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  1. Apparently that patch was also to rectify a bug with the rhytym game, where arrows wouldnt show up. People are finding more ingredients, believe the screenshot by a user on the PSN community shows someone with 158/160 ingredients, but still 90/100 recipes, also people have tweeted at Aksys regarding the glitch, the response on twitter was something along the lines of "Just keep flying around and you'll find what your looking for."
  2. Make sure you kill the zucchi and birds in diffrent parts of the map, get all the dragon holes (I think there's about 9 in total?), should bring you closer to the totals everyone else is reporting. As for the last 10 recipes, I have no idea.
  3. Has anyone had any luck with this yet? I hit postgame earlier today, I've talked talking to all my cafe employees multiple times, as well as the NPCs from previous stories. Talked to them both inside the cafe, and on the road as they walk towards your cafe, nobody seems to be giving me recipes or fragments..