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  1. Thanks a lot for the explanation. I actually obtained multiple online pass in the past week and had all of them activated without any issues. 1, I bought brand new physical copies with online pass of Soul Sacrifice & Freedom Wars JP version and redeemed them in PS Store. 2, I bought the online pass of Soul Sacrifice & Soul Sacrifice Delta AS version from some seller and redeemed them in PS Store. 3, I bought an online pass of Freedom Wars AS version in PS Store. 4, I bought a digital copy of Soul Sacrifice EU version in PS Store. I assume that's pretty much all the ways you can get online pass at the moment and I happen to have tried everything. And all PS Store I mentioned above is PS Store Hong Kong and I used the same PSN account to buy and redeem everything. So there're 6 online pass on this account right now. I haven't tested every one of them but they all should work just fine.
  2. As someone who just bought the digital SS recently, I can confirm that you don't need to claim or activate the online pass after purchasing the game. That online pass will be found on the Services List in the Store on your Vita and you don't even have to download this thing. Basically you don't need to worry about the online pass if you're buying a digital copy of this game. I actually ended up removing all my credit card settings to complete the purchase. And I assume it's because you can no longer use a bank card or paypal on ps3 or Vita and you can only use your wallet funds to make a payment. And I don't know why people keep saying it being unclaimable. It was like that before the payment methods was changed? Possibly. It was different in different regions? I honestly have no idea but I don't think so. And online pass is not required if you play in ad hoc mode.
  3. Then you'll be fine with all the mp trophies of these games thanks to ad hoc mode. But some missions could be very challenging in SS and especially in SSD when you play solo. I'm struggling in SS right now.....
  4. All digital versions don't need online pass as it's already included. The JP and AS versions need one only if they're a physical copy. The US/EU or English version doesn't need one and online pass of this game doesn't exist in the ps store of those regions. And online pass is not required if you play in ad hoc mode. The answer is Yes. But you need a second Vita to play in ad hoc with for a trophy in Freedom Wars which is called Antisocial Networking and it requires you to exchange rap sheets with another player.
  5. If you have a physical copy of this game and it's a JP version, you do need an online pass. And you can only play with people who are also on a JP verison of this game.
  6. Not 100% sure but I don't think the one on PS NOW is the Gold Edition in your region (assuming it's UK). And the 2nd DLC was delisted from all PS stores even though you'll still find the 1st and/or 3rd one in most stores. If you want to access all DLCs, you might have to get either a disc or a digital copy of the Gold Edition of this game.
  7. Hi.

    Firts i got Platinym in Helldivers EU.

    Now I play Helldivers CN and I can`t get trophy "Why wasn't this standard issue?" - fully upgrade all non-DLC Weapons and Stratagems.

    When I start play all my weapons and Stratagems already fully upgrade in Helldivers CN.

    I check Armory and no trophy...


    In my Helldivers EU I have upgrade DLC weapon LHO-63 Camper.


    Maybe I need buy LHO-63 Camper for Helldivers CN?

    Any other idea?


    1. maneater2016




      After doing some research, I think it might have something to do with the patches. There might be some new weapons or stratagems added through those patches and they also count towards this trophy. You got this original trophy in 2016 but I got mine in 2019 so I believe the trophy requirements regarding the specific weapons and stratagems'd actually changed a little bit due to the patches. See if you'd be able to figure out which ones they are and let me know. Hope it'd help.


      And I don't think any dlc weapons or stratagems matter because of the trophy description.


      Good luck.

    2. TiamaTiK


      I was stupid ;) 

      Thanks for reply!

      26a0.png PROBLEM SOLVE!26a0.png

      I miss for upgrade this. Add free with updates!

      1. - MGX-42 Machine Gun

      2. - A/GL-8 Launcher Turret

      3. - Thunderer smoke round

      4. - Heavy Strafing Run

  8. Well I also bought this game from the US store and was playing and getting trophies on my main account which was registered in Hong Kong. So it won't be a problem and I do believe that's the main reason many people having multiple accounts for.
  9. This method is simply the best only if you have a second ps3. If you run out of ammo, just kill yourself like throwing a grenade on the ground instead of going all the way to the other building and come all the way back to save time and get more kills.
  10. Just download and install the dlc after buying and the cards will be added to your game
  11. Ah I forgot to give you this link which is the full dlc pack list in text of millennium duels and it'd be more user friendly than videos I think. And thanks to Evil_Joker88 for providing this link. But credit still goes to the op RenjiKuchki.
  12. Good post. But there are a total of 45 dlc packs in 5d's decade duels plus and 2 of them are not included in either of the link. I found them somewhere and am more than happy to forward them here to complete the list. See below. And I suggest anyone in need to make a excel file and copy and paste everything into 1 sheet which would make it a lot easier to locate the cards you might be looking for, at least that's what I did. Returning to Mist Valley Deck Big Bang Shot Book of Eclipse Book of Moon Brain Control Breaker the Magical Warrior Fissure Giant Trunade Gold Sarcophagus Heavy Storm Icarus Attack Mirror Wall Mist Body Mist Condor Mist Valley Apex Avian Mist Valley Baby Roc Mist Valley Executor Mist Valley Falcon Mist Valley Shaman Mist Valley Soilder Mist Valley Thunder Lord Mist Valley Thunderbird Mist Valley Watcher Mist Valley Windmaster Mist Wurm Monster Reborn Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Power Tool Dragon Raiza the Storm Monarch Royal Oppression Sakaretsu Armor Stardust Dragon Summoner Monk Swords of Concealing Light Swords of Revealing Light Winged Rhynos Ritual Victory Deck D.D. Warrior Lady Defender, the Magical Knight Demise. King of Armageddon Doriados Blessing Dunames Dark Witch Elemental Mistress Doriado Emblem of the Awakening End of the World Final Ritual of the Ancients Gold Sarcophagus Lightning vortex Magical Mallet Majestic Mech - Goryu Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands Mirror Force Monster Reborn Mystical Space Typhoon Paladin of White Dragon Relinquished Reshef the Dark Being Ruin, Queen of Oblivion Sangan Senju of the Thousand Hands Shinato's Ark Shinato, King of a Higher Plane Sonic Bird Spiral Serpant Super Conductor Tyranno Swords of revealing Light Trade-In White Dragon Ritual X-Head Cannon
  13. I actually haven't started playing single player yet but I went through the whole list of dlc cards and didn't find this card. I'm also building a exodia deck but in 5d's decade duels plus and this card was recommended as well in someone's video of that game. And I didn't find it anywhere either including enemy decks. There should be a lot more cards like this such as Dark Eruption which could also be very helpful to build a exodia deck. I assume they're like some super rare cards that have some ridiculously low drop rate or they don't appear in the dlc cards list but are actually dlc locked? I was wondering how I was supposed to get those cards other than just keep grinding in single player then I found this thread. I'm expecting some answers too. Thank you.
  14. I suppose Exodia parts are only available in dlc packs of 5D's. And I'm now thinking of building either an Exodia or a Burn deck because both of them can beat most opponents after a few turns. And a Burn deck is probably more practical and cheaper to build. So I'm going to check out the packs you bought and try to make the best of them. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks for the quick answer. I noticed that some people were talking about Exodia deck in another thread but do you know which packs I'm supposed to buy to build a Exodia deck?