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  1. I did so I am not 100% sure. I think it is enough to unlock them. Save the game and build every necessary building to have all monuments unlocked at the same time. Dont try to build all the monuments for now. Oh and I have something else, as far as I remember there are certain maps ( european ones) where you cant unlock all buildings, I played on the black forest map so I never had that problem but maybe you are playing on one of those maps. Black forest map was the only map I played on and I unlocked every building (including monuments) except eiffel tower, arc de triomphe and a few dlc buildings (sphinx)
  2. Did you unlock all the monuments?
  3. Your original comment was, I quote: "People think UC4 is a good game, uh. " That was the comment my original post was refering to. When I said that such an opinion is worthless ( which it is) without any explanation, you lashed out. The first time you mentioned U2 was AFTER my post when you said that U2 was the peak and the U3/U4 were weaker. "without acknowledging UC2 was the basis for my opinion on UC4" So thinking that U2 > U4 automatically means that U4 isnt a good game? What kind of logic is that? Well I was right, what a waste of time. Lets just drop it.
  4. Why should I? I never said that U4 is better than U2, IMO U2 is the best game of the series. You wrote that U4 is a bad game without ANY reasoning or explanation. That IS a worthless opinion, nobody expected a five page essay. The moment someone disagreed or called you out, you replied with stuff like: "t. person with literal brain damage. " "So get the fuck out of my face with your zoomer Chinese cartoon bullshit. " Of course thats not a conversation, it is kindergarten. So explain to me how calling you an aggressive clown (sorry but you act like one) is even close to the stuff you wrote but of course I am the aggressive guy losing his shit. You are quite a delusional hypocrite living in your own dream world, arent you?You have proven pretty much all my points, thanks for that.
  5. Unfortunately you didnt claim that U2 is the best game, you claimed that U4 isnt a good one without even playing the SP, which is far from being an objective opinion. On the other hand, what did I expect from an aggressive clown like you? Being aggressive without any reason is just a sign of low intelligence, jumping to idiotic conclusions is another one. Pretty hilarious that someone like you is going around calling other people brain damaged, what a joke. If you cant handle harmless opinions or critics then it is you who should get the fuck out of here. I am looking forward to your next aggressive reply which we all know will come since guys like you always want to have the last word. That said, I drop out of this "conversation" because replying to your crap is nothing more than a waste of time and brain cells. I wish you a nice day.
  6. I havent unlocked eiffel tower or arc de triomphe and still got the trophy.
  7. Thats fair. Personally I thought most of the side content ( side missions, tons of great easter eggs and stuff like solving the serial killer case) was pretty good and definitely better than the average open-world side stuff. On the other hand I can see that a game like RDR2 is not for everyone. It is relatively slow and has lot of quiet moments without action scenes. I agree with your comment except for one thing: I dont see how it is a hunting simulator. As far as I remember most main and side missions had nothing to with hunting. It is exactly like you said, everyone looks at things differently.
  8. So the game is great but it is overrated and a bad way to spend time because is has horrible platinum requirements?. You even admitted that the campaign is amazing. No doubt ,the platinum is a nightmare but shitty/tedious trophy requirements shouldnt influence a game rating because it is your own "fault" to do it. The game isnt a grind fest, the platinum is. Some people should stop trophy hunting if they cant understand such a simple fact. The MP is garbage but RDR2 is a SP game and the MP is nothing more than an unnecessary addition.
  9. He doesnt have a single SP trophy in U4, you can easily ignore guys like him. The fact that he considers his own subjective opinion as an objective fact makes his opinion absolutely worthless in the first place. Everyone has at least 2-3 objectively good/great games they cant stand. For example, I dont like dark souls 1 and the mass effect trilogy even though I am a huge RPG fan but I wouldnt go and claim that those games arent good games. Many people dont have the ability to rate games objectively , many people have a black-white thinking and I dont even want to talk about all those people making a big fuss about every minor issue/flaw. As a result of this many player reviews are just as useless to me as "professional" reviews.
  10. AC 1 is easily the worst game of the whole series. Even the weaker ones ( AC3 and Unity) are better than the original game. Fortuntately AC1 wasnt my first game, otherwise I wouldnt have touched the second game, thats for sure. Whats your problem with Black flag, besides the fact that it is more about pirates than assassins? Easily in the Top 3, IMO it is the best. Recommending AC1 while disrespecting black flag at the same time is almost a crime.😅
  11. Even if the majority of the fanbase hates the game after release ( extremely high chance for several reasons), it will still be successful. The names Naughty dog and TloU alone will sell millions of copies. Many people are easily triggered nowadays and are hating on stuff way too fast BUT in this case all the hate is deserved, I still cant believe what they did. It is not about having a lesbian character in the game ( TloU1 has nothing to do with SJW) or tough and muscular women ( nadine doesnt make Uncharted 4 a SJW game). I defended every TloU2 trailer so far, of course women are a bit muscular/tough and arent wearing make-up or skirts. It is definitely realistic in a game like TloU BUT the game goes far, far beyond that. Unfortunately thats not even the worst part of the game.
  12. Just like you, I really like joel and ellie (most people do) and that is exactly the reason why the majority despises the story of part 2. I would recommend you to read spoilers, there is a high chance you will hate the story as well. ( the more you like joel/ellie, the higher the chance). I hate spoilers but in this case I am really glad we got them.
  13. Pretty much the whole game ( cutscenes) got leaked. My hype went from 100 to 0 in an instant, I cant believe what they did with the story. I doubt I will ever play this game, I would definitely hate a huge part of the playthrough. I am shocked.
  14. Well most of it is good if you arent playing for trophies that is. The platinum basically forces you to get 100% in everything which can be more tedious and frustrating than fun. Beating the pool ki on highest difficulty is definitely not enjoyable. Hunting, dancing, battle arena etc is enjoyable for a while but not for 10 hours+. Completing the battle arena four times isnt fun,it is just an unnecessary and long grind.It is a good example how trophies can ruin a game, at least to some extent. I had a similar experience with red dead 2, I love the SP but some platinum requirements are ridiculously tedious and just a waste of time. Then we have the 50 hours MP which was a boring slog from start to finish. I truly regret those 80-90 hours doing tedious shit even though I loved the first 100 hours. I wouldnt go for the platinum again.
  15. Well I get your point.Like I said in my original post, I never meant to offend/insult you and I have to admit that "pathetic" was a bit too harsh and probably the wrong adjective to use. From what I saw ( tried the demo and watched a few let plays) I dont think FF7R is nearly as bad as WWE in terms of quality and bugs, at least not from an objective view. It might have some issues and I can see why some people dont like the game but putting it on the same level as WWE is a bit too much. I think we all have played objectively decent/good/great games we still dont like, personally I cant stand mass effect or dark souls 1. I just dont think thats enough to justify a refund, especially after completing the whole thing. The main reason why WWE players got a refund was the fact that the game was a technical trainwreck. Thats not the case with FF7.