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  1. Like I wrote earlier, I understand you , yes SMB, necromancer deserve much more respect than mayo, etc, no questions. Lets say you have 100 plats in games like soulsborne, deadspace2 ....-> you have 0 UR trophies, but the plats are not easy On the other side there a many easy games with 5-6 UR per list. You say only players with lots of UR/VR are (real) trophy hunters, do you see what I want to say? You´re playing lots of challenging games, I respect that but many are only ok/mediocre games, it seems like you are avoiding good ones because the lists are too easy. I just want to know where you set the border, it sounds like everyone without tons of UR isnt a (real) trophy hunter, just a spammer I have no mayo, nubla, VN plats or double plats, but only 33 UR out of 4000 trophies ( almost every AAA game with ca 50 trophies has 10-20 commons) So you mean gamers like me ( atleast 50-60% of the gamers here) are Spam hunters as well? 100% this
  2. Congrats 😁 I still dont like that mode, my nerves would kill me, but I hope that petition shit will stop now. I wish you good luck, the hardest part is still ahead, avoiding/ignoring the stalkers 😉
  3. I agree for the most part but the last two sentences are bullshit. you say only players with a huge amount of UR are trophy hunters? I know many easy games with lots of UR trophies and many hard/harder games like Soulsborne or DeadSpace 2 without a single one. You´re complaining about other people playing bad games just for very easy trophies ( I agree) but playing bad/mediocre games just to get UR trophies isn´t better only the goal is different I won´t play shitty games (or games Im not interested in) to get UR trophies and I wont play shitty games to get 200 plats with 70%+ rarity, thats it IMO a trophy hunter is a person who appreciates (very) good games and tries to complete the games he likes/enjoys. When trophies are more important than the game itself ( trophies too hard/easy) then you are a "Spam Hunter"
  4. I am sure nobody from MG beat Mein Leben, like 2016 with doom on ultra nightmare. Btw I visited a friend last night and played the game 2-3 hours on I am death, this mode (Mein Leben) is even harder than ultra nightmare 😅
  5. Maybe the developers are aiming for a trophy only 5 players worldwide will get, who knows. I am really looking forward how long there is the 0.0% in psn 😬
  6. I dont know why but I have the feeling someone will discover some kind of god mode glitch the next few weeks ^^
  7. I am pretty sure Mein Leben is far harder than MP3 and DS2 ( did both in my 360 days), havent played shadow warrior. MP3 is only medium and the time doesnt matter anymore after ca. 2 hours, but my game glitched/crashed twice while doing it 😬 DS2 you can at least save 3 times, with the right places its very doable.I wasnt on highest (fight) difficulty too. Yeah both games are challenging for sure, but you dont need ridiculous skill. If Mein Leben is on the same level in terms of difficulty, I will get the plat 100% but I doubt it. I havent played TNC yet so lets see 😉
  8. Like I said, I understand your point and yes some comparisons are a bit much. Maybe my interpretation of your last post was simply wrong but for me it looked like you are making fun of these people, sorry for that. I suppose there is a reason english was my worst subject in school 😉 BTW respect for the SMB plat
  9. @Dark So? Wanna say your opinion is absolute, all other opinions are bs? I understand your point but also I understand the people complaining.... they can do whatever they want with their money, they dont need permission from a nobody on psnprofiles This is a trophy community of course there a some pissed players. Sure some people are overacting, but who you think you are to judge them? 😏 "lol"
  10. I guess 90% of the boycott group isnt skipping the game, they just wait for a sale. I will rent the game for a week, a few days ago the game was a day1 buy + season pass. I dont skip the game its probably my GotY with Persona 5, but i wont support this bs choice with 60 euros. Im enjoying challenging modes and I play my games always on highest difficulty. Akumu, hardcore in deadspace 2 or max payne 3 ( both from xbox days) are hard but doable, this mode is several times harder. The problem is you have to do that sh** on i am death incarnate difficulty ( high chance that its harder than Uber), miss 2 shoots and you´re dead, 7 hours +, without skippable cutscenes. Repeating the same hours over and over is not challenging it is tedious With saves at the start of each chapter its still hard and frustrating as hell but acceptable. To skip the game because of a single trophy is ridiculous, but I understand people who are not willing to reward the developers with 60 dollar/euro after they got punched in the face 😉
  11. You can say that after beating Mein Leben😉 Otherwise IMO you shouldnt say that ^^
  12. I have a great idea for the next wolfenstein game. Mein Leben means my life, so lets put the players life on the line. Ultra hard difficulty permadeath mode. When your character kicks the bucket, the developer hires a hitman to kill you in RL, 100% realism 😈 Mein Leben in TNC is not realistic enough😁
  13. I will play the game for sure, because IMO its GotY material. A few days ago this game was a full price buy + season pass, but now I will rent it a few days and play it on a 2nd acc. I wont support sadists with my money 😂 I like challenges but thats far beyond a challenge, its madness. I dont mind speedruns, hard difficulties like akumu, etc., but wasting tons of hours in an instant on ultra high is a no go. EDIT: That last chapter glitch was my last hope 😅 10 hours +, unskippable cutscenes, no saves, ultra hard difficulty thats even harder than ultra nightmare in doom 2016......