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  1. Unfortunately most people are unable to do that. How else would you explain all those " game xy (insert any objectively great game) is bad/mediocre/ overrated/disappointing" kinda threads. Game xy meets personal taste -> good/great game Game xy doesnt meet persona taste -> bad game It is sad and embarassing but the harsh reality. Most player reviews/scores are just as worthless as the ones from professional reviewers.
  2. Of course you can get it there, thats where I unlocked the trophy. Play on normal difficulty, kill all the small fries until the atlas spawns then order your team mates to stand in the corner on the other side of the room. Afterwards walk towards the atlas, now there is a pillar between the atlas and your team mates and you can do your job. That said I did it in NG+, maybe that makes a difference.
  3. I didnt play half of those games ( most 2D games) so I make it short: S: Ocarina of time A: Twilight princess, Minish Cap, link between worlds. B: Majoras Mask, Breath of the wild, wind waker C: Spirit Tracks, D : Skyward Sword, Phantom Hourglass I will never understand why some people are hating on twilight princess. Yes, the beginning is incredibly slow and collecting those light orbs isnt that much fun but the rest is pretty good. Good gameplay,decent story, some of the best characters in the franchise ( midna) and some of the best music tracks and one of the better zelda games in terms of dungeon quality ( on average). I also liked the darker tone compared to pretty much all the other zelda games, not saying I dislike the more colourful games. EDIT: Oh I forgot wind waker
  4. I am playing this trilogy for the first time right now and the difficulty of ME2's "insanity" isnt that bad either. So many people were complaining about how hard the horizon mission is but I thought it was fairly easy. That said, I guess that also depends on the class you choose.
  5. Yeah, it happened to me as well. I got it after around 10 missions.
  6. Great news, Judgment was a great game. A global release? Finally, I never thought I would see that. I am pretty sure that puyo puyo is still in the game but I hope they got rid of those annoying requirements (27+ win streak). If not it goes from day one buy to day one rent.
  7. Did you talk with quartermaster manfred in new serene ( coin guard barracks)? The last few coin guard quests wont automatically appear in your quest journal and they arent marked on the map either, I almost missed that stuff.
  8. 1. Sapienza (H1) 2. Dartmoor (H3) 3. Miami (H2) 4. Hokkaido (H1) 5. Mendoza (H3) 6. Whittleton Creek (H2) 7. Haven Island (H2 DLC) 8. New York (H2 DLC)) 9. Dubai (H3) 10. Berlin (H3) 11. Santa Fortuna (H2) 12. Chongqing (H3) 13. Paris (H1) 14. Bangkok (H1) 15. Isle of Sgail (H2) 16. Hawks Bay (H2) 17. Mumbai (H2) 18. C. Mountains (H3) 19. Marrakesh (H1) 20. Colorado (H1) Marrakesh and Colorado are the only maps I didnt really like. C. Mountains was fine for what it is ( very linear).
  9. I agree with you for the most part, with one exception: AC: Blackflag. The game's story/characters were the last ones I enjoyed and really cared about in an ubisoft game. I also loved the ship parts, which surprised me back then because I hated those ship missions in AC3. At first I didnt even plan to buy it. IMO, blackflag is the best/most fun game in the series but not the best AC ( AC2, Brotherhood) because it is a pirate game.
  10. It got top ratings because most reviewers played on pc and it is a great game without those technical issues (on pc). Unity was a mediocre game AND had problems on pc as well, not just on console. I will wait for the real Ps5 version and play it with good graphics, 60 fps and when most of the bugs are fixed. I rather have a great game with bugs and technical issues at release ( I can guarantee you the problems will be fixed in 6-7 months, at least on ps5) than a mediocre game without bugs and technical issues. This game will be great in a few months, a mediocre game will always be mediocre. Of course it sucks for those people who bought the game at release. Releasing the game in this state (Ps4/X1) is outrageous and it is impossible to defend the developers.
  11. Now I finally understand why every game ( even the top notch ones) has all those " the game is overrrated/ mediocre, I am disappointed " threads and comments. If something like this (nitpicking at its finest and it is not even an objective "flaw") turns a very good game into a mediocre one, then some people shouldnt be allowed to have an opinion because it is beyond ridiculous. Thats why many player reviews are just as worthless as professional ones. Whats next? "Oh I dont like the colour of the HUD even though the rest of the game is great" ->5/10. Wtf.
  12. Then they should start playing real games because they are just proving the opposite. Personally I dont care how some random people spent their time and money but all those 95% rarity "games" are affecting the community as a whole nowadays. Do you think Sonys " trophies must be obtainable for everyone" approach is a coincidence? Definitely not, now all sony exclusives have participation platinums. It is a shame because they were never hard to begin with, but at least they required some effort. There was a time when 100 platinum trophies were an impressive feat, now everyone can get 250 plats in less than 200 hours. I can see why people, who are refusing to sell their gamer soul, lose motivation to hunt trophies, at least those who care about rankings. I am just really happy that I never cared about that stuff.
  13. Maybe you should play the game yourself before spreading lies. The art style is very similar, as well as some enemy designs and the glider. Thats it with the similarities. The rest/most of the game is (completely) different, especially the combat which is quite a bit better and more interesting than BotW by the way. If genshin impact had a different art design then nobody would associate this game with BotW. I really like BotW but it wasnt the first game that used that kind of art style, so I guess the game is also a rip off. It is a bit like saying that god of war (2018) is a rip off of the last of us, ridiculous. Edit. I just saw your signature. A "Nintendo fanboy", huh. Well, I guess that explains everything.
  14. Barbara, mona and Fischl, now I got a mission with a guaranteed xiangling ( requires adventure rank 20). I found a character tier list ( power/usefulness) https://genshin.gg/tier-list I have the two strongest water characters ( mona, barbara), the strongest lightning ( fischl) and with xiang the second strongest fire. (soon) 5 star characters arent really necessary, strong weapons are more important. I got strong 4 star weapons for the MC, fischl and barbara. So I just need a strong 4 star spear for xiang and maybe a strong ice user (chongyun) and I am ready to go. MC (wind, support/dps dealer) Xiang ( fire, dps dealer), fischl (lightning, support) and barbara (water, healer) seem pretty good. I hope I get chongyun, otherwise I will just use kaeya as my ice user ( he is not half bad)
  15. The trilogy contains DR 1 2 reload and DR V3, so two trophy lists in total which means that DR1 and DR2 share one trophy list.