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  1. Came back cold after maybe 2 hours of practice earlier today.
  2. Just got this today. My friend and I split up and raided crypts separately. Ended up with 6 medium and 2 large between us, with 4 medium and 1 large for me - along with 45 smaller artifacts. Had no trouble with the trophy popping upon extraction. Also I was host, but my friend equipped the challenge. Seems there's no discernable pattern. Entirely luck-based unfortunately.
  3. I had no issues getting 100% in the main game, although remember to return to Syria if you missed any collectables there. Had a real panic moment until I realised I had one unfinished challenge there.
  4. Can confirm, this exact thing happened to me. Continue through the Syrian Tomb section and the "Quite A Tumble" trophy should pop as soon as you regain control of Lara in the present day.
  5. The Vettel Challenges with a DS3 rank at the top of the hardest tasks in all of gaming for me. Took literally weeks of sustained practice and dedication. I've heard it's much easier with a wheel but it was never an option for me. You either fork out the cash for the wheel or knuckle down and persevere. Or glitch it, which many have done. If not for the glitch method hardly anyone would have this platinum.
  6. Yeah this trophy is definitely glitched. I got to 20/25 (80%) no problem crafting just small game arrows. Trophy didn't pop till I had 35. Just keep crafting but definitely a glitched counter.
  7. Just got my last gold mini crown (Vaal Hazak, 107 kills ) and the platinum along with it. 360 hours in total while making heavy use of the crown event quests for all applicable monsters. Also got really lucky with the Black Diablos and got both Large Gold and Mini Gold crowns in back to back tempered investigates. So overall I felt like my luck balanced out pretty well.
  8. Hey all, picked up the Destiny Collection a few days ago. It came with the level booster so despite being 40 (339) I'm still learning the game. Looking for anyone still boosting PvP or strike/Raid trophies. Also a good clan who don't mind aiding a newcomer would be most welcome. Any interested parties are welcome to message me on PSN, please put "Destiny Boost" in any friend request you send. Timezone - GMT PSN: screenwriter91
  9. Vaal is the one giving me bother. Just need two more Mini Crowns for the plat, Vaal and Kirin. Game loves to troll me with sizes that are incredibly small but inexplicably not small enough or even a new record, and my smallest isn't that small. I've had much better luck getting crowns in Tempered Investigations (Got Large and Mini Black Diablos crowns back-to-back through tempered investigations) so definitely don't neglect those. Currently at 61 Vaal kills with about 100 more through sniping and resetting my save. 360 hours in...
  10. I've been playing since the Demon's Souls days and I have to agree with much of what you said. I was initially a "shield up" type of player but it was mostly just because I was absolutely terrified in the beginning. Walking around at a snail's pace, eyes flickering constantly from left to right waiting for the next attack. Boletarian palace anyone? This to me is just indicative of the intimidation factor that comes with being a new player. As several have commented here already, and many veteran players will know, it's not THAT hard. It's just requires a very different mindset than virtually any other game released in recent years. I've been critical of dozens of games in the past, Uncharted is by far the worst offender in my opinion, for artificially inflating difficulty. The amount of times you shoot standard henchmen in the chest with half a mag only to watch them storm towards you and kill you in a single shot, beggars belief. Of course this is on crushing, it's supposed to be difficult, but the rules get thrown out the window as soon as you ramp up the difficulty because most developers have no imagination when it comes to creating a more dynamic and challenging game play experience. The latest God of War is more indicative of how it should be done, but the Soulsbourne games have always had that fixed difficulty and either you were willing to learn to adapt to it, or not. I still remember reading about guys glitching DaS 1 to get infinite souls just so they could level up and get through the base game and brag about having beaten it. And I still think it's pathetic and a complete waste of a great gaming experience. But you can't teach someone principles, you can't force them to respect that the game is supposed to be an organic challenge. People take what they want from video games, and always will. If they see beating it any way they can (shield up, using google for every corridor, using boss guides) as something to be proud of then there's not much we can do about it. Maybe they feel simply having the skill to pull out the victory over a tough boss is enough for them. For me it doesn't really matter, as long as there are others like me who can still push ourselves to try something different and appreciate the game for what it was meant to be - a rigorous test of your ability to adapt to a plethora of relentless and challenging enemies. I did a no shield playthrough as practice before Bloodborne came out, and got my ass thoroughly kicked from pillar to post. But damn did it improve my dodging and parrying skills for Bloodborne, and now I can mix it with the best of them. Still my favourite gaming series of all time.
  11. For anyone else stuck with this, just use shareplay. The PS4 controller has no function to swap controller slots so you can't trick it into thinking you are playing with two, unlike on PS3. Your only option is a remote play app (which only works on Sony phones) or using a Vita. Many like myself won't have a Vita so that leaves shareplay. Works very easily if you have a friend who also has Ps+ and takes literally 2 seconds when you get in game. Just did it there and finally got this plat!
  12. I figured that was an issue so went and took care of it, still doesn't work. Logged into main on controller and second on app, it just refuses to connect to my PS4. Invited a friend to do it using shareplay anyway, it's strange that no one ever seems to mention shareplay as a solution for 2 player trophies if the player doesn't have a second controller. Never even thought about using it until now.
  13. Yeah the App is totally not working at all for me. Refuses to connect to my PS4 and when I connected my console and phone through a second app, Beyond Touch just crashes as soon as it tries to load the application. What a joke. Good to know shareplay is an option as it's the only way you can get the plat unless you shell out extra cash for a 2nd controller, all for the sake of one trophy
  14. Especially tiresome since I went and downloaded the Beyond Touch app and for the life of me I can't get it to connect to my PS4 (an hour wasted) so without a second controller I'm up a certain creek. Unless of course someone can confirm that share play works for the the duo trophies?
  15. @JavaNext Nioh - will probably get it at some point and one of my friends is doing it right now, says it's a hell of a grind.