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  1. Those 2 locked planets are gas planets so it is very unlikely. I hope they release the dlc on ps4, unfortunately I am not too sure about it.
  2. 1. Yes there is one, as far as I remember it is the same item like in Kiwami 2 ( a mahjong tile which gives you an insta win). Minigames arent that bad in Y5 but there is a huge amount of them. Personally I hated billiards and virtual fighter 2, Pachinko can get annoying too and I still dont know how I got it. 2. Unfortunately it is and the Coliseum is quite a pain in this game. In Yakuza 5 you have 5 main characters but only 4 of them are fighters. You have to complete all coliseum tournaments at least once ( ~ 10 different ones) with EVERY main character -> around 40 coliseum wins in total. The problem is that every character has his own arena rank. You raise that rank by winning such tournaments and you need a pretty high rank to unlock the last required tournament ( you have to win (much) more than 10 tournaments per character to get the necessary rank) -> It is a huge grind to reach such a high rank and you have to do it 4 times, which is very tedious/annoying. Just like Y0 and Kiwami this game has climax battles again. There was a very annoying/infuriating one ( you have to switch weapons to deal damage to enemies) but the rest is fairly easy. In general the climax battles in this game are much easier than Y0/Kiwami.
  3. Yes it is probably the longest plat. It took me ~10h more than Y0, but zero was my first yakuza ( when I played Y5 I was already used to the series, so I didnt "waste" too many hours).
  4. Dont you dare insulting Yakuza 5 😅 In terms of story it is rather average because you basically have 4 character arcs and a joint finale but the story is not as bad/bullshit as some parts of 3 or 4. Gameplay, combat and content wise it is (much) better than 3 and 4. The technical aspects ( graphics) are quite a bit better too. I have played every yakuza at some point and this is my personal ranking: Y0> Y5=kiwami 2 > Y6 > Kiwami 1 = Y4 > Y3
  5. It is even possible to like Nioh and dislike Souls, there are quite a few around. However, judging by your previous comments I am pretty sure that you wouldnt like soulsborne that much either. "cramping you in tightly with a boss or many enemies when you instantly die by the slightest touch and have jack shit for stamina " You would have the same "problem" with Souls, there isnt much of a difference between those games + kinda "cheap" enemy placements. I assume those games are simply not your cup of tea. From my experience 70% of the people bashing Nioh are souls player and huge FromSoftware fans, a decent amount of those are more like a cult than a fanbase bashing everything remotely close/similar to Soulsborne no matter how good a game is. A few guys dont like the loot aspect and the fact that there isnt an interconnected world, which is both extremely subjective. Personally I like both series, soulsborne has probably the slightly better overall package but Nioh has definitely the better combat. Here the biggest differences: ( the rest is very similar) Nioh: better/deeper/faster combat than soulsborne with better mechanics and skills, average leveldesign, more loot, levels instead of an interconnected world Soulsborne: western setting ( gothic, castles, knights, etc. ) ,much better leveldesign and lore, interconnected world
  6. I suppose this is just extremdely subjective after all. For me it is pretty much the opposite: RDR2 9/10, DS 5-6/10 and I never had a single crash in RDR2.
  7. ">The game is 95% the same for the first 100 hours" Well the main story itself is more or less the same but there are several new events an many joker/kasumi scenes between april and october. Royal added more additional content than golden. However I dont like the new good ending, the scene itself and the credit song are (much) worse than P5 IMO. I wont buy it for 60 bucks. I will wait until its 30-35 euro including the P3/P4 MC battles.
  8. The guy who stated the witcher 3 didnt even get the trophy for finding yennefer, so he didnt complete the tutorial area. I mean I liked the tutorial area and the game is already good at this point but that part of the game is easily the "worst" part of the whole game (including dlc) IMO. The worst games I played on PS4 are One Piece: Pirate Warrior 3 and Just Cause 3. Gameplay wise One piece wasnt really my cup of tea and pretty much everything in JC3 ( story, characters, gameplay, world, side missions, etc.) is somewhere between awful and mediocre in terms of quality. The game has a few good points ( wingsuit, the possibilities to create chaos/destruction) but personally I dont care about that stuff.
  9. Well the companions are dying pretty fast without dealing much damage, especially against several enemies. I assume solo with the 25% more damage perk is better/less annoying. Supernova isnt even hard as long as you repair your weapons all the time, otherwise the weapon performance is terrible (less than 70% durability)
  10. Not entirely true, it is more like this: Ubisoft, EA, Activision and (to some extent) bethesda gaming sucks. I have lost any faith in TES:6 at this point, they will mess up the game for sure. It is such a shame.
  11. Thanks a lot 😉
  12. How were you able to get in contact with warhorse? I found an email but somehow it didnt work. I have a bug right at the start of " cold steel, hot blood" main mission with an infinite loading screen and cant continue.
  13. Why dont you play the SP on an alt account/profile?
  14. Well the trophies arent hard just a bit time consuming. It would be a shame to miss that game for that reason, tbh the MP here was quite enjoyable and I dont like most MP.
  15. Unless they are releasing a 2nd remaster for ps5 it is pretty unlikely.
  16. Well, most of those character specific trophies werent hard at all. They were very annoying cuz you were forced to level up 4 characters to a certain and quite high level ( 25+). It was just a tedious and unnecessary grind.
  17. Sorry I completely ignored that possibility, my bad.
  18. There are dozens of "easy/fast plats" threads in this forum, you can do most of them in 20-60 minute. Most of those "games" have 5-6 stacks so you can easily get 100-150 plats in a few weeks. Examples: mayo, jack n jill, midnight deluxe, energy cycle, etc. and much more. EDIT: you probably wouldnt enjoy 95% of those games 😉
  19. Telltale plats are badges of honour compared to all those 156476 trash "games" with a 20min plat😄
  20. I agree with the first part. I am not so sure about th second part. The end of kiryu ( not the ending of Y6 itself) was extremely unsatisfying , atleast for me.
  21. Yeah witcher 3 is a slow burner, the content/mechanics overwhelming at first. Furthermore white orchard is, while still good quality, the weakest section of the game IMO. I guess it isnt a surprise considering the fact that white orchard is basically the tutorial. I wish I would be able to delete my memories of the game and play it for the first time again. Hell I even broke my iron rule of never get the platinum in a single game twice and I dont regret it. Dont forget to play the Dlc's which are as good or even better than the main game. 😉
  22. I recommend you to ignore the trophies for now and just play/complete the game (Main story) first. Otherwise the grind might kill the game for you and that would be a shame.
  23. Ubisoft is definitely not a saint ( far from it), but this time it is your fault.
  24. 100% agree, I love those people who blame everyone else for their own stupidity. I cant decide whether I find it hilarious or embarrassing, probably a mix of both.
  25. It depends, for me it is almost impossible even with the tower method. 13-14 wins in a row was my best result ( 2-3 times) after 3 hours using the tower method. I dont even get the slightest bit of enjoyment out of such games, so thats probably the reason. The thought that this piece of shit is killing my plat is infuriating.