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  1. RIP Visceral I fucking hate EA :facepalm:

    1. MilanYildirim
    2. Ditto


      ^Yes, you must change your name and avatar to Slowpoke, Mcbeanstr. For we are building an army. :P

  2. Do not I repeat DO NOT bother with this tripe. I had high hopes but it begins to falter and fall flat midway through
  3. No chance in that happening i'm afraid
  4. Rise of the Tomb Raider Challenging Complete any Challenge Tomb 2 hours in and this game is so damn good
  5. #97 Arcade Game Series Dig Dug After beating Pac Man and Galaga I had to eventually come back and finish up the third game in the bundle. This game was interesting I don't recall playing it back in the 16-bit era but it felt kinda familiar . I thought the controls handled better than in Pac Man when you first start playing but the left stick can act really weird in tight corridors if you're getting swamped, that didn't help the situation unfortunately. ''Save scumming" helped a lot in this just like the previous games mentioned. Thank you for the guide demonoid321 and MMDE I'm just glad this is done now and I can focus on other backlog games that have been hanging around for way too long. Overall rating 6/10 Plat difficulty 4.5/10. Here's what's next to be tackled in the backlog
  6. My PC is a potato but when I upgrade gonna piss myself while playing this again
  7. #96 The Order 1886 Feels good to 100% something after such a long time This game was quite fun. It wasn't too long and to be fair that wasn't a bad thing the combat felt very repetitive and not very satisfying imo. Having said that the story was pretty good and the graphics fantastic. Plat difficulty 2/10 Overall rating 7/10
  8. Haven't had many issues with this but still it would be good so i'm all for it
  9. First game was probably Infamous 1
  10. I haven't been gaming much lately with work and studying but I am still here. Started The Order 1886 a couple days ago so that should be a plat soon hopefully

    1. ee28max


      Good luck, mate :). Starting the 3rd trimester of school next week and won't be gaming much.

    2. Mcbeanstr


      Thanks man goodluck with your studies 😄

  11. Welcome there's a great community on here. Have fun
  12. Disappointed about this as well but still very much hyped to play this. Haven't played a sonic game in a very long time and this looks way too good to pass up or wait for a sale/price-drop
  13. Is Sonic Mania digital only? Can't seem to find at  it any retailers online :hmm:

    1. Shadiochao


      Yeah, besides than a collectors edition which still only offers the game as a download code. I think they're all mostly sold out anyway, though

    2. Mcbeanstr


      Thanks, the CE doesn't look that great imo. Oh well still an awesome looking game

  14. Awww yisss weekend. Game on