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  1. Nice list but this one is absolutly ridicolous because of control. Yep, i'm trying to do 100% so Statik was a little bit of pain for me:)
  2. Yes, Statik is a nice game but Esper much faster and easier for me imho more positive feeling. Lost bear is pretty annoying you know because this stupid speedrun.
  3. i think this impossible to do.
  4. No need save with all finished levels then? Seems like for NA game only
  5. Tested on Rick&Morty VR this works. great thing btw because after 1.05 patch Bureaucratic Nightmare trophy is extremely hard to get.
  6. Pretty sure that Japan because
  7. switch trick is working for this one?
  8. Most stupid trophy for me was a few postcards without mistakes. Nice and Easy game.
  9. Ok, thanks:) Downloading this one already
  10. No any jump scares in the game?
  11. So could you tell aprox time to get platinum? because i wanna buy it today
  12. Two years as PSVR is out so lets do a top your best VR experience together:) My list: 1. Just In Time Incorporated 2. Batman VR 3. Accounting+ 4. Robinson 5. Job Simulator 6. VR worlds 7. Esper 8. Moss 9. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality 10. The Invisible Hours
  13. well, just finished once on steam so will buy both on ps4 nice game btw:)
  14. Lol, after patch for US ver still glitched a lot with trophies but platinum fully obtainable.
  15. well there enough games for february so i think thats really good opportunities to check other games.