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  1. hey, another easy platinum game. you can get all trophies in 2-3 playthrough. To play in challenge mode you need to tap on triangle in main menu of the game. So if you want to see your points you must press and hold L2 and R2. 0:00-2:21 Complete the game within the target time 4:20-7:31Complete the game in Challenge Mode 7:39-10:20 Complete the game in Challenge Mode without falling into a hole, Complete the game in Challenge Mode within the target time
  2. OMG!! thats 10/10 difficulty then.
  3. Im not sure but seems like glitched because ive tried everyting possible
  4. Here's video from me to get this 4 urns:) And most easy to miss commentary.
  5. I guess the left button should let you use it.
  6. If i remember correctly a few trophies pops on vita only, yes this game so bad.
  7. No platinum and ovepriced as most vr games too.
  8. So, in this platinum you have two games Ascendshaft and Endless Shaft. First is very easy just keep practice. But the second is pretty impossible if you try to do legit. Thanks goes to bladcats, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozt-d2B_HGg who found this helpful trick. Main thing in this glitch swipe your touchpad to the left and spam X button as fast as you can. You can get this trick to work instantly or a few minutes later of non-stopping spam lol:) Good luck. Timing of trophies: Ascendshaft Perfect 1 - 0:20 - 1:16 Perfect 2 - 1:33 - 2:18 Perfect 3 - 2:35 - 3:27 Boss beater - 4:02 - 4:56 Perfect 4 - 5:18 - 5:51 Perfect 5 - 6:08 - 6:50 Boss slaughter - 7:24 - 8:40 Ascendshaft buster - 0:20 - 9:02 Endless Shaft Pure genius - 9:20 - 11:55 Bat beater - 11:59 - 14:38 Rock roller - 14:40 - 17:37 Keep your distance from the walls because you can die easily from boulders. Missile manipulator - 17:41 - 20:09 Stay close to the walls because you can die easily from missiles. Saucer assaulter - 20:14 Hammer horror - 20:11 - 22:43 Saucer exploder - 22:47 - 23:01 Final Boss
  9. Well, if u can't find here's it: 5th Paul Fire in the Hole!
  10. btw i want to let u know JP stack extremely unstable so trophy for speedrun a little bit tricky..
  11. In my country for some reason this kind of games has fully translated names so if your language other than english try to find in your language.
  12. hey, just the platinum run here is it:
  13. Here is it: Before the final level restart the game to get final trophy in proper way. Good luck:)
  14. Guys i wanna start this one what do u think is that possible to get online till servers fully down or better get around?
  15. Im checking asia and jp stores often😃
  16. yes, im keeping it because ps4 ver was enough for me😀
  17. https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/JP4792-CUSA12769_00-BSTUBCUSA1276900
  18. I believe you cant beat game in one playthrough so two playthrough necessary. 2:08-7:32 You defeated all of the ghosts! 9:08-13:43 You completed the game within the target time! Here is it:
  19. Got plat, easy one u can check my platinum walkthrough if u got a problems with that one.
  20. Save every 2-3 minutes will help.
  21. Got plat, i believe this is a 10-15 minutes plat if you teach a pattern of road that need to be beat in challenge mode.
  22. Well, ive got a problem really with that one. Could anyone give any suggestions how to beat it? Impossible for me to beat in 15 sec because all my best 17 sec only. UPD: use bubblegum ability from the start that clean the level in 5 sec.
  23. Seems like moremover from Sony.
  24. Well, thats one of the best my VR Experience so recommend to try. In the video there some glitch of double sound so sorry for that. And a few trophies a high missable, be carefully. Timing of trophies below: Cliffhanger - 3:05 Self Destruction - 4:50 Phew! - 8:50 Pitfall - 17:40 make a step in real life:) Get Over Here! - 20:16 if u miss this one just exit to main menu and continue. It Hurts! - 31:23 Can Opener - 32:09 Invincible - 40:10 If u die here just exit to main menu and continue. Scavenger: Level 1 - 3:30, 5:40, Level 2 - 12:23, 15:20 Level 3 - 18:50, 20:16 Level 4 - 28:15, 33:20 Level 5 - 42:15, 44:10 Level 6 - 49:22, 51:06 Soul Savior: Level 2 - 9:01, 11:19, 15:10 Level 3 - 23:28 Level 4 - 29:22 Level 6 - 51:38