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  1. Hm, looks like just chapters trophies, should easy one😀 first game was awesome
  2. Omg, just remember this stupid birds on 4 or 3 dlc levels that was really hard but one touch ghost kill in coop so helpful:) So many positive feelings about this game anyway.
  3. Well that one of the best coop game for two, three players imho. Got 100% a few years ago and this game is awesome:) Here is my stats screen from eu/us region
  4. Done it a few days ago and can say that u can get plat without psvr.
  5. Hello! No any friends in my ps list with this one, so lets help each other to make this trophy. My psnid same like here.
  6. Finally synced😛
  7. After patch it still works for eu regions and hk too
  8. Seibei4211, thanks really helpful. But most of actions for Hidden Secretions needs a visual view for me because still can't do K letter for example. And any good advice for You're a Machine trophy because third stage is most painful.
  9. Here's visual guide for plat walkthough. part 2
  10. Here's visual guide for plat walkthough. part 2
  11. Well, if u can't find here's it: 5th Paul Fire in the Hole!
  12. Absolutly hardest VR plat game. 200 wall changes impossible to do and 15$ for this umm too much.
  13. nothing hard to do got 100% in 20 min.
  14. You must collect monster toys(mini-bot game) then just head up and you should see a monster wait a few sec and trophy is yours.