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  1. My thoughts exactly 😀
  2. Just wondering, are both TRUCK RACING CHAMPIONSHIP and FIA EUROPEAN TRUCK RACING CHAMPIONSHIP different games? Or is it just the name for some random reason? I see they both have the same trophy lists so its a bit confusing.
  3. Dishonored- Honor For All
  4. Dishonored series. My favourite series. I really enjoyed playing them, plus I like games set in Victorian era, and for me they had great stories. Another game I liked was also Thief.
  5. Seriously this is getting ridiculous. What next VITA all 200 countries of the world. It should be one list per game. I like trophy hunting and I also like a lot of different types/genres of games and so i'm planning at some point to playing all the different POWGI games. But it's stupid just thinking of the idea of playing the same game twice because of trophies. Why waste my time playing the same game over and over, when I can use that time to play and enjoy other games. I really liked Uncharted so when it came out again as a collection on PS4, I decided to play it again in a row when the 4th one came out, so that means I have 3 duplicate Platinums and I don't really like it, although some trophies on the list were different to those on the PS3. Then there's those who play the same game 3, 4 and even 5 times for trophies and even worst in a row. For me those people no longer remember that gaming is about having fun, not supposed to be a chore, even worst I call it an obsession. And the worst thing is that people are feeding that obsession by having so many stacks for one game.
  6. I loved the first one. I'm happy there's a second one coming, as I thought it was another one of those where they just make one and that's it.
  7. Getting this trophy was so frustrating 😫