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  1. Welcome there's a great community on here. Have fun
  2. Disappointed about this as well but still very much hyped to play this. Haven't played a sonic game in a very long time and this looks way too good to pass up or wait for a sale/price-drop
  3. Is Sonic Mania digital only? Can't seem to find at  it any retailers online :hmm:

    1. Shadiochao


      Yeah, besides than a collectors edition which still only offers the game as a download code. I think they're all mostly sold out anyway, though

    2. Mcbeanstr


      Thanks, the CE doesn't look that great imo. Oh well still an awesome looking game

  4. Awww yisss weekend. Game on

  5. Salt and Sanctuary (vita) The Imposter Defeat the False Jester Probably the easiest boss so far in the game
  6. Fantastic movie love how the suit has so many different tools at Spidey's disposal. But damn was I pissed at that ending credits scene with Cap
  7. Rather do that then release a buggy game in fairness
  8. Worse that I can remember was being stuck in a time loop and Jason Voorhees was after me. That was terrifying to say the least
  9. Glad they are ending The Walking Dead before it becomes worse than it is. Now if AMC can see the light as well that'd be great The Wolf Among Us 2 now that's going to be awesome
  10. Not too mad at that. I need to get to the first one also
  11. Now the more pertinent question is why does an indie game have a dlc season pass?
  12. You stated the differences there lol
  13. Not sure if it's the best place but evopoints stocks us/uk wallet cards
  14. To all those who celebrate Eid. Eid mubarak to you and your family bring on the biryani :wub:

    1. SarDarniTron


      EiD MuBaraK Ya Sadeeka To you and Your Family Mcbeans 😁 bring it on Yummy Mutton Biryani

    2. Bubblyfishes


      from me as well!