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  1. For once, I've been pretty happy for (almost) an entire WWE show, Smackdown kept me untertained for the most part and I wouldn't have mind seeing another hour with the likes of Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Samoa Joe, The Bludgeon Brothers and the list goes on This match between A.J Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura is one of my favourites but since he won this one he'll probably lose at MITB, that's what WWE is doing most of the time anyway. I'll wait until MITB but I wont be surprised if both of WWE's japanese superstars end up losing AGAIN 😒
  2. RAW was decent this week, 2-3 good matches and some really interesting picks for the Men MITB ladder match. Miz or K.O would make a really good choice for the MITB winner. Don't care about the women anymore, it's good if Bliss or Asuka wins the MITB contract, if that's not the case I'll just continue to skip the women segments and matches, that's fine. Oh, and didn't Ronday Rousey said that she wanted to earn opportunities ? Because as far as I know she wasn't on RAW this week and she wasn't on RAW last week either; she also never competed on TV so is this what she was thinking by "earning opportunities" ? 🙄
  3. Congrats with your milestone It's been quite some time since I played a WWE game, they are too repetitive for my tastes and the last iteration are the same each and every year but the old WWE games were really funny.
  4. I'm not even sure that the fans will be behind Roman though Sure he will have the kids behind him but that's about it in my opinion. As far as I'm concerned I'll just skip their segments and matches, but if I had to watch I would cheer for Mahal. I don't know if this feud will last until MITB though, I could see it being something to keep Roman busy until Brock Lesnar comes back so they can have one (final ?) match 😴
  5. Raw was shit in my opinion. I enjoyed the opening segment and the match that followed between K.O and Braun Strowman. I also enjoyed seeing Rollins until I heard Mojo's music. I fast forwarded through the rest of the show and by what I saw I didn't missed much. For the moment I hope neither Braun or Finn win the MITB contract, Braun doesn't need it and Finn Balor is booked so inconsistently since his injury (remember when he defeated the current WWE Champion Aj Styles ? In the end it did nothing for him and AJ Styles credibility suffered) that I just don't want him to succeed like that. I don't really know who Smackdown will put in the MITB match but I guess it won't be Shinsuke or Samoa Joe so I could see them put Randy Orton, The Miz, Rusev, Shelton Benjamin or maybe (a huge maybe...) Andrade Cien Almas. The last man that I'd like to see enter the MITB match on RAW would be Elias (why they stop his push is beyond me) or Jason Jordan.
  6. I just finished watching Backlash and I'm glad I didn't watched it live. My WWE Network subscription is ending today and there is no way I'm going to renew it before Summerslam. The show was shit for the most part but thankfully I was able to skip most of it. I watched the entire IC Championship match and this match was really good, Miz really evolved as a performer ! I know not many people enjoyed it but I also really liked AJ Styles vs Shinsuke and I hope their feud ends at Summerslam; this match also showcased what Shinsuke can do in the ring and he showed a lot more moves and aggressivity in this match which I really liked, the guy should really be WWE Champion as soon as possible. Concerning the main event ... Fuck Vince, fuck Roman ... More seriously, I didn't watched it AT ALL, the only thing I watched was the very end of the show to ear the winner's music, as soon as I heard this stupid music I just closed the show lol. I saw a video that showed that a lot of people were leaving before the match began and during the match and I hope more and more fans show that they are tired of Vince little puppy. (Even though I'm pretty sure this old piece of shit thinks the fans were leaving because of Samoa Joe ) Tired of RAW so I'm probably going to skip that too, I'll also probably skip the majority of Smackdown too since I'm not satisfied with the use of the superstars here either. Nakamura, Styles, The Miz and Seth Rollins will be the only reason I watch one part of either show. Don't know if it's just me but I'm also tired of Braun Strowman, and I'm not the kind of guy to turn my back on a wrestler easily. I would probably just read spoilers if it was another time of the year but Money In The Bank and Summerslam are my favourites PPV 😒
  7. United States Championship - Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Randy Orton Winner: Jeff Hardy This feud is only getting started and it would be really stupid to put an end to this "old school" rivalry already. Shelton Benjamin is probably going to interfere in this match so neither Jeff or Orton suffer a clean pin. RAW Women's Championship - Nia Jax (c) vs. Alexa Bliss Winner: Nia Jax I'm already tired of Nia reign as champion. I liked her being a big bully, hurting every other women on her path and laughing after watching the destruction she caused. Now, she is just bland and her in ring is not what is going to make her a great champion either but there is no way she lose to Bliss. The only thing I like about the RAW women division is Alexa Bliss and her promos so I don't really care about the result of this match or what will happen in the RAW women division. Intercontinental Championship - Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Miz Winner: Seth Rollins I love these two guys so I don't really care if Miz doesn't win his title back. I don't have much to add since it seems impossible to me to have both midcard title on one show... There is also the fact that the Intercontinental Championship is kind of the top title on RAW Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Winners: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Don't bury Kevin and Sami already WWE, please. I expect them to steal the victory due to an altercation between Strowman and Lashley. Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass Winner: Daniel Bryan I'm not looking forward to this match at all, I hate Big Cass and he is already taking too much on screen time on SD as far as I'm concern. This match will most likely end with Big Cass getting disqualified for destroying Daniel Bryan. I don't think he wants to win, him making a statement works fine too. SmackDown Women's Championship - Carmella (c) vs. Charlotte Flair Winner: Charlotte I think daddy's girl will win her title back since Vince is crazy about her and the entire division is built around her even if it detrimental for every other women on the roster. I hate women wrestling lately, maybe I'll just do like a few years ago and skip their matches and segments until WWE decide to have another women revolution 😒 Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe Winner: Roman Reigns If Samoa Joe's name was Brock Lesnar he could have a fair chance at beating Vince's boy, unfortunately that's not the case so he'll end un being another big mouth that can't back it up against Superman Reigns. WWE Championship [No DQ] - AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Winner: Aj Styles Since this match is a no DQ, if Nakamura doesn't win the title here, it's the end of their feud. I would love to see him walk away with the title but I don't think that's going to happen, I have no faith in WWE anymore and I wouldn't even be surprised to see the Sumo that appeared at the Royal Rumble winning a championship before Nakamura. After reading myself again, It seems like I'm not in a good mood to watch this PPV I probably should just watch it monday if I don't want to regret staying up late for a PPV that is probably just going to piss me off.
  8. I saw RAW yesterday and I can't even remember a damn thing about the show apart from Rollins vs Finn ... Maybe I would be able to remember more things if their "A" show was better Smackdown was between good and decent, it's a shame they don't have the time to showcase all of their superstars though. Samoa Joe is coming for the WWE title as I said so I guess Shinsuke is going to lose once again. Even if that's the case, I'm still really excited for what should be the main event this sunday, Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles in a no disqualification match ! If only Backlash was in Montreal ... This crowd was awesome.
  9. Thank you so much ! This should be a good way to start my VR journey I'm especially excited to test The London Heist, I heard good thing about it.
  10. Is it really because of Punk reign though ? Because he only owned a record for the "modern" era and that reign was for the WWE Championship not the Universal Championship. You may be right though, but if that's the case I would rather have AJ Styles break the "record".
  11. Hi and thanks for this awesome giveaway, I'd like to enter ! (I know I don't have a VR game on my profile at the moment but that's just because I don't have access to my PS4, I'll be able to enjoy my PS4 and PS VR next month though )
  12. I'll definitely remember this match between Jeff and Jinder, the two botches were really funny The ladder match for the IC was good (the finish was really cool) and so was AJ vs Shinsuke which is my MOTN for sure. I don't mind the double count out, good way to extend their rivalry. This ending between Lesnar and Reigns was hilarious, too bad I can't say the same about the fact that their rivalry is going to continue ... The best part of the night was definitely Titus O'Neil entrance. The show was full of botch, Jinder Mahal and Bobby Lashley really tried their best but they couldn't beat Titus 😂 Strowman eliminated 12 wrestlers (so he ties roman reigns for the record) I guess they really didn't want him to break the record.
  13. I'll try to keep it short for this event since I think I'm going to be even more disappointed by WWE after this event. GRR Predictions WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Kalisto Winner: Cedric Alexander There is no reason for him to drop the title this soon and I don't think WWE are interested in small luchadors anymore. Intercontinental Championship [Ladder Match] - Seth Rollins (c) vs The Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe Winner: Seth Rollins I wouldn't mind seing the IC switch brand because it could lead to an awesome feud between The Miz and Chris Jericho but since I can't see Jeff Hardy losing the title, this one will most likely remain on RAW. Seth Rollins' reign will continue until Ambrose return I think and WWE are not too high on Finn Balor so Seth will retain. SmackDown Tag Team Championship - The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. The Usos Winner: The Bludgeon Brothers Harper and Rowan are not going to get screwed once again during the GRR so since they will be able to focus on destroying The Usos, there is no way they lose the belts here. RAW Tag Team Championship - Bray Wyatt & "Woken" Matt Hardy vs. The Bar Winner: "Woken" Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt The Bar are a Smackdown team so there is no chance they leave with the RAW tag team championships. United States Championship - Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Jinder Mahal Winner: Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy just captured the US Title and is already in an interesting feud with Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin (these three guys feuding together bring a lot of memories, I almost feel old ) so there is no reason for him to lose the title this soon. WWE Championship - AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Winner: AJ Styles I love AJ Styles but I really wish WWE would let Shinsuke win and have a lengthy run as the WWE Champion. After his heel turn he showed a lot more potential than as a face and he is really main event material but I just don't trust WWE so AJ will retain and they are going to give Shinsuke another shitty year in term of booking. There is also the fact that I believe that Samoa Joe was sent to Smackdown to dethrone AJ Styles and win the WWE Championship and I could see it happen at Summerslam. John Cena vs. Triple H Winner: Triple H John Cena is on a huge losing streak right now so they should continue this and then give some free time to Cena so he can focus on his objectives outside of WWE before he inevitably return better than ever. Casket Match - The Undertaker vs. Rusev Winner: The Undertaker WWE don't like the fact that Rusev got over with the crowd on his own so I think this is their way to say, "let's bury him once again." Universal Championship [Steel Cage Match] - Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns Winner: Roman Reigns After this match we'll finally see who's Vince's favourite b*tch really is. I Can't wait for this to be over and have a true champion later this year. First-ever 50-Man Royal Rumble Match Winner: Braun Strowman WWE seems to think that Braun doesn't need to have a title to be a huge attraction, and for now I can't say otherwise since he is the only superstar they are booking in a good way on RAW besides Vince's boys. This is the greatest royal rumble ever so let Braun win and break some records along the way, that could be fun to watch and this would be another way to keep him as a top attraction without winning the Universal Championship.
  14. Another shit month for PS3 and Vita, great. Might pick Beyond Two Souls for PS4 just in case I want to do it again in the future but no way I download Rayman Legends for PS4. I Didn't even bother to finish it on PS3 because the game felt uninspired after origins and the trophies were sh*t.
  15. Really good sale for the PS Vita with some awesome prices too, my wallet is going to suffer Disappointed by the PS3/PS4 side of the sale however. I wanted to pick Night Of Azure but the game isn't on the sale and the 2nd still cost too much, same for Blue Reflection and Tales Of Berseria. Finally, I waited years to see a price drop for Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 but since they were never on sale for the past 2-3 years I bought NG3 last week for 20€ and now it's on sale for 9€ ... Still no sale for NGS2 though 😭