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  1. Hi.

    Firts i got Platinym in Helldivers EU.

    Now I play Helldivers CN and I can`t get trophy "Why wasn't this standard issue?" - fully upgrade all non-DLC Weapons and Stratagems.

    When I start play all my weapons and Stratagems already fully upgrade in Helldivers CN.

    I check Armory and no trophy...


    In my Helldivers EU I have upgrade DLC weapon LHO-63 Camper.


    Maybe I need buy LHO-63 Camper for Helldivers CN?

    Any other idea?


    1. maneater2016




      After doing some research, I think it might have something to do with the patches. There might be some new weapons or stratagems added through those patches and they also count towards this trophy. You got this original trophy in 2016 but I got mine in 2019 so I believe the trophy requirements regarding the specific weapons and stratagems'd actually changed a little bit due to the patches. See if you'd be able to figure out which ones they are and let me know. Hope it'd help.


      And I don't think any dlc weapons or stratagems matter because of the trophy description.


      Good luck.

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