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  1. hmm looks to be that way, well thanks to everyone who helped! thats fine by me i guess, sucks but lifes life lol : d ok i set my trophies to private bc they are more for me then anyone else, plus i dont want to hurt leaderboards or anything if they are going to be a problem. wait im being stupid lol having two games flagged wont be on the leaderboards anyways haha i might just do what darksamurai said and start over because that actually is starting to sound appealing to me to have a fresh start and start brand new on a new trophy list
  2. oh shiiiizzz dude that game was hard as hell, tho after i beat it so many kinda got a little easy haha, yeah i could totally help with tips on that game but i did watch a few youtube vids on furier mode which was a real challenge, if you play furi watch out its hard, and omg that made me think going back to waw to plat it ughhh fuck veteran mode on that game im going to go eat, ill be back on later i hope everyone has a wonderful time nice meeting you @DarkSamuraii-
  3. yeah i played fallout 4 the mods i usually used on there were settlement stuff, i loved settlement building, but that doesnt matter they disabled trophies anyways, and whatchu mean the "LB's" i dont understand that term lol and id like to start over too so i could have a better trophy earned percent like you, but sadly i have some games where i let someone burrow them so they are forever stuck at one or two trophies away from plat like katamari damaci or however its spelt, and final fantasy 13, then theres games that are unobtainable plats like lord of the rings conquest which im pretty sure i have hidden, then theres the problem of games i cant plat anymore if i were to go back and get them, then the whole problem of putting in all the time to get the games you already platted before
  4. yeah that was a much younger, different me, tho not gonna lie i wish modded zombie maps was on consoles specifically ps4, cuz pc has it but not us console peasants :'( noahj makes me jelly speaking of which, pretty sure that was NGTZombies that did all the fun youtube zombie maps back in the day, heck still probably do, i dont watch them anymore tho
  5. YES EXACTLY lol sorry if i sounded so defensive I just got a little rustled about being accused of something ahah, if I came off dickish or anything im sorry! and yes i used to complain alot and report hackers on those games lmao you are finding stuff ive said that I literally had no memory of till you brought it up, you must be psn profiles local detective I like it.
  6. and first post you linked like i said that was me asking for someone to do that for me because i didnt have the means to, then i gave up and moved on, if my memory serves me i was trying to figure out how to get my final fantasy 8 ps2 save on ps3, that second post was 7 years ago on a forum for a site for custom zombie mods, like maps, i was a dumb kid and didnt even know you couldnt get the maps that youtubers would play for your console, if you look at the post above that comment it literally says cant be used on consoles "NO !! custom maps CANĀ“T be used on consoles!!" like dont shame me for wanting custom zombies lol back then everyone that played cod waw wanted that
  7. i looked at that and thats about me asking to have a ps2 file converted to ps3? that was over 5 years ago and it was my one and only post on that website, heck i dont even remember ever asking that, i mustve been 17 or 16 or so when i asked that and i said "Could you convert a file for me?"
  8. dang lol i didnt think of that that could be it, but im not gonna lie and say thats definitely it, because i honestly cant remember, and i dont want to make a statement and say yes thats 100% what happened when i dont know and dont want to be dishonest but thanks for something i guess. very appreciated plus you can buy the stealth bandana in drebins shop right
  9. yeah after i saw that in my list too i was stumped, i honestly cant explain that at all which sucks, also I like your tales of xillia profile thingy, i loved that game....and woah you have a 98% completion?? wtf i could never do that haha
  10. ok i just saw that as well, wtf how did that happen? well crap theres literally no way i can explain that lol well now im just stumped then. I can explain bo2 but not this i may end up just having to hide mgs 4 :-( but oh well, what needs to be done shall be. lol but im certain on bo2
  11. hmm i looked i see that, well only thing i can come up with is maybe i had to go do something and left my ps3 on or something, because doesnt the items pop up then u get the trophy? like for example say the emblems pop up id get the ipod stuff, then when the stealth camo pop up the trophy would too, man this was 3 years ago i honestly dont know
  12. yeah exactly, and you can get multiple emblems at once and im pretty sure my last emblems were the ones with no alerts big boss "You have to beat the game on the highest difficulty (Boss Extreme) with no deaths, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandana, in under 5 hours." (which you get one ipod track), FoxHound "You have to beat the game on hard or higher without dying, with 3 or less alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandana and in in under 5.5 hours.", Fox "You have to beat the game on normal or higher without dying, with 5 or less alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandana, in under 6 hours. See Big Boss Emblem for a walkthrough on how to get this.", Hound "You have to beat the game on hard or higher without dying, with 3 or less alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandana, in under 6.5 hours. See Big Boss Emblem for a walkthrough on how to get this.", Mantis "You have to finish the game with no Alerts, no continues, no rations, noodles or regains used and in under 5 hours. This will be obtained at the same time with Big Boss, so you don't need to worry about that."i can keep listing but it will take forever on the https://psnprofiles.com/guide/216-metal-gear-solid-4-trophy-guide the 7th playthrough you can get all those emblems in one playthrough, and the last playthrough it suggests is the leopard emblem which is super easy so i did it before the 7th playthrough the leopard requires "You need to finish the game with more than 75 Alerts, less than 250 kills and more than 25 continues." so im pretty sure i was able to get all emblems before the stealth camo
  13. ok just grabbed a quote to prove the strike force thing, 'This trophy will unlock automatically by playing through the Strike Force Missions. Once you complete the Strike Force Mission 'Second Chance', the trophy will unlock. 'Second Chance' is unlocked by allowing DeFalco to escape in Story Mission 6 "Karma". The game will tell you that certain Strike Force Missions become unavailable at some point during the story. Even if that happens they can still be replayed in mission select." essentially meaning strikeforce is optional oh yeah the challenge, i mean i cant really prove that it glitched because well how could I possibly prove that ya know. All I can say is it glitched for me what the heck i quoted myself, oh well aha
  14. ohh no no you can skip them, they are optional, i played on veteran and didnt wanna deal with the strike force head aches
  15. yeah, I just went back to the game and finished it, i finished the unobtainable trophy years ago. i think i know the ones you mean, and no they are the missable ones which you have to make certain choices for those outcomes to get those trophies for bo2 and the "Big Leagues" trophy that was unobtainable, i received it February 3rd, 2013 and you get the stealth camo by completing the game without any alerts