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  1. Guys... my brain hurts because of this thread.
  2. I'm just genuinely confused at what he is trying to say. Like if anything that eases the difficulty is cheating, then literally using this site is cheating. This site, by its nature, is to make getting trophies easier. Also "LOL" at the fact that he approves of Farming but not of boosting, which is essentially the same thing. EDIT: Reread his post, he does say that he boosts, but considers boosting cheating. So to rephrase my statement, he considers farming not cheating but boosting as cheating, when they are essentially the same thing. I would like to think he is a troll, but many people on the other spectrum of this topic are very heated about it. I think the issue is as we have seen in this thread, the people who claim to be so against their idea of cheating in MW are guilty or inconsistent with their stance on cheating, as we've seen with Dokkan. It's the idea of being "Mightier than thou". Like good for you if you don't use the MW Exploit, just don't be an ass about it?
  3. Platinum #118 goes to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered! A solid game and a solid plat!

  4. Like many people have said, there are numerous "exploits" that you could use to beat a level of the highest difficulty for other games, ways to play that is not the intended method. In One Shot One Kill, I hid in a shed until the chopper came. That's not the intended way to play, but it worked. Did I cheat? What about boosting online trophies, is that cheating? Using a collectible guide? Using a trophy guide? This is basically what you are saying when you are so adamantly apposed to somebody using a glitch.
  5. Yeah I get it, but insulting other players for doing something that is generally accepted by the community, and then also calling them retarded noobs is just not appropriate. I find it more comical because on his PSN Profile he has "Be respectful" listed...
  6. I can only speak for myself but it wasn't very difficult at all aside from that last checkpoint. I think I died a few times at the first section where they throw a fair amount of enemies at you, and then a few times when MacMillan first gets injured, but the first wave at the Ferris Wheel I didn't have any difficult at. You can do it friend!
  7. Good luck! You are definitely going to find One Shot One Kill very difficult. It was very frustrating for me. I'd recommend looking up some strategies for that level. Since the last checkpoint glitch won't save you there, you will have to overcome it. I recommend bunkering in the leftmost ticket both when looking from the Ferris Wheel to where the enemies spawn. You can go prone and hide for the whole wave. Grenades are tossed left and right at you, and 95% of the time they will not harm you. I found it most effective to fight from that ticket booth, poping up to snipe and then ducking down to reload. Rinse and repeat until the chopper gets there to take you out, and then just praying that you can get MacMillan to the chopper without dying, as you will be unable to defend yourself. Again, good luck!
  8. What chopper part? The one where four choppers come in and drop more people? To OP, stick with Veteran, it will likely save you time in the end. While the checkpoint glitch will work, it won't help you with arguably the most difficult level of the game, One Shot One Kill. Veteran is tough, but very seldom did I find it cheap. Take it slow, as there are infinite spawns, but rushing in will rarely benefit. Most sections of the game are capable by a slow and steady advance using your teammates to cover you. It is important that you move up continually. There are often also multiple paths you could take, so don't be afraid to switch it up. The harder levels are ones where you must defend against waves of enemies, or storm forward with a time limit. One Shot, One Kill, and Hunted were the two hardest levels for me, and they match up back to back. Heat is also very difficult. If you're having difficulty, look up a video guide to see how someone else has done it. I found look at other methods and then trying them out would sometimes get me a successful run.
  9. Finishing up the last few levels in Modern Warfare on Veteran before moving on to Mile High Club! I'll need all the support I can get at https://m.twitch.tv/theferginator88/profile

  10. That is very sneaky! So does the timer start only after you shoot the last tank?
  11. Which glitch are you talking about? The checkpoint glitch?
  12. Just finished this up last night. I can agree that going right is the best option. The key is not to worry about the time limit, focus on air striking BOTH sides of the field to start. Then go right and follow the trenchline, airstriking the water tower on your way. Once you get into the house just past the field, you should get a checkpoint. On my first time through I did not get this, but on the second time I did. Neither time were there enemies in the house. From there, just run. For me, I ran straight for the downed helicopter, ran into five enemies, and killed them. Then got another checkpoint. Then I made for the church and again had to kill about five enemies. From there I ran straight from the hill to the LZ and hid in the building at the LZ until the chopper arrived. It landed at roughly 1:30 left on the clock. Long story short, the first section is by far the most difficult. I tried going left at least twenty times that all resulted in death. You can use the airstrikes to advance up the field, but once you hit the streets you are practically surrounded with little to no cover. The right field has less enemies and has the house you can hide in, it's the more reliable option.