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  1. The plan started way before though. Vince wanted The Rock vs Lesnar after The Rock lost to Cena at WM. Plans changed because of The Rock's injury and Lesnar went on to break The Undertaker's streak. It's crazy to think that this injury may have really changed the history in WWE because if Brock didn't defeat The Undertaker he probably wouldn't have been such an invincible superstar for the last 3-4 years... I heard about that rumor too but it would just make Rollins look like an afterthought and being a replacement because WWE couldn't get Roman in the main event. In my opinion he should have been the guy pushed as the top guy in WWE from the moment he turned his back on The Shield, not Roman Reigns. I wouldn't complain though since I like him but he is so bland as a face, just make him turn heel already
  2. I saw that news a few days ago but I don't think The Rock will accept. The last time he wrestled John Cena he injured himself and it was saw as a bad business move for his acting career so I don't think wrestling an opponent as physical as Lesnar is a wise move. Reigns is a pretty boring wrestler but he is extremely safe (not surprising considering his movepool) so it wouldn't really be a problem for The Rock to have a match with him but I don't know I can't see him accepting a match with Brock knowing that he would have to suffer a dozen of suplexes. If it does happen it would really suck though. I like The Rock but I just can't stand part timers and even though a feud between him and Lesnar would be epic, I would rather have a new star being created at Wrestlemania. Out of curiosity, which wrestler would anyone here want to see face Brock at Wrestlemania ? I personnaly would choose McIntyre or AJ Styles. McIntyre because I just love him as a wrestler because he is the full package and I think he is more than ready to win a world title and AJ Styles because I don't want anyone else to face Brock Lesnar (And certainly not Strowman once again) and I think he has a really good chance at winning the Royal Rumble.
  3. When a developer change the requirement of a trophy does it change because of a new patch on a game or do they directly change the requirement on the trophy list ? Because if the change is on the trophy list itself, Mortal Blitz wouldn't be possible even if the game is unpatched. I'll play the game "soon" anyway but it would be nice to know if I can avoid to unpatch the game for nothing since I've never done it and I'm not really good at these kind of thing.
  4. I'd say Playstation's censorship policy. I'm really worried about Catherine : Full Body being censored/self-censored. Even the developpers said that they had to play around to not get the ban hammer by Playstation. The game is fine and is centered about adult's stories and problems so let it be uncensored and let mature players enjoy their game. Second thing I'm disappointed is how this site turned. At the beginning of the year I had 0 members on my ignored users list and now I have more than 10 people on it. You can't even comment on a topic without being told that you're a troll, that your opinion is shit or without being insulted. This site is becoming like gamefaqs sometimes and I really wonder why people can't talk without being aggressive immediately, sure people can get worked up sometimes but I've never seen as much aggresivity on this site than in 2018. The welcoming aspect this site had when I first discovered it doesn't seem to be here anymore. Fortunately there are still some friendly people that I enjoy talking with but I wouldn't mind seeing a strictier moderation if people can't stop acting like keyboard warriors. Final thing I'll add is the cancellation of PSX. I don't mind if the show doesn't reveal a lot of new things, to me it was just a "playstation" celebration and I enjoyed the pannels where developpers talked about how a game was made and funny anecdotes during a game development and things like that. It was also a good way to have a glimpse on a lot of future releases other than E3.
  5. I enjoyed Smackdown. Not a great show but good enough to entertain me and make me want to watch it next week They are doing a decent/good job with the Women's division on Smackdown and I like how they are trying to make every woman involved at TLC relevant. I will admit that if they wanted to make me doubt about Becky continuing her title reign after TLC they succeeded. I could see Charlotte leaving with the championship and Becky winning the rumble since she has unfinished business with Ronda. I'm a little bit tired of seeing Jeff and Randy once again, the matches are fine but they just ended their feud a few months ago so there is no need to make them have another match unless Rey Mysterio or Samoa Joe interrupted the match physically. Samoa Joe's promo was fine though so I'm more being picky than really complaining. Miz TV was good and Daniel Bryan is more bearable to watch for me than when he was a bland babyface so I will at least be able to enjoy is title run even though I hope it doesn't last too long since there are a lot of wrestlers on Smackdown I would rather see as WWE champion.
  6. Almost as good as last week The only think I "liked" is that they somehow remembered that they had to close the relationship between Drew and Dolph. I'm quite surprised that they managed to end a storyline in a logical way for once. However that's the only good thing that was good about this segment because Drew losing to Dolph Ziggler is pathetic even if it was because of the help of Finn Balor. I would have understand it if he was distracted by someone like Braun Strowman but Finn Balor ? No disrespect to him or those that like him but he is totally irrelevant in today's WWE (like 99% of the RAW roster anyway) so I just don't understand why they are making Drew feud with him. Not having ANY believable face (other than Rollins which is in a feud with Ambrose that keeps getting worse somehow) doesn't help though. And speaking of Rollins and Ambrose I find it quite sad that the feud that fans were waiting for years is being ruined like that. I wasn't one of those particularly awaiting another rivalry between them but I'm still disappointed. RAW is probably going to suck until the Royal Rumble anyway so I don't think anyone should expect good shows before the end of January unless Lesnar decides to show his ass before the RR.
  7. Hi, I'd like to enter the giveaway. Thanks
  8. Too bad because smackdown is always the better show. Maybe you should try consider skipping Raw instead of smackdown and just read the Raw spoilers on a wrestling site. Personally when I found a show annoying I don't waste my time and just skip the segments I don't like,sometimes I watch all the segments I feel worthy in 20-30 minutes and I just skip the rest and I have never felt like I was missing something. WWE's youtube channel is also a "decent" alternative to resume the importants part of a show if you don't feel like reading spoilers. A few months ago I felt so disappointed that I didn't watch any show for a few weeks (still reading the results online though) and when I came back it felt good so you could also try that. If you really want something else GoodbyeBread just gave you what most "indy" fans consider the best wrestling shows so you could give it a go. I never watched any indy show because storylines are a huge part of why I enjoy wrestling but I did found myself enjoying All In and Wrestle kingdom so you should definitely watch the big PPVs of the indy shows you won't be disappointed. One show I would also recommend is NXT, I know it's still "WWE" but it feels so different that if you didn't know that NXT is a WWE brand you could think it's an indy show. On top of that the NXT takeover shows are on a whole other level and easily beat the main roster PPVs whether it's storyline wise or in ring wise so there is absolutely no excuse to not watch the Takeover Yes it's three entirely different teams which is why each show are different. RAW is basically Vince's show and you need his approval for every single thing, Smackdown has a different team of writers and they can do whatever they want with the show BUT they have to obtain Vince's approval when it comes to the WWE Championship (which is why Nakamura never won the title and the same goes for the reverse, Jinder Mahal being WWE champion was all because of Vince) and then you have NXT with another team of writers for the men and the women with Triple H in charge with some ideas given by Shawn Micheals (and Dusty Rhodes when he was still alive. He played a huge part on NXT) Other than that, I think you summed up exactly how I feel about each shows
  9. I really liked Smackdown this week, a bunch of decent to good matches, some good promos and good storylines. I can't ask for more AJ Styles showed some intensity in his promo and he managed to make me look forward to his match with Bryan at TLC even though I didn't really care about their feud in the first place. Samoa Joe proved once again that he is one of the best WWE superstars in WWE today and he shines even brighter when he has a mic. His feud with Jeff Hardy could be really interesting if done right. I'm also glad that Randy's feud with Rey isn't over. The difference in their style, size and strenght is something that we don't see regularly in WWE anymore so I can't wait to see how their rivalry turns out. Concerning the main event I can't express how happy I am to see Asuka back where she belongs (even though it's probably going to be for this match only...) at the top of the women division. This match will have the three best women in WWE right now and it will be a TLC match (A stipulation that I really like) so it can only be an awesome match. This match should definitely be the main event considering the superstar that are involved in it, the fact that it's a TLC match and the fact that it's the best storyline on Smackdown and RAW doesn't even have a storyline other than Baron Corbin going crazy All in all, a good show that leaves me satisfied but also curious to know what's coming next.
  10. I enjoyed Smackdown but expected more after Survivor Series. I thought Shane McMahon's was supposed to take action but it seems like they just scrapped that idea... Shane and The Miz segment was fun though and I would like to see them team up for a little bit since they don't have anything going on for The Miz and he will most likely not going to feud with Daniel Bryan for the time being. I also enjoyed the main event with Orton continuing to be a sadistic heel. I don't know if his feud with Rey is over or if it's just the beginning but I wouldn't mind seeing more of it since I liked Orton's rivalvry with Jeff Hardy.
  11. I understand you Dean... You had to cover your nose because you knew that RAW was pure garbage RAW was as good as the jokes they made about Drake Maverick, terrible. I know Vince always liked stupid things like that but come on it was ridiculous and way too forced, it reminds me of when they were adamant about making Natalya someone that can't stop farting. It's embarassing. Now concerning Dean's feud with Rollins I don't really know what's the reason but I'm less excited than when it began. They aren't doing a terrible job at building their feud but they are not doing their best either so I hope they spice it up a little bit down the road. It's too bad because I felt like RAW was becoming a little bit better a few weeks ago but now they are back to having 3 hours long shows that feels empty somehow ... Finally, I'm just going to say that even though I do like Lars Sullivan to an extent, they made a huge mistake by calling him up. If you watch NXT you know that he is just not ready and he may become better as times goes by but right now he just a little bit better than Braun when he debuted three years ago and that's really not something to be proud of considering how green Braun was when he first appeared on RAW. Hopefully for him, Vince doesn't give him the Vladimir Kozlov treatment...
  12. I was almost not going to post to not ruin once again everyone enjoyment by complaining once again but it turns out I'm not the only one complaining this time Survivor Series was garbage. Like I said a while ago I never liked this PPV and last night essentially confirmed that I never will. Vince just wants to prove that RAW is the main show when in reality everyone knows that RAW can't even compete with NXT. Concerning the PPV I'm not going to lie I skipped most of the matches when I was not fastforwarding them because I had no interest in watching SD get their ass handed to them and the opening match basically proved to me that I shouldn't waste my time with WWE's garbage when I saw that the big bad (shitty) Nia Jax pinned Asuka. I enjoyed and hated Charlotte vs Ronda at the same time. The match was excellent but the ending made me "mad". I just wanted to have a fair match where it's just talent vs talent and even though Charlotte heel turn was good this practically confirms that they are setting up another match between them at Wrestlemania but WHAT ABOUT BECKY ?! 😡 The crowd was awful during that match, why in the hell would they chant "you deserved it" and say "thank you charlotte" that's completely absurd even Ronda's look at the end was saying "what's wrong with this crowd" Shinsuke vs Rollins was decent at least so that's something but I regret the days when the Kinshasa was a true finisher. My match of the night was Bryan vs Lesnar. As much as I hate Daniel Bryan I acknowledge that he can put on good matches, and he and Lesnar put on an awesome match. This may be my match of the year for the main roster. Not looking forward to RAW at all since I'm kind of tired with this show (I'm of course going to watch Drew's segment and Seth vs Dean but that's it unless Lesnar shows up) but I'm really curious about what's going to happen on Smackdown. I liked how they didn't make Orton and Styles appear last night knowing that this was going to be a full sweep for RAW.
  13. The match between Tommaso Ciampa vs Velveteen Dream was awesome too but quite honestly, the entire card was filled with MoTY contenders 2018 has been such a good year for NXT (and yeah the same applies for 2015, 2016, 2017 and maybe even before that, I don't even remember when I started watching NXT. I just remember that Neville was NXT champion at the time and it was already a good show) but this year was very special because it was almost like a new NXT with all of their top talents male or female on the main roster they had to build new guys and not only did they did that but their roster is perhaps their most talented roster of all time. The tag team division could do with a few more relevant tag teams but that's maybe the only thing NXT may need in the foreseeable future.
  14. NXT Takeover was awesome as always ! The three men matches were all really really really good but if I had to pick my favourite it would be Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano. I was already hyped as f*ck with their rivalry but the match was even better than I anticipated. The match had intensity, fast paced and hard hitting action and psychology I don't know what you could want more of this match unless you're asking for them to fight forever Aleister Black caught my attention ever since he stepped foot on NXT and his aura and coolness is just amplifying match after match, I don't know what's the limit for this guy but I truly hope that he becomes one of the top guys on the main roster. This guy has unlimited potential and he can have awesome matches with any kind of opponents by looking at his NXT career so far.
  15. Well you're right about this one and it was a really stupid decision, it's the moment I hate the most as a wrestling fan. It was dangerous and it could have went really bad, on top of that I don't think it added something meaningful to Brock's character, we already knew he was a dangerous guy when he returned to WWE for the first time and opened John Cena with a couple of stiff elbows. In my opinion, it just proved that Vince is an irresponsible boss. He shouldn't have let a wrestler put is life on the line for "entertainment" (I can't speak for everyone in the world but I didn't think it was entertaining at all) and if he really wanted some blood he could have used the old stupid "blade job" it would have been believable enough and far less dangerous. Now as far as Nia Jax is concerned, I'm more enclined to believe that she is just unsafe to work with since it's not the first time she injured someone because she didn't pay enough attention. On a completely different note, James Ellsworth is accused of sending nude pictures of him to a 16 years old girl on twitter. I don't know what to think considering the last time something like that happened to a wrestler it was just a faulse accusation but it that's the case it's a real shame since I kind of liked what he did in his first run with WWE.