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  1. The trilogy contains DR 1 2 reload and DR V3, so two trophy lists in total which means that DR1 and DR2 share one trophy list.
  2. My personal problem with part 2 wasnt necessarily the story or the characters. Yes I think they are considerably weaker than part 1 but nowhere near as bad as certain people claim. Personally I would give it a 7/10 while story/characters in part 1 were a 9/10 or 9.5/10 for me. My biggest problem was the horrible pacing, abbys section was just too long and a rather big part of the game kinda felt like filler. Gameplay is good ( but gets a bit repetitive because the game is so fucking long) but level design, sound and graphics are definitely a 10/10. It is a bit hard to give it a score but I think part 2 is somewhere between 7.5/10 and 8/10.
  3. Are you talking about the classic edition or the game in general? I think the game itself is still pretty decent even for 2020 standards but the Ps4 version is awful. Like you said the graphics are pretty much the same but for some reason, the framerate is worse than the original. The input delay/lag is (much) worse too, probably the worst port I have ever played. I started the Ps3 version and the gameplay of the Ps4 version is rather bad in comparison. What a shame, this port ruins FC3s reputation.
  4. I meant kill him and not torture him. I wouldnt torture him either, I would make it quick and shoot him in the head. However most people wouldnt forgive joel in abbys case. They wouldnt torture him but definitely kill him, especially in a world like the last of us where you can kill without going to jail.
  5. Yeah most people would do the same thing ( kill joel) in her situation but most people would have done the same thing joel did in part 1 ( save the daughter) too. "Abby and her friends only went after Joel where as Ellie murdered everyone of Abbys friends" What a joke, they planned to catch an innocent jackson citizen and torture him to get information about joel. They were just lucky that joel was stupid enough to get in such a situation, so doing that wasnt necessary anymore. They "only went after joel" because he was the only culprit, he didnt have any help in the hospital. Abbys friend were part of joels murder and they helped her, they were accomplices. So killing them is understandable and Abby attacked tommy and jessy ( didnt kill one of her friends) too. That said most of those kills ( except nora) were self-defence. For example, Jordan was about to kill dina. There was a high chance that she wouldnt have killed mel and owen ( she even said she doesnt care about them), she just wanted abbys location. Owen tried to grab ellies weapon and was killed during the struggle. As a result ellie was attacked by mel and killed her in self defence, she didnt even know that she was pregnant. When she found out, she was shocked. Abby on the other hand knew that dina was pregnant and didnt give a shit. If not for levs interference she would have killed dina and ellie without a second thought, so dont give me the " she spared them" BS, she didnt spare them at her own will. Ellie didnt spare her at her own will either ( was influenced by joel). Killing the dog was a life or death situation, if she hadnt killed the dog, she would have been killed by the dog or the alarmed soldiers. I love dogs/animals but I would have killed him too. Ellie and abby are almost 1:1 the same, thats the whole point about this story. The only thing I can blame ellie for is the fact that she chose revenge and not family at the end of the game.
  6. NBA2K20 isnt just an ordinary sports game, it is pretty much a gambling/casino simulator which makes that choice even worse.
  7. If the quality of the story and cast is berseria/vesperia level then it will be a very good game. If it turns out to be zesteria level, uff.
  8. It seems like you misunderstood/misinterpreted my comment. I never thought or claimed that you made fun of his dead father. You made fun about the korean guy for disliking a game/scene where a father figure is murdered in front of his child. Yeah hating a game just because of that might be a bit overdramatic and not understandable for some people, but I can see why he acts so overdramatic.Considering this guys position ( he never had a father but yearned for such a relationship) I can assume that the scene hurt him ( maybe triggering some sad memories from his past), I dont know. There is simply no reason to make fun about him for that even if you dont share his opinion about the scene/game. The whole stuff about angry lesbian and bulky abby is stupid though, I agree.
  9. There is no need to be a empathyless dick. Yeah lets make fun about a guy who grew up without a father just because he doesnt like a scene where a father figure is brutally murdered right in front of his "child". I am not saying you should share his opinion, but at least understand where he is coming from.
  10. She would have killed the pregnant dina and ellie if Lev hadnt stopped her. At least, ellie didnt know that mel was pregnant, so you cant blame her for that. That said, Abby never spared tommy at all, she went for the kill and thought he was dead ( like we all thought). You dont need to give her more credit than she deserves, she and ellie are pretty much 1:1 the same, thats pretty much the point of the whole story.They were both influenced by a third party ( lev and joel via flashback), otherwise they would have killed each other without a second thought. About the damage toll: You forget that the fireflies started the whole conflict, not joel. They tried to kill a girl without her consent and they simply have no right to do that, no matter the reason. Joels decision is just as understandable as abbys/ellies. If they had given ellie back, they wouldnt have died. Both sides decided to kill each other and used violence to achieve their goals, joel just happened to win. It is really baffling how some people act like the fireflies were those innocent guys who got killed for no reason. The fireflies were killed by a single person, while joel was killed by a whole group. Of course ellie has more enemies to kill. "Alice best dog ever" To be fair she was attacked by the dog.She had two choices: getting hurt/killed by the dog or kill him. I love dogs but I wouldnt die to save a dog I have no connection with either.
  11. I agree, it makes sense that abby wants revenge.I would probably do the same, at least without the context regarding joels reasons/situation. While I agree that some people are whining the whole time about minor stuff , I can still understand why some people dont like this game. Not all people are haters. Personally I am pretty neutral here even though I have to admit that I am 100% team joel (for different reasons). I dont think the game is trash but I dont think it is a 10/10 either. Solid gameplay and top-notch graphics, audio and level design. On the other hand it is not a surprise that the story is very divisive and offers enough fair reasons for people to dislike it/not enjoy it. That said, I think the story is fine but nothing amazing and I highly prefer tlou1's story.
  12. Back then nobody knew what ellie really wanted. Thats the problem, they tried to kill her without even asking her (neither the fireflies nor joel knew her intentions/thoughts). The fireflies simply didnt have the right to just kill her, no matter the reason. There wasnt even a guarantee for success, it was nothing more than a small chance and they wasted more than enough lives in the past. Joel choose his "daughter", a decision 99% of humanity would make in his situation and with his background, yes including guys like you. Hell even abbys dad would have done the same thing. His reaction to marlenes question made it pretty clear that he wouldnt sacrifice his daughter. The fireflies started the whole conflict, joel wanted the kid back and nothing else .If they hadnt tried to stop him by force, they would still be alive, thats a fact. It was a fight with ellie as the "prize" and joel happened to win.
  13. Most of them are hypcrites who would do the same thing. (trying to get the daughter back) I quote myself: "Lets be honest 95% of humanity ( even those criticizing joel) would do the same thing in joels situation, especially with his background. It was humanity who killed his real daughter and gave him a severe 20 years long depression and know you expect him to sacrifice his new light for a CHANCE to save a world full of rapists and psychopaths? The interesting thing about it is that pretty much everyone would choose like joel because it is "perfectly human" even though we all know that it is selfish and "wrong" ( If you think about it rationally without any shred of feelings and emotions) " Hell they didnt even ask ellie and abbys father is a pathetic hypocrite who pressured marlene into accepting the operation. His reaction to marlenes question made it pretty clear that he wouldnt do the same thing with abby.
  14. Imo the enjoyment you have with tlou1's gameplay depends on the difficulty. On normal or lower it doesnt feel like a survival game ( way to much health, ressources and ammo), as a result it feels like a mediocre action game. It is much better on survival ( IMO the perfect difficulty).
  15. By that logic, Joel didnt kill a single firefly in cold blood either. He never wanted to kill them for the sake of killing but they basically kidnapped ellie and were trying to kill her. He tried to get ellie back and the fireflies tried to stop him by all means necessary.What do you expect from joel? Let himself killed? The fireflies started the whole thing, not joel. The fireflies were the first villains, followed by joel, followed by abby and finally ellie. Joels reason is just as strong as abbys, so how the hell is he "worse" than abby? The difference is that there were no "outsiders" in abbys way who protected joel. What do you think would have happened if they found joel with 10 other jackson soldiers somewhere outside the town? They would have attacked them and killed them to get joel. Calling abby a hero, what a joke. The whole franchise never had a hero in the first place. "we played the game from the point of view of Abby first, I think we'd all agree she's the hero. " If joel is a random criminal and killed all those fireflies for no reason, yes. We all know thats not the case. Joels reason is just as strong as abbys.