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  1. Time's been flying like a mother-clucker, and I managed to complete three whole games before I got to updating my post. First off, Island Saver. If you completed Slime Rancher, but still want to play more, you'd be excited to hear that this game works just like it, except instead of building a slime ranch, you get to visit multiple islands inhabited by many different animals, clean them up and learn about banking and ecology in the process. It's free and it's fun for everyone. I liked it so much that I'll happily replay it on Steam whenever I feel like going back to it. Then, I completed Aabs Animals. This game, oh boy... It's almost like getting free trophies, because you could just do nothing for five minutes... but then again, I realize now that there are a few cheaper games I would have liked to get rather than to spend on this one. Although I have to admit, I bought it just to see what the rave was about. Felt weird poking a cat as it slept, hovering over my bed, buuut... trophies, ay? And for my latest , Beyond: Two Souls. I have mixed feelings about this game. I really wanted to like it, but in the end it was just okay. I enjoyed my first playthrough, yes, but the trophy clean-up was a pain in the ass, especially in the long chapters, since there is no skip option. While I admire the amount of work that was put into the game, I found it cheesy and ridiculous how the main character seems to go through just about everything you could think of during the course of the game, multiple races are brought into the picture (and not accurately enough, from what I heard), and then the ending monologues were... ugh. Not to mention how confusing the ending scene is, especially when you bring into consideration that a sequel was never actually planned, even though that scene screams "sequel incoming". Luckily for Quantic Dream though, it was good enough for me to want to check out their other games.
  2. Alice: Madness Returns, for sure! Takes the kind of skill I don't have ^^;;
  3. Hello! I'd like to be signed up for "Well Played" with my Life is Strange ...and "Look Behind You" with my newly started copy of Beyond: Two Souls? Is that how that works?
  4. Tutturu~! A new Gigalomaniac is here, with a Steins;Gate !
  5. Hi there! Could I become a Carnival Visitor with Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride?
  6. It's me again! I've gotten the IA/VT Colorful a while ago I also didn't realize the achievements for the Happy Birthday ranks didn't have to be Vocaloid-game-centric, for some weird reason o.o; which means I also seem to qualify for "Happy Birthday Kaito!" (Great Scott!, Seventh Heaven, Amphibian) and "Happy Birthday Miku!" (Ronin in the Streets, Samurai in the Sheets, multiple trophies in 2064: Read Only Memories)
  7. Ni no Kuni 2, I suppose! Never played the first one, but Final Fantasy is a much bigger franchise. Michael Jackson The Experience or Grease Dance?
  8. My best guess is, hmm... a graphic novel? Maybe something like an artbook.
  9. I wish! I don't even know the series :/ Hmm... Hannah Montana The Movie?
  10. With my tenth platinum officially being a thing, I decided I might as well check back to this topic and polish it! (I've been doing a much better job of conquering my Steam backlog here for a while now) I'm extremely happy to announce that said platinum is The Sims 3: Pets! It took me so long to complete, the local store I bought it from is now gone :( I was super excited to try it out, because I've never played the expansion on PC; though I still don't know why there aren't any horses in the console version... there are supposed to be horses, yeah? Having pets aside, I also enjoyed the mystery chapters, Karma Powers and challenges a whole lot. I might even pick the game back up if I have an itch to play more, just to complete more challenges, but for now I'm played out on this. Oh, and about the glitches... I think I can consider myself extremely lucky to not have run into many of those; rather, I've ran into more "haha funny broken" glitches than things that actually broke the game. I've had the loading screen freeze happen a few times (usually when saving, which hurts twice as much) and I can remember the town map freezing on me maybe once. Never lost any of my saves or anything like that. I also just wish there was more to Sugar Maple Creek. No one around seems to have toddlers in their families and there are maybe two households that include a newborn or a child; I've literally taken a screenshot of three of the same girls (my best bet is that they were all papergirls?) dancing to a stereo at my house. Besides them (and the paperboys, presumably), there were maybe three original children around (of whom two also looked the same... wtf). Anyway, yeah... this is currently my rarest platinum ever and it will most likely stay that way (unless I suddenly get boss enough to platinum Catherine, or something like that).
  11. I got the platinum for F 2nd a while ago, and recently I achieved 100% in the Western version of Future Tone. The list is slightly confusing, so I'm not sure if that allows me to rank up or not. I should be eligible for "Happy Birthday IA!" though, seeing as I've achieved Fabulous Furniture in F and easily more than half of my current Utagumi 575 trophies on January 23rd.
  12. Quite a few changes, come and take a look~!
  13. I'm guessing it's only because this PP hasn't been updated in months. I've reached out to the OP and still no answer.
  14. Finally got the for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd! Closer to the ending of Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day as well. I'm coming up in the world! 😄