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  1. another boring plat
  2. Wanna see there Arcades archives and ps vita games.
  3. Done around 100 and a few were really crazy like mx5000 or fighting games(samurai shodown or fatal fury). Btw there a lot of glitch and bugs in it sometimes trophies did not pop or glitched because of language and of course this ovepriced stuff make me nuts.
  4. ready to exchange your discount codes on games i have Shadow of Loot Box eu and Rift Keeper eu.
  5. You can buy this in JP store already but ovepriced as usually https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/JP4111-CUSA17567_00-HOMESTARVRSP0001 3850 yen = 35$
  6. Yep, seems it works only for eu region
  7. yes, us store
  8. Ive got prev one and a new one 20$ for me.
  9. platinum unachivable this guys who got it just hacked it you can check it here: https://www.psnleaderboard.com/game/flipys-tesla-ps4/In_Her_Own_Words and https://www.psnleaderboard.com/game/flipys-tesla-ps4/Platastical
  10. Lol, after update it still grinding but not that bad as it was
  11. Guys pretty sure you've got a lot of new expereince so let's share it here? Lets do best and worst😀
  12. Works well you just need to complete level after that in snow style and then you should get your trophy
  13. nice, here is it https://www.play-asia.com/coolpaintr-vr-deluxe-edition/13/70d27l
  14. Lol, that list was made by same person like terminator on ps3