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  1. RAW was terrible. Thanks to Heyman though, there was at least one interesting thing on the show and I have to say this rivalry is finally interesting, too bad it took them 4 f*cking years to reach that point. Concerning what happened between Heyman and Reigns on RAW I think WWE is just trying to make us think this was just a plan by Paul Heyman to make Brock beat Reigns last night but I'm not so sure about that. Of course it could be just that but I really think the true plan is having Heyman side with Reigns by the end of Summerslam but we'll have to wait and see. In the main event we saw the long awaited return of Dean Ambrose so let's see what they are going to do with him. I never liked his wrestling abilities, his character or his look but WWE can change all of that in the near future. His new look is great and I don't kwow if it's me but he definitely looks like a bad guy with this new haircut so hopefully the bookers do the right choice by turning him heel, it could make him interesting again and RAW is really in need of believable heels anyway.
  2. Hi, Thanks for this giveaway, I'd like to enter : #itachi-destroyer Lvl38
  3. The card might change (some PPV cards "leaked" months before the PPV were not totally the same during the PPV) so I would not pay too much attention about it. Besides, I don't really see Braun Strowman losing his briefcase. Concerning Balor, I think it's better for him to not use the demon at all until he manages to become a top star by himself (or until RAW is given to Triple H) because it would be really strange for him to go from fighting Corbin in a meaningless match to a title match against the Universal Champion.
  4. I used to like Tekken but Tekken 7 was a huge disappointment and I'm certainly not going to be excited by an announcement like this. Why would someone pay for recurrent characters when they should have been in the game in the first place ? (It's not like they were only in one game like Ogre or True Ogre, now this would make more sense for a DLC.) If only Noctis was in Soulcalibur VI and Negan in Mortal Kombat this would have been way better but no, it's better to introduce characters that don't make any sense in the Tekken universe just because they are going to bring money.
  5. Yeah maybe I spoke too quickly since the eternal Usos vs New Day is constantly featured or teased on SD Live (thankfully The Bar won agaisnt The Usos...) but I don't know, even if some matches are done multiple times on Smackdown there is almost always a point behind the matches and rematches, on RAW one week wrestler A is going to defeat wrestler B, the other week the opposite is going to happen and you can basically repeat this until the end of the feud at a PPV. For example, I don't even know why Corbin and Balor are fighting eachother whereas even a quickly built feud between Lana vs Zelina had a meaning in the end because it helped the whole "Rusev/Lana/Aiden" storyline. But overall you resumed pretty well what I (and I believe many others) think of RAW
  6. Not their most popular IP but I would love a remake of Asura's Wrath. The game was awesome in a lot of aspects (the artistic direction, the setting, the story would make a good anime too and the ost is fantastic) but it could be even better if they tweaked the gameplay a little bit to make it more deep and complex and with less QTE.
  7. Can people just stop saying "they are giving the game for free" when everyone is paying a really costly subscription for those "free" games ?
  8. Stupid crowd of Miami getting brainwashed by this pathetic attempt from the out of touch chairman of WWE. Yeah they are cheering for Roman Reigns but they are not cheering because they like him, they are cheering because they despise Lesnar. When Reigns faces another wrestler this is going to be another story and he is going to get booed again so what's the point of this stupid booking ? Are they going to make Roman Paul Heyman's client ? That would make up for his atrocious mic-skill (making him say "bitch" every times he tries to make a point just makes him looks like an unaducated idiot) but it isn't going to make him a better performer. WWE can do everything to their fans anyway since most of them doesn't seem to realize that the true assh*le that doesn't care about the WWE Universe isn't Lesnar, it's Vince McMahon. The only reason why Brock isn't showing up is because Vince doesn't want him to show up. And the worst thing is that I loved what they did with Lesnar, a truly despicable heel. Too bad it is just for one night because RAW could only dream of a heel of this caliber. Sometimes I just feel like an alien when I think about the fact that RAW, keeps making the same matches and storylines over and over again (Rollins vs Drew, Rollins vs Ziggler, Reigns vs Lesnar, Owens vs Strowman, Balor vs Corbin) and even with all this crap they are making more views than Smackdown where the bookers and performers are busting their ass each and every week to give us a good show. And I'm not even going to talk about NXT that is miles away from the main roster when it comes to the feuds or the in ring entertainment.
  9. God Eater This trophy is from Aragami and the reference is obviously God Eater. (The trophy list of the game is quite funny, my favourite is probably the reference to the Metal Gear Solid series) There are also 3 trophies referencing Pokemon (again) from South Park The Stick Of Truth.
  10. Well, the point of a "legendary" rarity would be to be extremely rare so I think 1% is fine. There is no need for participation trophies
  11. Well, if he is stupid enough to do this just to annoy you why don't you just block him ?
  12. This option is just making me unfollow them, not the opposite. But thanks for trying to help. In the end, I'm just blocking everyone that I don't want to have on my follower list. Maybe I'll be able to unblock them in the future but Playstation can be quite long to update some broken features so I was not going to wait until they decide to let solo players like me get rid of their social media bullshit features.
  13. When I'm done with my PS3 backlog which consist of 7 games worth of near 1000 hours of gameplay so not until a moment.
  14. Yeah I think that he was re-hired by WWE to have a backstage role since he can't wrestle anymore.
  15. I think option D is the best : Braun Strowman destroys both Roman and Lesnar before the match even begins and cashes in his MITB contract on Lesnar to win the Universal Championship. The match between Brock and Roman is cancelled because they don't have anything to fight for anymore, this way, the crowd can finally go home happy for once