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  1. Anyone else have this issue? I rescued everyone and had almost all the mbg symbols collected before closing out the game. Popped it back on about an hour later and it was like I never did anything, yet the in-game trophy notifications showed what trophies I had unlocked. Update* The failure to save occurred while 2 accounts were signed in. Later it happened again when only I was signed in. I closed out the game and rebooted it and the save returned. Think the game just has an error with initializing.
  2. Yes they do
  3. I started this game with my wife and we had been playing co-op the whole time with no issues. We relaunched the game and after finding the mortar launcher the trophies never popped for either of us. Continuing to play we both shot into the Ordnance Rift and again no trophy popped. We will most likely have to delete our saves and start again. Edit: logged in again and I retrieved 10 trophies, however 2nd player received none. Not sure how this bug happened.
  4. So I recently completed the game and unlocked all the trophies except the Swamp Guardian Trophy. Can anyone who has completed it or done it tell me if my game glitched and when or where it unlocks? Thank you in advance. Edit - Nevermind, I just found it and received the platinum.
  5. So I have various worlds with all gold tiles, but when I finish the boss it shows all zeroes for death and still no trophy pop. So my question is, do I have to replay all levels and go through the whole world from start to finish to get the trophy to pop or what? Cause getting them out of order and doing the boss stage just doesn't seem to work. Any help is appreciated.
  6. So the descriptions for all 3 of these are wrong. They all say after night 5 and on and that is incorrect. For lumberjack you have to do it on 7 or later, for grenadier night 8 or later, and watch your steps night 9 or later. It is easiest to do them all in a row in one play through. I just achieved them today after comparing the trophies to xbox achievements. The achievements details are correct, not ours, hope this helps anyone who couldn't get them to pop. Update: they just sent out a fix and updated the trophy descriptions.
  7. trophy popped, Saving the day is not for bringing others back with a first aid kit. It is bringing player 1 back 50 times with a first aid kit. Along with most other trophies in this game, player 1's stats are the only stats recorded in this game.
  8. I have been playing the game for awhile now and I have tried unlocking the Saving the Day trophy numerous times with my wife. I have brought her back with a med-kit well over 150 times and the trophy states 50. I will continue to try other ways on how they could mean their trophy description (specific difficulty, 50 times in one game, only works with 0% recovered, etc.). I will re-post if it happens to unlock for me and what I did to unlock it.
  9. Wally Warbles for sure, and for me it's just the egg part, for some reason that part gets me every time.
  10. I just did exactly what ce-jota wrote and I can also confirm that the Hoarder trophy unlocked for me. A long time wait, but worth it.
  11. Oh nice, hopefully it's the next one so all of us with the glitch get the platinum. I'll hold off on restarting from scratch now, thanks; haha.
  12. I can only think of is delete save. Reinstall game with no dlc downloaded and do a run through. I am going to get the lvl 100 trophy then try that.
  13. It just happened to me too. I have all collectables on all levels and with the DLC and no trophy pop. The trophy for shooting all zombie hands popped though.
  14. Just received update NA version for trophy bug fixes so may be good to go here too.
  15. I just received the trophy for completing all lvls on insane difficulty last night. People still play on there and yes they are extremely hard, but possible. There were some lvls where one person saved the whole day just due to a crucial act. I never knew of the mutators thing, but it was too late to do it that way anyways. Feels like a better accomplishment without using those.
  16. I read through steam forums that there is something done incorrectly on the count and many players have stated it is a full 5 souls which equal one extra guy, also equals only 1 soul collected.
  17. Any word on the dev's finishing up that fix for the glitched trophies? It has been quite some time since the last post.