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  1. I have only two plats ( out of 96) with a rarity higher than 50% ( the walking dead and tales from the borderlands)
  2. If those level are driving you crazy I recommend you to drop the game. Most early levels are piss easy compared to the "special" ones ( there 4-5 extremely hard/frustarting ones). That said the game is good but the platinum is a nightmare. I suck at plattformers and I did it but I suffered.😄
  3. Of course it is not free, the assumption alone is ridiculous. Nobody is working for free. Even weapon/armor skins cost 5 dollar nowadays (what a joke by the way). It seems we are getting tons of new content ( "the third semester") , so they will probably fill the dec-march gap. So 30-35 hours arent unrealistic and 20-25 dollar would be well deserved. I agree with you, we need the possibility to update the base version but unfortunately I dont think that will happen. That said I wont pay a second time for the base game even though I loved the game. I will play the waiting game and buy it if its under 35 dollar/euro.
  4. This whole situation is a damn joke. I did ALL liberation ( 9 safehouses and campus) bounties 100% solo and without dying but nothing After that I cleared all the remaining bounties: nothing.I am extremely pissed right now. I am not willing to waste 30 hours for a second chance. Same situation with " a friend in need". I got the trophy but it is still not fixed even though they know about it since release. That said I didnt complete alle bounties in one sitting ( I completed 1-2 bounties a few days after release)
  5. It is one of the reasons I disliked P4. The only good characters were yusuke and rise ( to some extent). P5 was my first persona and I loved it but it was a bit dragged out. I got the vita from a friend and played P4 and it was very underwhelming. I guess it is the lack of nostalgia for me and the fact that P4 wasnt my first persona. The "gameplay" aspects ( combat, dungeons, most of side content, exploration) were much better in P5. The rest ( characters, setting, story) is 100% subjective and the difference is pretty small. That said I prefer the darker tone of P5. back to the topic I dislike: - racing sims - fighting games - most sport games - mass effect - cod /bf
  6. If you are still looking for a boosting partner, just add me. This trophy is driving me crazy😄 The problem is that my headset is defect.. So you must be the person giving me the signal to join.
  7. I agree, the Ps3 had (much) more creative and "special" games than the Ps4 but that doesnt mean the gameplay was better/less "shallow". I mean almost every sequel on Ps4 has better gameplay than its predecessor. Persona 5, DQ11, Uncharted 4, DS3/bloodborne, etc. They are smoother, more polished versions of the Ps3 games but I think thats your problem. They are basically the same games ( in terms of gameplay) as the predecessors. There is clearly a lack of creativity you dont like and yeah , I can agree with you. You said it before: "We are harder to please", you are not satisfied with those kinda small improvements. The real problem is that the gameplay isnt as fresh anymore, because they are too similar. Now let me give you an advice regarding the yakuza series.😉 Start with yakuza 0. In terms of gameplay/game design it is pretty much the same as kiwami, but the mainstory and especially the sub stories are so much better than Kiwami. Imo yakuza kiwami is the weakest yakuza I played ( even though I prefer the combat of 0/Kiwami over Kiwami 2/Y6) but it is still a good and enjoyable game.
  8. I got the trophy one hour ago 1. You can join the mission at any point ( I joined the roosevelt mission when the mission was almost finished, I would say at around 80% completion) 2. I did 9 missions on hard and the rest on max difficulty and the trophy popped -> you dont have to play all missions on the same difficulty
  9. The MP is a chore I cant find any motivation to get the level 50 trophy😅
  10. Part 1 is kinda boring but I really liked part 2. Have you completed RDR1's story in the past? Part 2 connects the two games pretty well.
  11. The ultimate battles/skills are easier than Yakuza 4, most of them are fairly easy with only 1-2 hard/annoying ones. However, there is no doubt that the rest of the game is "harder" and requires much more time ( 130h +) than Y4. 100% completion is a monster and you will curse the game a few times.😁 Personally I hated pool the most but I think that is subjective. That said, I enjoyed Y5 (much) more than Y4. I played all main games and Y5 is in my Top3 along with Y0/Kiwami 2
  12. Did you miss the "seriously"?. Of course I wasnt serious. It was a hyperbolic way to reflect his own attitude/bahavior. To be honest it doesnt bother me in the slightest what some random troll/ guy (OP) thinks about a game. What matters is your own opinion and nothing else. I mean there is not a single game which is liked by everyone, no matter how great it is. Personally I am not a huge fan of Zelda BotW even though I love the franchise. For me it is an average Zelda and definitely not a 97 metascore( great world but pretty weak dungeons). He thinks the game is boring? Fine, each to his own. My problem is that basically all good/great games have such "hater"/clickbait threads nowadays. Most people who like a game will avoid such threads anyway, but most people who dislike/hate the game will gather here to express their negative feelings. The problem is not THAT he started such a discussion, it is HOW he started it. There is a considerable difference between: A: "rate the game 1-10 in terms of how boring it is" ->clickbait title First post: "I give it 10/10.Very long and very boring.Only fun I had was with Arthur and Lenny getting drunk, well apart from that its just boring" and B: A neutral title like "How did you like xy/ What do you think about..." A first post with his pros/cons instead of a simple "its boring". What did he dislike/like and why? "Thanks OP and it's an excellent topic " Be honest, would you say the same thing if he starts a similar thread about a game you really like? Probably not, so stop your hypocrisy.
  13. Lets start a new poll. "Rate the OP 1-10 in terms of how pathetic he is" Definitely a 10/10. Seriously such threads are just cancer. What is the purpose of it? I dont get it. Seeking attention? Triggering fights between hatern and fanboys? Simply trolling? Sharing your "correct" opinion with the peasants? Which is it? It is exactly like NaseemJohn said. "Typical topic that pops up everytime a game receives high praise ". It is baffling how people are unable to rate a game objetively and I am not talking about RDR2. Hmm Game xy isnt appealing to me, it must be overrated, average, bad or whatever.
  14. Please add me as Mr. Loan Shark. Y0, YK1, YK2, Y5, Y6
  15. You have a pretty unique taste. 😁 I suppose most AC fans dont share your opinion ^^. Personally I think AC3 is not so bad but has absolutely no chance against the best games of the franchise ( IMO Blackflag and AC2/Brotherhood) On the other side, BF is more like a pirate game and probably not a proper AC.