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  1. I'm trying to do both but as for trophy/achievement hunting I need to get back into that
  2. Great games on offer but you can tell it's meant to soften the blow of announcing the change in the service. Hopefully something else takes ps3/vita games next year. If not it is seriously not worth it anymore
  3. Still alive, just checking in. xD

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      This seems fitting :awesome: :


    2. PooPooBlast
  4. Uncharted The Lost Legacy Shake For Your Fortune Ask Skeleseer a question This was a fun game last chapter was a carbon copy of sequences from U2 and U4 though
  6. I would say Rise is the better game overall more adventure and less action compared to the first but like the above people mentioned you should probably play no.1 to see how she develops
  7. Pretty much what everyone above has mentioned already. Most importantly is the ability to use normal sd cards and games support for 3-5 yrs
  8. Still supporting the online mode unbelievable
  9. I have yet to try any of the dlc will wait for a sale or bundle best move I think
  10. RIP Visceral I fucking hate EA :facepalm:

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      ^Yes, you must change your name and avatar to Slowpoke, Mcbeanstr. For we are building an army. :P

  11. Do not I repeat DO NOT bother with this tripe. I had high hopes but it begins to falter and fall flat midway through
  12. No chance in that happening i'm afraid
  13. Rise of the Tomb Raider Challenging Complete any Challenge Tomb 2 hours in and this game is so damn good
  14. #97 Arcade Game Series Dig Dug After beating Pac Man and Galaga I had to eventually come back and finish up the third game in the bundle. This game was interesting I don't recall playing it back in the 16-bit era but it felt kinda familiar . I thought the controls handled better than in Pac Man when you first start playing but the left stick can act really weird in tight corridors if you're getting swamped, that didn't help the situation unfortunately. ''Save scumming" helped a lot in this just like the previous games mentioned. Thank you for the guide demonoid321 and MMDE I'm just glad this is done now and I can focus on other backlog games that have been hanging around for way too long. Overall rating 6/10 Plat difficulty 4.5/10. Here's what's next to be tackled in the backlog