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  1. Tell me about it!! I was actually there for the Hideo Kojima signing of my Phantom Pain steelcase, but they cut the lines after like 5 minutes because it got out of control! So I decided to wait anyways, the line then turned into a press and autograph signing of TLoU 2! and LUCKILY I brought my Uncharted 4 game just in case! (Got rid of TLoU though unfortunately) It worked out, though I really wanted that Hideo sig man!
  2. I'm not sure if I should slap you or not! Haha, I loved KLK!! I was just re-watching some old movies this past week; Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Ninja Scroll Princess Mononoke Kite and Mezzo Forte (Shh! They are classics!) Ghost In The Shell Redline I have more that I am going to catch up on like Spirited Away and other Studio Ghibli works of art! The last anime shows that I watched were Another High School of The Dead Corpse Party (See a theme here?) 🍻
  3. Most recent platinum time baby! #58 - Criminal Girls: Invite Only This platinum was a bit frustrating, just when you think the game is over another post dungeon is available with more sub-bosses to conquer! All in all though a fun game that gets your classic dungeon crawl RPG fix. #57 - Persona 5 Speaking of RPG's, this beautifully done masterpiece deserves a platinum status through and through! A highly recommended game, on par or even better than P4G! Those are big shoes to fill and P5 does it with it's lovable characters, stylish game play mechanics, and gorgeous interface that makes this bad boy sit on the top of the throne! *One of my favorite game series* #56 - Nier: Automata Since we are on the topic of RPG's this one is yet another fantastic game spoiled by exceptional story telling. Perfect blend of JRPG and Western RPG, throw in a bit of platforming, side scrolling/top down shooter and you've got this well done piece of entertainment. The platinum, albeit easy with the "secret shop", is well achieved and recommended! #55 - Mass Effect Andromeda Still riding that RPG train are we? Alright then - Mass Effect! One of the greatest Sci-Fi RPG's of all time. Although the candle light is dwindling on the series with this new entry, I personal really enjoyed the game! I believe people were a little too harsh with it, though I understand with how long it took to come out and then once released was plagued by bugs (and audio sync issues) - which pretty much sealed it's fate with fans and critics alike. But it still retains Mass Effect at it's core, a 3rd person Sci-Fi RPG Shooter, forging intergalactic alliances and trying to get that sex scene with that hot alien/female lead! While of course, kicking ass and having an abrupt ending Though there are negatives, one being that side missions are overly used with not much gain in terms of story/decision making - gets to be a choir after awhile. And the choices absolutely do not matter in any of these side quests which was a let down, on top of that there were far less important decisions to be made in this entry. Unfortunately - If they treated side quests with importance like the Witcher, this would be a gem! #54 - Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus What can I say? You have to have at least ONE Senran platinum don't you...? Okay you caught me, I did it for the boobs 🍻 Though in all seriousness, It is a well done, ecchi fighting game that just never gets old! Keep em' coming! #53 - The Order 1886 I am a bit late to the party with this games platinum, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Another that got hit hard with critics, but I must say it is a beautiful and fun game. #52 - Horizon Zero Dawn Last but not least is Horizon Zero Dawn, one of my favorite games to come out this year. Simply put it is a masterpiece. Nothing short of amazing. It is the most impressive looking game I have ever bared witness too, it even rivals heavy hitting PC games. Other than the obvious gorgeous graphics, this game excels in just about EVERYTHING! Bad ass and RESPECTABLE main character? Check. Tear jerking, thought provoking story? Check. Smooth and fluid combat that blends strategy and just pure epicness? Check. Stealth? Check. Fucking robot dinosaurs in a post apocalyptic era? CHECK. 🍻Checkmate!🍻
  4. Yeah it was awesome! So these are the photos - And here is a bad photo of the three Uncharted 4 has Troy Baker and Neil Druckmann (The director for Naughty Dog) and the badge has Neil again but also Ashley Johnson (The voice of Ellie from The Last of Us) 😎😎😎
  5. I've been busy since October! # 51 Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain LEGEND I FINALLY got this one, such a grind but totally worth it as the MGS series is one of my favorites of all time! (Snake Eater, Phantom Pain, and Bloodborne are my pride and joy platinum's! Going for Peace Walker and MGS 2 soon) #50 Tom Clancy's The Division PLATINUM AGENT 50th milestone according to PSNprofiles, super stoked #49 Reality Fighters BEAT REALITY FIGHTERS This platinum was 5 years in the making! Thanks to this site I finally found people to help, appreciate it!! #48 Batman Telltale I'M BATMAN Easy platinum but a fantastic game - Like all telltales! #47 Watch Dogs 2 GRADUATION DAY Super fun game and better than the first! #46 Dishonored 2 DUNWALL DAYS AND KARNACA NIGHTS Great game! Almost identical to the first with more polish and features, I enjoy vertical stealth play/exploration games despite my OCD to check every corner #45 Tales from the Borderlands WE HAD FUN, DIDN'T WE? I feel like the platinum name was mocking me, haha definitely not the best Telltale game, but decent regardless! #44 Final Fantasy XV THE WORLD WANDERER Straight up amazing game, enjoyed my self the whole way through! Can't wait for the DLC!! #43 Wolfenstein: The Old Blood THE OLD BLOOD MASTER Old, but a good one! Some of the challenges were annoying but completed them in time! Fun modern shoot em' up #42 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End ONE LAST TIME This one speaks for itself. Another one of my favorites! This one was exceptionally special! (I went to PSX with some buddies and had the director of Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, and the voice of Sam sign my copy of Uncharted 4) #41 Life is Strange WHAT IF? (Life is definitely Strange, so much so that the platinum trophy won't load!) #40 Assassin's Creed: Syndicate MASTER ASSASSIN Another one of my favorite series! Great brutal game that was refreshing from the last entry! #39 Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth PERFECT SLEUTH Now THIS one has that ONE trophy that is super annoying. 500 medals needed... and those damn Gacha Machines. You have been warned. Nostalgic overload, you also have been warned! (I need a drink) //END.
  6. Deus Ex Mankind Divided #CantKillProgress Almost to my 40th plat! Stoked to almost reach my goal of a cool 50! Don't mind the profile pic, I'm new here