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  1. Hope - Beast - Enchanted - Cartographer -
  2. Magnificent VII Legendary QUARTZ-er Pride of Lions Lost Arts
  3. Suitcase Records Keeper Chef-alier Pom!Pom!Pro! Finally, No more pompom, that mini game was not necessary at all.
  4. Bunny Love Spellbound Arnor Ardor Orbal Beau
  5. Seekers of Dawn Tsunderbolts and Lightning Musse to My Ears Dynamic Dou
  6. Master Strategist All Broken Up Order Up A Shattered Blade
  7. Clashing Steel Hit the S-Breaks Teamwork Special Operations
  8. NightFall It begins, again!
  9. Monsterology 101 School Directory Walking Library For Whom the Bell Tolls
  10. Ultimate Academy Instructor QUARTZ-er Extra Curricular Activities Teacher of the Year
  11. Allie-oop High Fie-delity Emma Enchanted Faculty Romance Jusis & Me-sis
  12. SEKIRO #152 : SEKIRO Liked this game more then the rest of From's titles, maybe because I'm a big fan of Tenchu series, my only take, is that it feels as though you're playing as the bad guy.
  13. King of Games Awakening Links The World is a BattleField Otherworldly Jewel
  14. LIVING LEGEND #150 : GHOST OF TSUSHIMA What a game!!, one of the best games I've played of this decade, really, SP outdid themselves here, everything is great about thus game, and I mean every thing.