolly gonna get DMC hd collection because its so cheap c:
  10. welcome to the site c: I hope you enjoy it here
  11. a bacon cheeseburger and a chicken burger lmfaoooo
  12. nothing but i used to follow the Clannad visual novel in english kickstarter. lol
  13. working on my mkx plat lmao im hating the 1000 respect trophy
  14. this stuff is pure gold ahahah