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  1. I've been playing the MP for the past week or so and in about four different sittings I had ZERO trouble finding a game in under one minute. So there are still players in game to allow you to get to level 20 "legit" without boosting. My experience has been that it is much harder to coordinate 6 players to boost than to just hit "Play Game" and have fun for a few hours. After about 2 or so hours playing casually, I'm at level 8.
  2. What's everyone playing this weekend?!


    Me, I'll be swapping between Slay The Spire (Meh), Pokemon Moon, Assassins Creed 2 and AC Revelations!

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    2. lordguwa


      just cause 4. wish it had the liberating bases aspect but then again i just started the game.

    3. BlazikieronUS


      Tetris 99 for the Pokemon theme, probably some Pokemon lets go and smash ultimate. On PS4, space overlords, probably gonna retire payday 2 for now.

      Also maybe luigis mansion 3

    4. Deceptrox


      Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD. I will probably play Spelunky just for fun and test something too. I might play other games if I'm able to plat LIS: Before the Storm and MGS3: Snake Eater.

  3. Platinum #134 goes to Harry Potter 7 Part 1!

  4. Just about halfway to our fundraising goal for Sick Kids Hospital!



    1. Dr_Mayus


      That is a cool thing you are doing as CMN is one of the best charities to support.


      I won't donate as all my donations (to both CMN and United Way) go through my work but I encourage people to support their local hospitals.


      Also I noticed that it says it is tax deductible. Does Extra-Life (or CMN) give out donation receipts to everyone that donates or do you as the streamer get to deduct all of it?

    2. ferginator88


      The tax receipts go to the individual donor, and are sent from the hospital receiving the funds. Thanks for your support!

    3. ruffedgz


      I do this as well, #forthekids


      Good luck this year!

  5. $200 USD into our $1100 goal. We are raising funds for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto!


    We need your help!



  6. I am now streaming live for the next 24 hours to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto! Follow our progress at https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=370609#

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    2. ferginator88
    3. DaisyVilla102


      The site seems to still be working, for me at least, on both chrome and edge.

    4. Dreggit


      I'll check it out after work :)

  7. Platinum #133 goes to Uncharted on PS3!

  8. Just one more playthrough of Oxenfree to earn the Platinum! Luckily it is a short and lovely game!

  9. Good to know this info, so thanks Stu and Diivil! This is one of those games I need to dive back into and clean up.
  10. Got it! I'm getting there, about 40 or so items left I think. Mostly hard mode runs, and killing Mega Satan. Getting there!
  11. For Platinum God, is it necessary just to unlock the secret/item, or do I need to obtain the item in a run also? Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Thinking of changing my profile picture... but not sure what to change it to... Any suggestions on themes?

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    2. ferginator88


      Never played Rayman before, but have heard good things

    3. BlackSquirrell1


      Love the game but I get beat up pretty bad with it!

    4. ferginator88


      Who is beating you up with a video game disc? :P

  13. After finally finishing Uncharted 3, I've gone back to Drake's Fortune to do my crushing playthrough. Holy crap, it's redonkulous how much more difficult it is that Uncharted 3 was. Pray for me.

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      I don't have UC 1, but have heard there is no comparison between the first one and the others.  Good Luck on your venture!

    2. DamagingRob


      I hate that game on higher difficulties. Used the skips to get through it.

    3. ferginator88


      @DamagingRob I have used a few skips here or there. Feels a tad cheap but it's just too easy to do to pass up

  14. Platinum #131 goes to Uncharted 3! Now on to Crushing Difficulty in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune!

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    2. ferginator88


      @Nighcisama it's been almost ten years since I played U2 on Crushing, but I remember it being brutal. I found U3 to be actually quite easy. It's important to utilize stealth where you can, but I did not get stuck on any section for more then a few tries, except for the last few chapters - the convoy and sandstorm sections were tough. Headshots are your new best friend.


      All in all I finished the game in a faster time than when I played it on normal.


    3. MidnightDragon
    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  15. On October 26 I will be hosting a charity gaming stream to raise funds for my local children's hospital. It would be awesome to see some of the PSNP community there when the day comes!


    For more info, see https://www.extra-life.org/participant/Matthew-Ferguson

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    2. BlackSquirrell1


      That is a pretty awesome thing to do for the charity!

    3. MidnightDragon


      Three days after my birthday.

    4. ferginator88


      @BlackSquirrell1 Thanks! It's our third year doing it and it is a ton of fun. I basically get to play video games with friends for 24 hours and people donate to a good cause - it's a win-win all over!

  16. What's everyone playing tonight? I am working through Crushing Difficulty on Uncharted 3! 

    1. DaisyVilla102
    2. ferginator88


      @DaisyVilla102 how are you liking Anthem?

    3. DaisyVilla102


      I've had a blast with it!  I wish I'd been playing it earlier so I would have had more time with the first Act (the Cataclysm), but I still enjoy playing the main quests and contracts until they come out with additional content.

  17. Been playing through Uncharted 3 for the Gaming Podcast I host - dang that is a really good game!

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    2. ferginator88


      @PermaFox they added in a "Brutal" mode which I hear is absolutely bonkers... The masochist in me wants to experience it

    3. PermaFox


      @ferginator88  Oh, geez, you are a lot braver than I am!  I'd love to see a stream of that!

    4. ferginator88


      @PermaFox I'll keep you informed if I end up doing that :P

  18. This is great to hear - I bought the game about six months ago, realized the Plat was broken and was dismayed. Looking forward to giving this game a shot!
  19. Platinum #130 goes to Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens!

  20. Platinum #129 is Orc Slayer... That was a rough one

  21. Platinum #128 is Borderlands Pre-Sequel! A fun but long Platinum.

  22. Please describe your most painful poopoo experience. Spare no detail!
  23. What is everyone playing tonight?! I'm working through Uncharted 1 before tackling uncharted 3!

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    2. Tay


      Going to finish Horizon Chase Turbo, to then start Burnout Paradise Remastered :D

    3. Yuna4353


      I dont, know i could play one of my pc games that im playing or i could do ff type o or tales of beseria

    4. grimydawg


      NBA 2K games and Rayman Legends

  24. Platinum #127 hoes to Dante's Inferno!