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  1. I got the platinum for F 2nd a while ago, and recently I achieved 100% in the Western version of Future Tone. The list is slightly confusing, so I'm not sure if that allows me to rank up or not. I should be eligible for "Happy Birthday IA!" though, seeing as I've achieved Fabulous Furniture in F and easily more than half of my current Utagumi 575 trophies on January 23rd.
  2. Quite a few changes, come and take a look~!
  3. I'm guessing it's only because this PP hasn't been updated in months. I've reached out to the OP and still no answer.
  4. Finally got the for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd! Closer to the ending of Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day as well. I'm coming up in the world! đŸ˜„
  5. Guess the trophy percentages are self-explainatory then...
  6. lol please and thank you though
  7. Hello! I'd like to get signed up for Opportunist! :3
  8. Hello, I'd like to get signed up for "Hikikomori"!
  9. Sign me up for "Who filled your lives with the promise of more?", please~
  10. Count me in! I don't have any of the games yet, but I'd love to try and see where it takes me
  11. Sign me up! I've got... none of the games yet, but they definitely are on my to-get list!
  12. Count me in! I've already got a Platinum for Project Diva F (English), and am still working to earn the one for Project Diva F 2nd (English) :3
  13. Guess I'm nope-ing out then! Let's forget this happened. One less event for me :') But more seriously, my bad for not understanding the rules. I'm still pretty new to this whole thing.
  14. Hello, I'm not a weeaboo, but I'd love to join! 3 years is quite a while to complete anything and everything, so I'll slowly build up a list of games I wanna play for the event :3 Warning, this might still flop miserably in my case. Even if you gave me an eternity to play some games, I'd probably never get to them :'3 Game List (subject to change):