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  1. Speedrunning is such an interesting and inticing part of the gaming community. It seems daunting looking at doing speedruns when all the pros have been doing it for years.

    1. KingGuy420


      The one thing that I always found interesting about that community is how helpful to each other they are. Even newcomers to the community, they will try their best to get them running properly. You'd think when one of them came up with a faster glitch they'd keep it to themselves but they don't. It's like they're just as happy to see someone beat their time as they were to set it. It's weird to see that kind of generosity in a competitive gaming community lol.

  2. Our first episode of our gaming review podcast is now live! Please listen here and tell us what you think!


    Papa bless!

  3. I'll play it until the disable the servers!
  4. 100% #79 is Kick Ass The Game!

  5. Off to the gym tonight. It will be very sorely needed.... I'm okay being fat but not this fat!

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    2. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      Always nice to get out and sweat in front of strangers.  I miss the massage chairs.

    3. ferginator88


      @Vincent Brooks Ugh, Vince, you're one of those people...

    4. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      :P What can I say?  After a good workout, you kinda need it with the lactic acid that builds up in muscles, or you get ungodly sore.

  6. Almost done Ico and then I launch myself off the cliff and have to do the last bit again. 20 minutes gone. I'll do it tomorrow...

  7. I know I am like 17 years late to the game, but Ico is a beautiful and enthralling game.

    1. It Is Time To Oil Up

      It Is Time To Oil Up

      It's never too late to play a video game.

    2. LightningCharm


      That's the beauty of Ico.  It's a timeless classic. :)

  8. What is everyone playing tonight?

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    2. MidnightDragon


      @mking_63 Loved that game! It'll probably hit you in the feels as you get closer to the end, though.

    3. PooPDeePie


      Playing with my abacus, graphing calculator, and excel to finish my physics lab report O.o

    4. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      Ugh.  Prolly going to try to finish up Wolfenstien.  The time to trophy ratio is really not helping me at the moment, though.



  9. Rowlet! SO CUTE! 😍

  10. Thank you for the following :D

    1. ferginator88


      You'er welcome! Us Canadians gotta stick together! :P 

  11. My wife and baby girl are leaving on vacation to Florida tomorrow for two weeks. All I will have to console me are my PS3 and my PS4... 😥

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    2. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      You musta not been married long enough to truly appreciate these moments :P 

    3. LunarianLight


      Hope those two weeks fly by fast for you.  Just keep playing lots of games to keep yourself busy. haha :D

    4. DaisyVilla102


      I, for one, appreciated the pun, intended or otherwise. 😜

  12. Finally 100% in Minecraft. Woohoo!

  13. Hi

  14. Thanks for the follow, ferginator.  Much appreciated. :highfive: