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  1. WWE is currently holding a poll to know which match the WWE Universe is the most excited for at their Evolution PPV and the results are quite revealing about their so called Main Event 😏 1) SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair (Last Woman Standing Match) - 45% 2 & 3) Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James / Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella - 19% each 4) Historic Women’s Battle Royal Match (for a future Women’s Championship Opportunity) - 9% 5) NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler - 7% I have to admit I find it a little bit sad that their random battle royal is more anticipated than the NXT Women's championship match but on the other hand I find it quite hilarious that their main event is barely the second/third most anticipated match of the night whereas the match for the "B" championship show is far ahead in the results Is it too much to expect them to make the right decision by making the SD Women's championship the main event of the show ?
  2. Smart move, the beginning of 2019 was too crowded anyway. It also allows the developpers to polish the game even more so it's a good news as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Smackdown was awesome, the only part I didn't like was the ending with Undertaker but the entire rest of the show was excellent ! My favourite part of the show was Evolution's reunion (I'm definitely not objective though since Evolution is my favourite faction in WWE history and Randy Orton and Batista are my favourite wrestlers of all time ) it was a nice and funny moment with every member spending a little moment enjoying the crowd and the mic but what I loved the most is the tease at the end. Batista as been very vocal about wanting a proper ending to his career and he also said that he would like to end his career agaisnt Triple H at Wrestlemania so I guess it's just a way to subtly prepare the terrain for Batista's last match at Wrestlemania 35 😍 Aside from that I also loved the Cutting Edge. Becky Lynch is beautiful absolutely perfect in the role of the cocky champion that can back it up and she is really showing great improvements on her character. She was already a really good wrestler and the only thing she needed was more TV time and a better booking so now that she as that she can truly show that Charlotte isn't the only awesome female wrestlers on the WWE roster and I sincerely hope that Becky will become one of the face of the Women division in the future. Concerning my favourite Smackdown moments of all time that's really a hard one since I'm bad at remembering things when I'm asked to but here are a few moments that I enjoyed : - Batista vs The Great Khali and particularly their Punjabi Prison match for the World Heavyweight Title at No Mercy (2007) - The Orton vs Christian feud - Brock Lesnar destroying the hell out of Zack Gowen (At that time, Lesnar was still a full time wrestler and an awesome one too...) - Mark Henry's Hall Of Pain run as the World Heavyweight Champion - The old Sheamus with spiky hairs and an awesome series of matches with Daniel Bryan for the WHC. Their match at extreme rules 2012 is probably my favourite 2 out of 3 falls match of all time. - The Miz and Maryse making fun of total bellas - Cody Rhodes undashing period That's all I can think of for now but I've always prefered Smackdown over RAW now that I think of it.
  4. RAW wasn't too bad I guess... Not great either but there was definitely some interesting bits. What caught my attention the most was that WWE seems to really take care of the way they are handling Drew McIntyre. His booking has been really consistent since he arrived on RAW, he keeps winning and having good matches and even when he lose, they always find a way to protect him. Ambrose and him were the stars of RAW last night and I definitely liked that since I'm a huge fan of McIntyre. The opening of the show was really good and I noticed that before and they confirmed it last night but Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins have a really good synergy in the ring. However, my favourite part of the show has to be the ending. The claymore kick to Braun Strowman showed that Drew doesn't fear anyone and if it means he'll soon be on is own kicking asses and collecting victories until he is on the main event, that's awesome.
  5. Why the f*ck do they need to censor this mode ? Isn't it exactly the same mode than the one in previous Senran Kagura games ? "For the players" is more like "For the SJW". Can't wait to see the backlash Playstation gets in the future for all the shit they've been doing recently. It seems like they forgot what happened to them the last time they were arrogant.
  6. Sure they wouldn't allow him to say that, it would destroy the entire purpose of WWE trying to make fun of The Miz. I was a bit off then but 18 seconds is not something to be proud of either, in fact this could really be the shortest title defense in history I would love to see AJ Lee back, in my opinion she was the one really starting the "revolution" WWE keeps talking about, she was good at everything and her title reign was quite good but I think we have more chances to see CM Punk back than her unfortunately. Concerning Styles I think he'll retain at Crown Jewel since these big house shows are always filler ppv where nothing of importance happen but I have a feeling WWE might try to copy NXT and make Bryan win the WWE title thanks to The Miz but we'll see.
  7. RAW would have been outright terrible if it wasn't for the return of DX. I watched the show 2 hours ago and I already forgot half of the show... All I can say is that I don't know how much time I'll be able to go through Bobby Lashley matches with Lio Rush in his corner. He is doing a good job at being annoying but maybe he is doing too good at this, I may end up skipping Bobby Lashley's matches in the future. (And I thought I couldn't stand Byron Saxton, I've just been proven wrong) Smackdown was better overall and I liked Becky vs Charlotte but I hope their match at Evolution is their last in a long time; they have to realize even good things can become boring once they are overused. I know the segment was good but I hated Miz TV. I hate Daniel Bryan so much I wished The Miz would just go crazy and punch him in the face like the little dwarf likes to say. The Miz quickly reminded both Bryawn and AJ Styles who is the best on the mic and best superstar overall though so I was quite happy since The Miz may be despicable but he always speaks the truth. I would have liked to hear him speak about the fact that even though he lost in 2 minutes at SSD, Bryan lost the WHC at Wrestlemania in 16 seconds. I don't know how this feud is going to end but I just hope they don't make AJ Styles lose to Daniel Bryan because if that's the case I would just want to smash my head into a wall to forget that Samoa Joe should have been the champion
  8. Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice. This game is a masterpiece and easily competes with AAA titles in a lot of aspect. Amazing graphics and soundtrack and the story is disturbing in a good way. The work provided by the team of this game concerning the mental ilness is also astouding. Not only this title is my favourite indie game ever, it's also one of my favourite PS4 game.
  9. Seems like fans are more divided by this show than usually. Some loved it and some didn't ... As far as I'm concerned they could have named the show "Super House Show" it wouldn't have made any difference. The New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro, Becky Lynch vs Charlotte were way too short but the prize of the shittiest decision of the night goes to Daniel Bryan vs The Miz. I don't care about the result too much since I expected it but couldn't they give them more time ? (didn't really like how much time the match between the two dinosaurs in the main event took, the ending was great but that's it) Either way, I still expect "the dream match" between Bryan and Styles to end in a dirty way, whether it's an interruption by The Miz, Samoa Joe or both of them. Even though I didn't like the show the matches were great wrestling wise for the most part so that's a good point. Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles is my match of the night by far but I'm pissed off by the result, I already didn't like AJ Styles retaining over Nakamura but I gave them a pass because I thought Samoa Joe was going to win at one point but no, it's the same bullshit all over again. They have greatness in front of them but they somehow manage to not use it properly or they simply don't give a f*ck about making good shows and creating stars anymore, I don't know. Samoa Joe is going to be 40 years old and he hasn't accomplished anything since he arrived on the main roster. (lost to Rollins, lost to Reigns, lost to Lesnar and now to AJ Styles) Sometimes I wish NXT was just another promotion and never "pushed" (it's more like a career suicide at this point) Asuka, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Tyler Breeze, Nakamura, Cien Almas, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Neville, The Iconics, The Revival, The Authors of Pain, American Alpha, The Wyatt Family (and the list goes on) to the main roster. Look at all of them right now, they are either nowhere to be seen or glorified jobbers. I can't wait to see how bad they are going to use Aleister Black, Ciampa, Gargano, Pete Dunn, Ricochet, The Undisputed Era, Nikki Cross and especially The Velveteen Dream. If I had to bet, The Velveteen Dream is probably going to be the new Adam Rose if Mr McMahon is the one booking him.
  10. Nice predictions I'm not interested in the show that much and your predictions and descriptions are exactly what I expect to happen (apart from one match) so I won't bother doing a full prediction like you did but I'll still do it for the result I expect to be different : No. 1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship - Daniel Bryan vs The Miz Winner: Daniel Bryan While I could see The Miz getting the W once again, I think Daniel Bryan will leave this match as the winner. Setting a "dream" match between him and AJ Styles for the WWE title... Only to end with The Miz attacking Daniel Bryan during the match. The Miz would then complain about the fact that he didn't get any opportunity even though he defeated D Bryan countless times while it only took one win for Bryan to have an opportunity at the WWE championship. Of course I could be totally wrong (it's not like it would be the first time... And certainly not the last ) but that's just my 2 cents about what's next for this feud.
  11. To be honest, I didn't even do it on purpose but when I saw it, I decided to left it since it is quite fitting with RAW anyway Yeah you're right I was a bit off but I'm pretty sure he didn't appear a lot more than that with the title which is a shame considering that was one of the most disliked thing about Brock Lesnar's title reign. Since The Shield is so important for WWE I would rather have them do their own thing without carying the titles and give The Intercontinental championship to Elias or Lashley for example. I can't believe I'm saying this but I really miss John Cena, I would love to see him back for a while and work a program with midcard guys like Lashley, Owens or Balor to try to elevate them. R-Truth has always been underrated but he always delivers when given a chance, I wouldn't mind him competing for the US title or even the WWE Championship in a short feud I agree with you concerning Carmella, even though I didn't like her as a heel she is doing fine lately and her reversal was really cool too.
  12. RAW was terrible, the pain event was built around 50 years old part time wrestlers; what's wrong with WWE ? I remember people complaining all the time about Brock Lesnar when he was champion but it seems like the main event picture is even worse now than when he was the champ. Roman Reigns isn't even carying the damn belt (I think he only had the belt the night with him the night after Summerslam...) , the same goes for Seth f*cking Rollins but they are The Shield and they deserve everything blah blah blah ... On the other hand, Smackdown is able to bring back R-Truth in the spotlight and make it entertaining. The show was way better than RAW and they didn't even have Samoa Joe or AJ Styles on the show 😆 Let's not even talk about the "women's revolution" because even though they signed Ronda Rousey, the only two relevant women right now are Becky and Charlotte and they are both on SD. The only thing I don't really like is how they are treating Nakamura, it's just their plan to say "you see we were right he isn't over" of course he is not, he is not even on SD most of the time... The WWE Championship match between Joe and Aj and the number one contender match between Miz and Daniel Bryan really interest me but the show seems unimportant (kind of like the greatest royal rumble) where nothing of importance will happen so I don't even know if I should sign to the WWE Network for that 🤔
  13. Concerning future games I'm just checking gaming news daily on Dualshockers and if a news picks my interest I'll right the name of the game on a document I created for that purpose and if the game is really interesting I'll buy it day one. As far as older games are concerned, I'm just looking at my backlog to see which game I want to do again/complete/play for the first time even though I bough it ages ago and that's it. I used to buy a lot of games during the PSN sales but I pretty much own every game I wanted to buy and I really want to get rid of my backlog to finally being able to play and enjoy new games when they release without having to think "1 game down, 50 to go" ...
  14. I would also add the fact that she dropped Maryse on her neck not long ago ... She definitely needs to train a lot more before wrestling again, she is a danger to herself and to other wrestlers so there is absolutely no excuse to let her compete again until she is ready.
  15. Funny how the three feuds you named are all on Smackdown Live, yet WWE keeps calling RAW the "flagship/A" show