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  1. This is the 1st time in my life, where I filled 10 games into the cart, thanks to this code. Why are you doing this to me Sony
  2. Great Work , this easily shoves away around 150+ hours of boring and tedious grinding. the last set of trophies (Jumping, Rolling, etc..) could be AFIKed using turbo controllers, but still this script is much better, too bad it won't work for PS3, anyways,that leaves Ethereal Queen with Lymel under 10 Minuites, Baccus Ology drops, and Fayze's Grigori BT, as the only troubling BTs, that and the silly bunny races.
  3. Yes, it appears getting them at the first apportunity is best, aside from using a hard copy, there is another convulated and an unpleasent way mentioned here:
  4. Did you purchase the digital complete edition? If so you may want to pay attention to 2 trophies first , Diver and Shadow, complete editions are notorious for being buggy as hell when it comes to those trophies, that may render obtaining the platinium damn near impossible.
  5. Full Strength Dressed for Success Professional Hardcore
  6. Apparently, every one in the listed counties should get this code, got mine (using the thunderbird method), contacted my cousins and friends in other countries, and indeed they got it too. This makes me wonder really, how many promotion codes we missed due to this mailing bugs.
  7. Just wanted to applaud you for such welldone effort.
  8. DARKSIDERS II BFA And still, not sure what BFA stands for 🤔.
  9. Drakengard 3 last boss in route "D" God damn this stupid musical BS, even with videos, it was a major pain in the rear.
  11. Growing Pains Recital Moonwalker
  12. Dragon Eater Talented Mixer Witch Factor
  13. Refrain Empire of Dust Chaos Finale
  14. Yakuza kiwami & Just Cause 3 when both were in the PS+ line up. Was sure as hell not attempting those challanges or dreadful silly side games.
  15. Anamnesis Can't Stop, Won't Stop Chaos Intro