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  1. This is the guide I used
  2. Is the plat still obtainable if I start playing now from scratch?
  3. I just tried connecting my 2 dummy accounts and that Partners in Crime trophy popped as soon as one account joined the other's game. So it should be safe to say that the coop trophies won't pop if you can't connect.
  4. The servers of GRFS have become unavailable since Jul 19th or Jul 18th depending on what your time zone is.
  5. Got it. Ty.
  6. Does my teammates' kills also count towards this trophy or do I have to kill 1000 enemies all by myself?
  7. It's still available for purchase in Hong Kong store.
  8. The ranks will most likely be reset at the end of this season. In that case, you'd be playing against many of those who are at Plat right now at the beginning of next season. Most good players or players with good decks have made it to Plat already at the moment. If I were you, I'd definitely try improving my deck and fighting my way to Plat within the remaining 2 days. You're not so far away after all. Anyway, good luck.
  9. A 5 win streak at Gold III is also gonna send you straight to Plat V and I assume it's probably the same at Gold II. So you still have your chance of saving a few duels.
  10. Can't say my English is any better but my understanding is that you attack 100 monsters which was what I did, direct attack won't count towards this trophy.
  11. Well it's not hard at all unless you never played any YGO games before. I only read the comic books and played couple YGO games on Game Boy or Game Boy Color over 20 years ago. It was all very simply and only had Summon, Tribute Summon, Fusion Summon and Ritual Summon back then. So I had no knowledge of stuff like Synchro Summon or Xyz Summon until I played 2 YGO games on PS3 last year or Pendulum Summon, Link Summon until I played this game a few days ago. But I made my way to Platinum in less than 3 days. I bet you know a lot more about YGO than I do so you have nothing to worry about, just start playing and enjoying it. I've been having lots of fun lol.
  12. I had my first chance of turning one of my charactors into Ujigami after beating the story because I adopted couple strong charactors through QR for the final boss and SPOILER ALERT . So I suppose yours are not good enough to become gods yet lol. But no worries, you'll have your chance later because there's still a very long journey ahead of you in the postgame.
  13. I'm also worried that we'd lose the QR feature at some point so I've been working my ass off to finish this game which is horribly grindy and boring even with this feature you can abuse and I can't imagine what it'd look like without it. Oreshika has a very low average completion for some very good reason lol. So if anybody wants to try this game for whatever reason, just play it on your alt first and decide if you'd like to continue.
  14. Yes you have nothing to worry about.
  15. This is a petition for extending the online shutdown deadline of Soul Sacrifice, Soul Sacrifice Delta and Freedom Wars on PlayStation Vita. The Gravity Rush 2 fans did it once and we can do it too. Let's Contribute! P.S. A friend of mine who made this and I take no credit.