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  1. Thanks for the guide. The digital game is 1.0.6 now so do I need to downgrade it to 1.0.5 first in order to use the guide?
  2. Thanks for the tips. I actually went for 4v4 matches with 2 consoles and 8 controllers and 50 wins trophy popped real quick. But I guess goals won't count multiple times as I scored 10+ goals per match but 500 goals trophy hasn't popped yet. If that's the case, will just do 1v1 matches for 500 goals trophy then. EDIT: Just finished the online part of this game and I'll sum up the tips/strategy you want to use to finish it very quickly before shutdown. Say if you have 4 controllers connected to your console, you'll want to play 2v2 matches first and score as many goals as you can every match. Since there're 2 players on your team, every win counts twice and 50 wins trophy will pop after only 25 matches. If you have 2 consoles with 8 controllers connected(4v4), it'll only be 13 matches for you to unlock 50 wins trophy. Then you'll want to do 1v1 matches to continue pursuing 500 goals trophy if it hasn't popped. Still score as many goals as possible and you'll most likely get 35-40 goals per match by playing 1v1. That's it. Don't just score 1 goal and idle through the rest of a match unless you've unlocked 500 goals trophy already but still need 50 wins trophy.
  3. Well, Shank 2 servers are still alive. After a few tries, I successfully connected to my alt and was able to start a game.
  4. Judging by the developer being Gaming Minds, I assume it'd be similar to Port Royale 4 but probably without trading and business/town building. Trophies seem easy enough btw.
  5. It's called Internal ID and someone figured it out when Red Alert 3 was still alive. Check out the link below. You were also in that discussion lol. Anyway even if this so called solution would work, best to borrow someone's alt ea account as they'll need their main for themselves and certainly won't risk it for anyone. We don't want to jeopardize it either. Well then screw ea. I give up.
  6. According to some Medal of Honor Warfighter boosters, you'll still have your progress on all those games after unlinking and relinking your ea account. But honestly I'm not 100% confident. About generating a new id, your theory is that a new internal id is generated every time it's linked to a psn account and replace the previous one? Then it must be a 13 digit id if we do this and this ea account is screwed too. My theory is that internal id is generated the first time it's linked to a psn account and it won't change. But who knows unless someone tests it. Anyway I have to agree on your conclusion there's no good workaround atm. Damn ea.
  7. Which rules are you talking about here?
  8. Unfortunately I don't have an old account and my alt ea accounts are even newer. If you could borrow someone's ea account which works and link to your psn account, it should solve this problem too. But it's hard to borrow someone's account, not even alt accounts😔
  9. It's actually March 19, 2023 on the official announcement from the 1st link.
  10. Check out this link from vndb and you'd find everything you need there because it's sooo detailed.
  11. Is it the same case with Moh Warfighter?
  12. Not sure but both passes are free in ps stores.
  13. Madden NFL 18 MasterCongratulations on earning every Madden NFL 18 trophy! As a lifelong soccer fan and never played or even watched a football game, this wasn't easy. Those challenges in Longshot mode seriously gave me a hard time. But I really enjoyed it and had fun. I mean how much satisfaction would you get from an easy plat?
  14. Yes and it's an easy plat too.
  15. This is the guide I used
  16. Is the plat still obtainable if I start playing now from scratch?
  17. I just tried connecting my 2 dummy accounts and that Partners in Crime trophy popped as soon as one account joined the other's game. So it should be safe to say that the coop trophies won't pop if you can't connect.
  18. The servers of GRFS have become unavailable since Jul 19th or Jul 18th depending on what your time zone is.
  19. Got it. Ty.
  20. Does my teammates' kills also count towards this trophy or do I have to kill 1000 enemies all by myself?
  21. It's still available for purchase in Hong Kong store.
  22. Just beat the ps4 version and wanted to plat this one too
  23. The ranks will most likely be reset at the end of this season. In that case, you'd be playing against many of those who are at Plat right now at the beginning of next season. Most good players or players with good decks have made it to Plat already at the moment. If I were you, I'd definitely try improving my deck and fighting my way to Plat within the remaining 2 days. You're not so far away after all. Anyway, good luck.
  24. A 5 win streak at Gold III is also gonna send you straight to Plat V and I assume it's probably the same at Gold II. So you still have your chance of saving a few duels.
  25. Can't say my English is any better but my understanding is that you attack 100 monsters which was what I did, direct attack won't count towards this trophy.