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  1. That's not even true, I was playing Gwent a few hours ago and it still kicked me and now I can't reconnect (and I won't be able to finish my daily quest either...)
  2. I loved Randy Orton vs Triple H. An awesome slow paced match like we don't see anymore. Everyone can say that The Shield is the best faction of all time but the fact is no member of The Shield will ever be as good as Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton or Batista. There will never be a faction as good as Evolution and with as much star power. Concerning the rest of the show it was just like WWE promised, a show as good as Wrestlemania... Which means, a mediocre show with a lot of lows. I must admit I had a good laugh during the main event though 😂
  3. Thank you NXT for reminding me why I love wrestling. I'm not going to bother to point the highs of Takeover XXV since it was excellent from start to finish. If you want to know why we should be excited about WWE's future (when Vince retires/dies) do yourself a favour and watch the show. As long as WWE's golden brand will be that good, all egomaniac wrestling won't be the best alternative to WWE's main roster. NXT : THEN NOW FOREVER
  4. Terrible show, best part of the show was Lesnar. I really miss the old Lesnar but at least he is still entertaining me when he shows up. Concerning AEW the DoN ppv was ok for what I watched. I only really enjoyed The Lucha Brothers vs Young Bucks match though. Jericho vs Omega was disapointing compared to their match in NJPW and I had to stop watching the bloody mess between Cody and Dustin. If there is one thing I really appreciate since the PG era it's the lack of unnecessary blood in WWE's product. I don't mind seeing some blood if it's an accident during a match but matches like Shawn Micheals vs Chris Jericho, Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar or Cody vs Dustin just makes me want to puke and not watch what I should watch, a WRESTLING match. Overall, I'm really unimpressed by AEW. I'm not saying they aren't doing good things but their roster is really lacking, their show wasn't as exceptionnal as people are saying (but I understand people are excited for a change in wrestling but imo they are clearly not thinking rationally) and most importantly they are making a huge mistake by showing that they are as childish as WWE. Cody Rhodes with a Sledgehammer, John Moxley and his "declaration of war" and Chris Jericho and Dustin Rhodes newly found hatred for Vince McMahon is just making them look like bitter WWE haters/rejects. I wish them luck because competition is always a good thing but they should focus on delivering a good show rather than attacking a company a million time bigger than them. TNA was doing fine until they decided to compete with WWE, look how the company is doing now. Edit : Smackdown was so bad it doesn't even deserve another post. I wouldn't have it believed it if you said to me one year ago that RAW would be better than Smackdown but here we are and it's not even close...
  5. I wonder what's worse, last night's raw or the look of the new 24/7 belt ? This championship seems like a bad way to occupy a little bit more of a 3 hours show because the writers are not able to book a strong show every week... Concerning Brock Lesnar I almost wished he would cash in on both Kofi and Rollins so I can be interested in the two "top guys" after Lesnar drop the belts but I guess I'll have to wait to have a good WWE champion and someone that is not just a generic babyface as the Universal champion. Until then I guess I'll just keep my eyes on the US championship since it's currently the only championship where I care about the champion, the challenger and the storyline. (Such a surprise to see that Samoa Joe is once again in this feud... Give him a monstreous push already, this guy is the best story teller in WWE today 😒 )
  6. This title already exists and it's the only singles title Braun Strowman ever won lol I wouldn't even be surprised if their new title was "The Best In The Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorld Heavyweight Championship" No need to fix anything, the match was just decent compared to previous MITB matches and the ending of the match only made the overall quality a little bit worse. If you want to praise WWE because their wrestlers are busting their ass feel free to do so but I'm certainly not going to say that the PPV was great with WWE's shitty booking decisions and only one match that was truly enjoyable from start to finish.
  7. I don't even care if some people want to roll their eyes reading this or if they enjoy watching shit shows and act like WWE is enjoyable recently. Money In The Bank was trash. Miz Vs Shane ended in a shitty way and the botch with the foot on the rope was awful. Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio was another insult to Joe and I believe he might really be the most screwed superstar of this era (remember when AJ Styles tapped out and Joe still didn't win the WWE Championship ?) and the men's Money In The Bank was such a bad joke that I couldn't resist laughing when I saw Lesnar grab the briefcase. At least AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns 2.0 Seth Rollins was enjoyable. Also, I hope Finn Balor's back is fine because he certainly took some nasty moves 🤕
  8. RAW had a lot of bad parts but some good ones too so it was kind of decent for once. I enjoyed the Cesaro vs Mysterio match and I like this new side of Bray Wyatt now I just hope they'll push him correctly. EDIT : Just watched all the firefly funhouse shows again and ... Yowie wowie ! WWE Better not screw this 🙏
  9. This week was pure garbage. Raw was better than smackdown but Raw was terrible too. Smackdown sucked so much I had to skip half of the show. I would largely prefer having a real championship material champion like Lesnar being WWE champion (even if he doesn't show up for months) than an comedy midcarder throwing pancakes and making the segments for the top belt uninteresting. What they are doing with Ali is disgusting too, the guy shouldn't even be on Smackdown to begin with but he is and he is defeating Andrade and Randy Orton for absolutely no reason. Finally, they had to remind us after every angle that their shitty feud between Reigns and the McMahons is something we should consider important even though it sucks and it's the same feud we've seen for years even though we all know that the big dog is the mcmahons golden boy. I really wished Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton would respectively Muscle Buster, Powerbomb on the Apron and Punt Kick all of the jobbers stealing the spotlight of actual interesting wrestlers to the low card or the main event show so we can finally see the real supestars being the focus of the show.
  10. If I am remembering correctly my subscription is ending on june finally and I'll definitely not renew. I kept my subscription for years because the deals on the PS Store were often better for PS+ members but now that they stopped caring about that too I don't have any reason to keep my subscription since I have downloaded like 4 PS+ games in 6 years and I don't care about their cloud service 😒
  11. I guess I won't play Days Gone next then. If the patched-in difficulty is possible to do on a first playthrough (possible in the sense that the difficulty doesn't have unlock requirement or is not insanely frustrating on a non NG+ game) then I'll jump in the game in June. However, if I have to beat the game two times and it's not possible to speedrun the second playthrough really quickly (less than 10 hours) I'll simply skip the game as I'm really tired of having to come back to a game months after its release just to obtain an unnecessary trophy ruining a 100% on my trophy list.
  12. It's the first time I say this since the brand split (if we don't count the shitty christmas shows of course...) but Smackdown was absolutely terrible. It's the first week and they are already focusing the show around f*cking Roman Reigns. There is also the tease of a terrible heel turn of Aleister Black because he has to be evil right ? I'm willing to bet Vince will ask him to do a satanic ritual in the ring ... That's so stupid, who cares if he is satanist ? Are they asking Roman Reigns to play the role of Jesus ? Aleister Black was never a heel in NXT (and even if they made him a heel I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been this kind of cartoon character) and it was perfectly fine but as long as Vince is alive we'll have to deal with these stupid stereotypes Only the main event was good. They made the right choice by "turning" Kevin Owens heel this quickly. Now I only hope they give him the WWE championship for the rest of the year and let him beat Roman Reigns and powerbomb him on the ring apron to retirement. Smackdown downfall has begun...
  13. Oh I know that it does have potential it's just that I felt doing an ironic post more than anything but I'm not judging Bray Wyatt's new gimmick totally for now. But even though it COULD be interesting I highly doubt that the RAW writers will be able to capitalize on it which is why I'm already feeling sorry for Bray Wyatt because he is one of their most unique talent, he has a ton of potential but he will probably never be used to the best of his abilities.
  14. RAW had a couple of good matches but the entertainment part was once again really bad. Sami Zayn is redeeming himself each and every week and I have to admit that I didn't know he could be such a good talker. The War Experience The War Vikings The Viking Machine The Viking Raiders have a new name and so does Bobby Robert Roode these changes are so good I couldn't be more excited about RAW ! And speaking of new, this new Bray Wyatt is going to be as good as the great funkasaurus, the wrestling legend Brodus Clay ! Joking aside, I couldn't care less about what Raw is going to look like in the future. The universal championship match is going to end with a wonderful screwy finish at MITB and they are going to extend this "dream" match (this term is so overused it's ridiculous) until Wrestlemania 36. Hopefully I'm wrong and they finally give other superstars a push in the main event now that the samoan cancer is on smackdown live but I'm not holding my breath. I can't wait to see what's next on smackdown live. Maybe we'll have the pleasure to see Vince's Puppy The Big Dog bury The Big Bad Dark Fallen Angel (formerly known as Aleister Black) in what should be a classic 1 star match !
  15. Smackdown had some good moments I must say but the shake-up part of the show was as bad as RAW's. Big O and The New Day were fun for one night but I think it will just end up with Kevin Owens turning heel once again, as he should because he is just a natural heel like The Miz and he could spend his entire career as a heel that probably nobody would complain. Concerning the shake-up it was terrible. I have nothing against Balor but if it means that Samoa Joe is going to end up on RAW it is a really shitty move because the last time he was on RAW he was barely used and when it was the case it wasn't really good either. So even though I'm happy for Balor I'm really disappointed for Samoa Joe because he is easily in my top 5 in WWE today and I know for a fact he doesn't have the spot he should have on the card. It's funny because out of all the samoans in WWE he is by far the most talented but also the most disrespected. And now the main event... I don't even know where to start because I'm pretty sure I have stated countless times I much I dislike Roman Reigns on this thread but it's such a never ending nightmare that I can't help to hate the guy even more as time goes by. I don't care he is a cancer survivor or a good item sellers for the kids because these are not qualities that are required for being an entertainer. He sucks and he should be in the midcard where he belongs. As soon as Vince was announced and said "the biggest acquisition ever" I knew it was going to be his favourite samoan bitch and that Smackdown was going to be ruined. (Not only that but Reigns is far from being the biggest acquisition ever on Smackdown Live, he can't even compare to John Cena.) I really wished it was going to be Brock Lesnar because the guy could be a legitimate contender for "biggest acquisition ever on Smackdown Live" but no they had to ruin the best show even more. All in all, the worst shake-up since the brand split. Smackdown has been screwed really badly with this one, here are the biggests exchanges : Smackdown to Raw : The Miz Ricochet Aleister Black The War Raiders Andrade and Zelina Vega Rey Mysterio The Usos AJ Styles Samoa Joe (probably) Raw to Smackdown : Finn Balor Lars Sullivan Buddy Murphy Elias Roman Reigns Even without talking about the samoan cancer of WWE, they clearly didn't even try to make this shake-up fair. Most people know RAW has always been the weaker show since the brand split so why would they make the show so stacked with talents when they are not going to use all of these talented wrestlers to the best of their abilities or not use them at all ? What's going to happen is that RAW is going to have Shield member number two on top of the show with AJ Styles alongside him while Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin, The Miz, Ricochet, Samoa Joe, Aleister Black, Andrade Flair Almas, Rey Mysterio and Sami Zayn are all going to be wasted on the midcard without any good direction. And Smackdown has now been screwed of most of their talents (I would just cancel the deal with WWE if I was FOX's owner honestly) and the main event scene is going to be occupied by Roman Reigns with Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Lars Sullivan here to make Vince's bitch look good. With so few main event talents on the show (the only true main eventers being Orton, Bryan, Owens and Reigns.) I don't even know how they are going to make half of the year watchable. 2019 is going to be such a bad year for WWE fans.