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  1. The boss fights in GOW Ragnarök are so damn good wow wow wow

  2. Death animations as dlc? Wow!
  3. Picked up Ragnarök for ps4 currently installing 18gb patches 🙄

    1. enaysoft


      God Of Patch!

    2. HuntingFever


      The download sizes for patches are ridiculous for most games these days :(. There are some games in my backlog, I actively dread seeing patch notifications for, because it means having to potentially wait hours for it to download if it's a really big one :(.

  4. Mandatory check in to let all know I am still alive 😂

  5. Those trophy icons are beautiful
  6. Next year hopefully need to start saving for it
  7. Ragnarok is coming that is all 😉

  8. Thought i'd be able to get home and jam Medievil from the start but nope 4.4GB update 😞

    1. AlchemistWer


      Hope see soon Medievil 2.

    2. MidnightDragon


      Could be worse. People who got MW had one for over 50 GB.

    3. ShonenCat


      Isn’t modern gaming grand? :awesome:

  9. Yeah as Elvick stated it depends on the success of the first. I did my bit and ordered a copy so here's hoping a few more people do the same
  10. Platinum # 101 RiME First platinum in over a year
  11. Yeah 100% this launched with MP they later released trophies for the MP even
  12. This will be quite fun to see actually I have been waiting for a decent follow up Batman game for a while now. But what I really want is Rocksteady to announce/reveal their next game
  13. Pricing in South Africa: Standard edition R889 Special edition R1399 Collector's edition R2999 That's a nope from me
  14. Purchased some subs from a pizza place
  15. I personally was into trophy hunting on games that I really enjoyed playing but about a year ago after I reached 100 platinums something changed I semi switched to PC gaming and lost interest in trophy hunting as my backlog was growing and the amount of time I had each week to play games was diminishing quite a lot. Which is probably the reason why I hardly used this site much in the past 18 months or so. I feel that I can probably get back into it if I really tried and I do intend to come back and finish as much as I can of the games in my backlog but I honestly don't know how long that will last. But I do have a list of about 4 or 5 games that I definitely want to finish pretty much guaranteed. So to put it simply do it because you enjoy it I don't think completing games to 100% so your profile looks top tier is an incentive (well at least not for me anyway) or a goal.