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  1. No you just need to get top row to max then just purchase the 2nd row's lvl 4/5.
  2. Has anyone been experiencing any issues with connectivity to others when doing the MP trophies? If so, any tips on how to connect to somebody on your friend list? NB: I keep getting the "Game is no longer available" notification when trying to connect to somebody else and visa versa.
  3. Yeah its honestly annoying that you actually have to re-run the entire game after completing it. I put together a checklist in excel that i am currently using, feel free to use it! https://drive.google.com/open?id=13c9pIZI33Kp4pnlpJ3kghQ2ycPg-ke6p
  4. Sniper Elite 3
  5. RE3 and FF7 in the same month, we are so screwed­čść
  6. C'mon guys there is definitely no other Final Fantasy franchise game that beats the 3rd Disk Lunar scene with Squall & Rinoa ...
  7. That's exactly what happened, I've been playing this game yearly for the passed 20 or so years
  8. Definitely by far the best game release of the year but I must say that this Trophy list is disappointing, there was so much more of the game they could've explored using trophies...
  9. Has anybody discovered a easier way to get this trophy? I'm currently just grinding out Multiplayer matches...
  10. Hey Guys, thought i would share the Medal guide I have been using to track Achievement Progress. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sJy9gupIatDgwinAAUgp5Ar-3BX-qIiD/view?usp=sharing Source: Draken70 from GAMEFAQs as well as Jasaid on Reddit.
  11. Thanks for the answer dude
  12. Hey guys, anybody know if this game will be released for Africa, not in the Playstation store even though it's said to be released World Wide?
  13. Scary part is that SA didn't have access to the open beta