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  1. This game have trophy list on playstation 4? Or is there a glitch ? I've never seen a game that has a ps5 list but not a ps4 list before.
  2. Today, new achievements have been released for the Steam version. I think new trophies will be released for the ps4 version as well.
  3. Is there a way to find the na region of this game? ( Digital )
  4. Last update reset my rest zones icon on my map. Anyone have the same problem ?
  5. Yes fixed. I win the Vanquisher of nightmate trophy last month. %100 obtainable.
  6. Enchant trophies still glitch. But " The blood is life, Through fire and flame, The stuff of legends, Crowd pleaser" trophies fixed. I not try yet " Vanquisher of nightmare, The absolote pinnacle" trophies. I think they fixed too.
  7. Yüksek ihtimalle illegal yöntemle alınmış. Eğer kupa normal şekilde alınabilir duruma gelseydi, muhakkak başka kazananlar da olurdu. Sen yine de dene. Belki ea imana gelmiştir de bizim haberimiz yoktur Google Translate:
  8. So if we create a new save file, will trophies perfectly popped ? It didn't make sense.... or i don't understand. 🤔
  9. Upgraded weapon but still no trophy. Thank you devs. (The stuff of legends trophy)
  10. Thanks for the reply. I guess 4 players can't meet in the lobby at the same time.
  11. I have 4 friends to boost this game. However, I saw that the matchmaking system of the game has changed. Still can this game be boostable ?
  12. Blacksmith > Armor Forge Chapel > Lotus of Light City Hall > Embassy Enchanting > Expanded Library Food Store > Inn Expansion Gladiator's Arena > Combat Academy Did I do something wrong ? I also won 5 times in the Calygrey arena. Still no trophy... 😥
  13. I built 6 specialized building, but the trophy not unlock (Through fire and flame trophy) I didn't know this trophy had glitch too.
  14. I hope new trophies will be added. 🙂
  15. They haven't added dlc for a long time. I thought they stopped.