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  1. That sucks man, I hope they fix it, i hate tha fact that I had to return to this game to make 100% and some trophies are glitched. We can't do anything else than pray so the devs fix this :/
  2. Oh, i didnt know there are more than the ones in Plover Island! I was finishing the last one in Plover Island for hours and didnt pop... I didn't! i Thought that only 5 were required (the ones in Plover Island!) Still, i've been doing the battle against Adm. Barbara Terranova for at least 6 times and the trophy didnt pop too...
  3. Hello!! Can someone confirm how many Time Trials are there in plover island? i feel like i've done all of them, but the trophy doesnt pop....
  4. I'll b trying this but, how can i cancel the save? I mean, it will automatically download as soon as I start the game, right? Unless i can play the campaing with ps5 offline...
  5. Anyone else had a problem where only one trophy didnt pop? I got the platinum on ps4, but the trophy From the Ashes didnt came. i tried to beat the requirements again but got no success :/ The worst part in all of this is that this is a campaing trophy...