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  1. I know it's subjective, but what are your thoughts on weapons ( best ones ), aside from PAXv2, there are alot of weopns in the game, especially with the dlc addition.
  2. He is, funny thing is that he was missing from a whole season, had not done anything, and suddenly he is your king because of his story and treasonous imp said so, and everyone is ok with it, and claiming it made sense and crap. He is like, hey cousin, I know I could've prevented the death of millions, and screwed you and your life in order to become king, but off to the wall with you. only for Aegon freaking Targaryen to Kneel to this smirking, manipulative asshole, but of coarse not Arya or Sansa, no they wouldn't kneel, why should they, they are starks, the good people, after all. bittersweet ending my ass, more like happy ending to starks (and Bronn), bad or irrelevant ending to anyone else.
  3. Oh, now I get it, Jon got resurected, so he could help drive Dany to madness, then kill her, in order for the useless cripple to have the throne as his new wheel chair, and sansa -rape made me stronger- stark to finally declare the independance of the north. It all made sense now you whimsecal naughty showrunners, right!? 🤮🤮🤮
  4. Or you could watch the anime adaptation If only 😌
  5. Nah, supported her mainly cause she is one hot sexy check with dragons and shit, nevertheless i usually cheer for the bad guys and villains, for lols. Poor night king, may u rest in pieces 🙏.
  6. Well, the peaple aside, the actors themselves were not that pleased with this season:
  7. Never wanted to be spoiled really, however, after the atrocity that is ep03, decided to go and check on them in the hopes for any redeeming thing in what episodes left, and now im resigned to how it will be finished and anticipating the so called BITTERSWEET end 🙄. One more episode to endure of his train wreck of a season.
  8. For FS, what is it about this targ madness these writers are shoving down our throats, as if all the targs were mad and shit, how many targ kings were really mad aside from Ares ( who was truly mad and sick ), so danys angry and agressive that does not make her essintially mad. Really most people and rulers would kill more for less, and these shitty worthless advisors started to deduce that she is getting mad for what? not listening to them for once!! she got where she is now for listening to their useless advices. I didn' mean to rant here, i already know where things were headed due to leaks and so, but still watching it, is so dissapointing. RIP khaleesi (how she used to be), I hope you will find your small home with the red door and the lemon tree, and someone to really love you (not that forced psuedo love the show runners try to make us belive).
  9. This is the reason im not frustrated with all the idiotoc BS in the late seasons, anymore. GRRM stated there is at least enough source material in the 5 books for 13 seasons, but it is dnd that want to be done with it and start their next project ( of which, I will avoild like the plague). And when you know their core values for the show are to subvert expectation and spectacular eye candy effects (remindes me of FF & square), you start to get why all the teleportation, stupid decisions, character degredation, plot armor, etc, keep happening. I hope i will still be alive when Martin finishes his damn books ( Kentaru Miura and Yushiro Togashi as well).
  10. Inbefore Ubisoft and Activizion follow EA's module ( soon to be mandatory, like a certain console's service 😏 ).
  11. Nah, as what has been proven by ep03, plot armor is thicker and better than dragon scale armor 😶.
  12. It is not a matter of predicting the outcome, it is how it's done, we know that GRRM told DnD how the story ends (even though I believe, he himself is not sure how), but leaving the writing and story telling for them, when it is not their forte, resulted in a lot of BS like episode 3, where if we're to follow GOT's logic, every single character should've been dead, all of them were surrounded with at least 7 wights and they just lived through it. Yeah, im whining and bitching, but this series is turning into: " Just keep watching till season 6, and forget the rest " ala, Dexter, Lost, etc.
  13. Meanwhile, Fuhrer is not very pleased with the episode:
  14. Well, as a wise ps character once said: we have to numb our self to the pain. it won't be the last time we see shitty selection like this, rather , it will be a more frequent occurance 😔
  15. Im surprised with all the praise this episode is getting. I mean, I had just finished watching the friggen thing, and could barely make anything of whatever was going on, it was just so dark and hectic, maybe other channels broadcasted a brighter version. And finally a big thank you to dnd for the anticlimactic BS of an ending to what could've been one of the best villains on screen. I hope the next battle is done better, but im not holding my cups here.