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  1. Can confirm this still works as of 1st May 2021, surprisingly there are still real players around as well while matching online. You do need an active PS+ subscription to fight the bots though Took me about 2 hours to win 30 matches. Some bots are stronger than the others, if you see it's not in your favor, simply cancel and re-match again
  2. thanks for the tips, can confirm this is working. Choosing the very first song helps given how short it is
  3. it is fixed on merciless during the playthrough, but i heard u can choose the difficulty again after beaten it
  4. Thanks to all the comments earlier that suggested farming Dire Shadow at Sendai (Merciless difficulty), can confirm this is a faster method and we need to voice it out! It takes about 2-2.5 hrs to reach that point in game (skip cutscenes), then maybe another 0.5 hrs to make a persona suitable for the fight, followed by roughly 4-4.5 hours of grinding repeatedly. Cooking every recipe for the first time in a new playthrough also increases bond exp, not by much but everything helps. The setup is really simple, you need a "freeze build" to cheat through the fight without much effort. Preferably a Black Forst (you can get IceAmp+IceAge from King Frost, and Spell Master from Alice). You can easily get max stats persona by keep fusing a Jack-O-Lantern in an endless loop: Jack-O-Lantern > Bicorn > Silky > Succubus > HuaPo > Lamia > Jack Frost > back to Jack-O-Lantern The second character should be Yusuke as a backup. The last 2 characters can be either Panther/Wolf/Sophie, it doesn't really matter that much. Know that throughout the process your grinding will get easier over time as your bond level increases and u get tons of essences to power up your characters
  5. Can confirm it is very possible to complete 50% crops on 1st year. Though not all seeds are available in general store on 1st year, but we can craft Seed Maker which is available in Autumn. The trick is to buy the missing pieces from restaurant/cafet and then convert to seeds using seed maker, a little bit of RNG involved since you cant control what is shown on the list (save before 1200 hours on 1st day of the season and re-load the game if needed). The earliest you can platinum the game is probably around 10th Winter, give and take a few days