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  1. Good to hear, thanks for the answer πŸ˜‰
  2. Can you save during the playthrough or do you have to finish it in one go ( like Ethan must die/Resi 7)?
  3. The best is very subjective, I prefer Berseria but Vesperia is without a doubt one of the Top 3
  4. Yeah I know what you mean,it is a shame how much trash plats are out there nowadays ( most of them with 4+ versions).πŸ˜’ I am at 86 plats so far and I will stop hunting after 100plats (probably πŸ˜‹). Years ago 100 plats still meant something, today you can have 100 plats with a time investment of 100-150 hours,its just sad.
  5. IMO, yakuza 5 was better than yakuza 3/4 but there is not a single bad yakuza game ;D Back to topic, I am not really a fan of the combat in yakuza 6 (demo) but I will still get it the next few months.
  6. Billiard easy? Are you kidding me or is there a trick I dont know? The opponent is a cheat code and he sinks the ball with almost 100% accuracy no matter how difficult the shot is. That is not even the problem., my problem is the ridiculous aiming. Im aiming but the cue ball always veers to the left before hitting the ball, the bigger the distance between the two balls the stronger the change of direction. I can learn the angles but its impossible for me to calculate the right angle and the change of direction It is so annoying, IMO it is by far the hardest minigame to complete. Batting center is a walk in the park compared to this shit.
  7. It is really funny, I dont like a game means the game is overhyped?That doesnt work. There is not a single racing sim I really enjoyed ( Forza, GT, etc.) because my motivation is always gone after 1-2 hours. I am still waiting for a great illegal streetracing game I love Bloodborne and Nioh and hate Dark Souls 1/2/3. IMO games like Overwatch, battlefield and co are garbage. I love the Zelda franchise but BotW wasnt for me, I love Ocarina of time and dislike Majoras Mask For me... DarkSouls 4/10 Any racing sim 6/10 or worse Overwatch 3/10 Do I think these games are overhyped? No they are just not my taste , sometimes I dont even know why. ( Nioh/Bloodborne vs DarkSouls) This overhyped bs is just annoying.
  8. Yakuza 0 is indeed a great game, I would rate it 9.5/10 It was my first yakuza and I loved it from start to finish. Imo the most annoying parts are: mahjong, cat fights, 4-5 climax challenges ( RNG shit), dance battle against disco king/queen (submission). @Crispy_Oglop Yeah 100% is pretty much the same + a few activities like fishing or dancing.
  9. As if, will never happen ( good thing)
  10. Is there some kind of damage boost for HTA? The guys from ps4trophies or other guides deal way more damage than meπŸ€” Example: Barbas (6th) To destroy the weakpoint on the head they need 3-4 full stabs, I tried several times and I always need 6 full stabs in the center. Same thing with ALL the colossi I already beat ( 8 colossi)
  11. 1. Dishonored 2 2. Tales of Berseria 3. Bioshock 4. Yakuza 0 5. Naruto Storm 4 6. Persona 5 7. Horizon Zero Dawn 8. Bioshock Infinite 9. Rise of the Tomb Raider 10. Bioshock 2 11. Kingdom Hearts 2 12. Prey 13. Crash Bandicoot 14. Alien Isolation 15. Yakuza Kiwami 16 Deus ex Human Revolution 17. Deus Ex Mankind Divided 18. Nier Automata 19. The Evil Within 2 20.Danganronpa 1 2 Reload 21. Nioh 22. Danganronpa V3 I am currently trying to get the Resi 7 plat 2017 was quite a year, but 2018 is probably even better 😁
  12. where is the insult? Come on tell me " Cant believe a "gamer" can say such things, dont want to believe that " -> its my opinion not an insult, imo its nothing a gamer would say or "guys like you ( with such statements) are poison for the gaming future" -> its fact that things get worse if you easily swallow everything they serve Which is it? It wasnt my intention to insult someone, but there is a difference between insult and criticism! The insult is just your interpretation, simple as that. "I don't think we have to suffer with loot boxes because of expansions" I agree and i never said that. I said we have to suffer loot boxes because there are too many guys defending/supporting every bs the publisher serve.
  13. Where do I insult someone? "You have to keep in mind 99% of the people playing Destiny do not care for trophies" My problem is not the fact that the trophy is currently not obtainable, its your statement: just pay its only 20 dollar it could be worse. Thats the reason why we have to suffer with microtransactions and loot boxes now, because too many people think like that
  14. Like I wrote earlier, I understand you , yes SMB, necromancer deserve much more respect than mayo, etc, no questions. Lets say you have 100 plats in games like soulsborne, deadspace2 ....-> you have 0 UR trophies, but the plats are not easy On the other side there a many easy games with 5-6 UR per list. You say only players with lots of UR/VR are (real) trophy hunters, do you see what I want to say? YouΒ΄re playing lots of challenging games, I respect that but many are only ok/mediocre games, it seems like you are avoiding good ones because the lists are too easy. I just want to know where you set the border, it sounds like everyone without tons of UR isnt a (real) trophy hunter, just a spammer I have no mayo, nubla, VN plats or double plats, but only 33 UR out of 4000 trophies ( almost every AAA game with ca 50 trophies has 10-20 commons) So you mean gamers like me ( atleast 50-60% of the gamers here) are Spam hunters as well? 100% this
  15. Congrats 😁 I still dont like that mode, my nerves would kill me, but I hope that petition shit will stop now. I wish you good luck, the hardest part is still ahead, avoiding/ignoring the stalkers πŸ˜‰