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  1. - Moving Up In The World - The Money's in the Bag - Bye Bye Bluto - Buzz Off - A Byrd in the Hand
  2. But there are ongoing petitions already, I mean it is what all those "gamers" are doing, when they keep buying Fifa, CoD, etc..., everey year despite all the issues associated with those companies and the state those games are released ( nothing new, unfinished, litered with bugs and plagued with microtransactions ), it is like they're urging those companies to continue with their horrendous trends.
  3. - He's on FIRE - Flyin' High - Giantslayer - Bug Control - Rescued - Olly Olly Oxen Free
  4. - Buggin' Out - Spitball - Sheeples - Conservationist 01
  5. Was hoping for Death Mark to be included in this sale, sigh
  6. - Lockjaw - Ganked - Dryfoot - Conservationist 2
  7. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  8. Haunting ground & Rule of Rose are two not very well known games that disturbed me alot.
  9. Planning to go see the movie tomorrow, for those who saw it - Is this considered canon, or is it set in adifferent universe? - Are there any horror elements and aspects (my wife can't handle'em)?
  10. The scene at the end of the mp journy, where it shows that you're finaly done with those pesky unecessary mp campains, oh, the relief.
  11. - Drink Deep - Together Until Oblivion Starting out
  12. - Barnstormer - Hot Wings 01 - Hot Wings 2 - Fly Like an Eagle - I Believe it is Time for Me to Fly Finally, done with those pesky flying levels.
  13. I'll be an optimist and hope they start adding an additional 02 games for PS+ monthly games, by then.
  14. At long last, should've received this a week ago 😒.
  15. And nothing of value was lost