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  1. It's interesting as I had the same outcome as everyone here, yet the stats say that less than 1% of players had the outcome that I did. Interesting to see what I could have done to change things up....
  2. I spent five hours yesterday trying to get complete the Stormy Ascent Time Trial in Crash Bandicoot.


    I got it, but I hated it. But I got it, so that's all that matters, right?

  3. SSX 3 X 100000, please and thank you!
  4. The nice thing about COD games is that almost all of them have 0 Multiplayer trophies, with the exception of Spec Ops or Zombies, which I would qualify as Co-Op, not necessarily MP.
  5. I Am Bread or Surgeon Simulator. Also GTA IV because that game can really be a pain!
  6. I listened to this advice for most of the game, and then made the fatal mistake of going back to the VITA Menu to upload my trophies. Went back in and completed the challenge of the gods (easily took me about 3 hours to do) and after completing it, no trophy. I wanted to murder my Vita. I reset my Vita and I'm currently going through the Challenge again. My biggest concern is that the reset didn't fix the problem... Once you start playing the game, DO NOT BACK OUT OF IT.
  7. I really appreciated Thor's power that boost his attack speed. It was super helpful in the sim discs and on the Hard mode playthrough.
  8. Feel free to add me if you'd like, I haven't done a hard run yet, nor do I have all the character outfits (yet!), but I DO have all the DLC character's done. I can confirm that this method works for those as well, as I was playing couch co-op with my wife and when one costume unlocked she received all of the DLC costume trophies. Just include something in your message describing why you've added me
  9. Helldivers! Nice one!
  10. So the first section of text did have the button prompts (the prompts were saved and no issue), but I went back and removed the prompts and I was able to save the text. I was then able to add the prompts back in and it saved. Thanks for the tip!
  11. So I'm working on my first trophy guide and I'm receiving an error. The error is as follows: "Error Unable to init from given binary data." I am trying to save my text under specific trophy. It is quite a large amount of text, and I am able to save the section with a smaller amount of text, but it is certainly not the largest amount of text that I've seen in a trophy guide. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I got this in my second game of hero hunt. The hardest part is becoming the hero, but it eventually will happen. When you do, play as Leia. She has the heal token ability which is critical. The key is to keep mobile, stay in close quarters areas (not open areas), and use the token whenever possible. Drop the shield only if you need the cover to get the token, then get ready to keep moving. Good luck!
  13. Rocket League! It's a really fun platinum and most of it can be done by boosting with yourself!
  14. Death Star and Rouge One packs are a lot of fun. I find Outer Rim and Bespin to be a touch lacking, but they have their moments.
  15. I did this in the level in Year 1 where you go to the restricted section. I turned down the audio level to 0/10 and it didn't pop, then turned off music, hit accept and it popped.