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  1. Knives Out Art Collector Combo King Dashing Dad
  2. It would be cool, if extraction and ignition were to be included, highly unlikely though.
  3. Lucky Number 07 Leader of the Pack World's Best Dad Timber
  4. Best Dad Ever Squawk Shot Bookworm When You Gotta Go... 😬
  5. Patron Fast Reflexes Trick Shot Up Urs!
  6. Successor of Ribcage Successor of Breath Successor of Claw Successor of Throat
  7. Sad News, been following the manga since 2002, hopefully one of his apprentices will carry the manga on (& togachi too, while at it).
  8. Memories (IO) Memories (Yakumo) Memories (Louis) Memories (Mia)
  9. Weapon for Every Season - Gilded Hunter - Queen's Knight - Gifted -
  10. Please explain, never heard of it. btw, did not find the ending to ME3 to be bad, my only take on ME3's plot was the reapers motive.
  11. Strategist Hunter Gunsmith Crafter
  12. Would've preferred a better title for the platinum, rather than the protag's name.
  13. Thats one beautiful metal box
  14. Im stopping some activities (hang outs, movies, etc..), to have some time for Vita, she deserves as much.
  15. Many beautiful images in this thread, most are amongst my favorite, here are some, not posted yet (I think): Persona 5 R Metro Exodus Metal Gear Solid 5 Cold Steel IV Rose in Twilight Grand Kingdom Berserk Star Ocean (Most Favorite)