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  1. Hi guys!! 05/28/2020 the last DLC "butcher circus" is released on the PC, later it will probably be released on consoles. Your opinion, will trophies be added again? I really like this game, but I'm already tired of closing it 100% forever.
  2. This trophy may not open for 1 reason only, even if you have successfully completed the reception, you are not touched, but alas, the reception for the trophy breaks down. Suppose: L2 + square you press to make reception, but at this time you are attacked by 2 opponents, you sharply press a triangle, but even if you manage to use L2 + square successfully, and you sharply press a triangle - you will not be counted. This trophy needs timing. I remember from the most fell only on the 20th admission. And a tip: if you cannot complete this trophy, you can stop walking in dlc №16, for there you will throw a gamepad out the window. In fact, the game is not difficult, but 100% because of the last addition will derail yourself ... Good luck !!! I myself had to re-learn the combat system because of the last addition !;)
  3. only took the "Insane trophies", the attempts took about 20-30, still adrenaline in the blood, I want to say that today things are like this: 1) Besides memorizing the game inside out, one battery is enough to cheer, but I started using it only with the moment in the pool. 2) I do not know that they are patches there, but bugs are present (maybe I'm so lucky), but there were a lot of bugs with the raft, when the square button does not respond, I want to say that in addition to paragraph 1), I need to play myself graciously led. 3) Regarding the randomness: many people loudly say that it is not there, that we ourselves are the creators of the game itself, but in my opinion it is still present (here either random, or the very same thing on psyche). Martha with the cart: here 70 is 30% good tactics with running around behind the house, but once again how it works, I tried the option with a hole in the fence, she killed me there 5 times out of 5 and I decided to change tactics, I will say honestly that incomprehensible teleporters are very killed, so there are bugs, she got 2 times stuck in a cart right before the jump, a vanshot. Corn field (second visit): after passing the entire field incognito, running inside, closing the door on the lock - vanoshot. It turns out somehow the people were inside, I first thought that I had brutally held out this place, but no, I died there 3 times for sure. Nick and Laird: the location is just mraaaaaaaaaak, in addition to this tough (random) "Cupid couple", these syphilitics can fuck up all your plans. When we run for the rope, once the syphilitic has summoned all of whom it is possible - vanshot. About Nick and Laird generally keep quiet, I dead 99% because of them, not counting the bugs, Martha and falling into the abyss. The most difficult place for me was when I needed a timed jump through the window, looking at a bunch of vidos I was still thrown down because after closing the 2nd lock and jumping out the window, they knocked the doors on the moment, it was very difficult to quickly adapt and not miss the mark. I changed my tactics a bit, maybe someone will help: how we get into the hut on the way through the canyon, they instantly rush around the house, close the first lock, and jump back out onto the street from where they jumped and watch them from around the corner of the house if they are a little go into the distance, jump back, close the 2nd latch, and look out for them through the window on the way to the exit. Most importantly, they should not notice us, and see that the "Cupid does not have an arrow stretched", otherwise - a vanshot! Escape from the heretics: there were no problems at all, after the jump it was generally on foot, the rest sat in front of the elevator in the attic beams, and just watched. It's easier to work out the tactics in a nightmare and everything will be Coca-Cola))) Val: there were also no problems, the only caveat is when the last chase, when you crawl into the caves - remove the camera, otherwise Blake is dumb and sits on the spot, maybe because of this, grab for ... opu))) Exactly the same system as and with heretics - a dress rehearsal in a nightmare))) Why am I writing all this, to the fact that there are bugs, there may be, random, perhaps, a patch, the last, good luck, welcome, different behavior of the mob is!))) The game is extremely complicated, all factors are against you!) I wish you Good luck to the Lord, it took me 5 days to this madness!)
  4. The most hardcore for me were: # 169 # 170 # 175 # 178 # 180 # 190 the rest of the tracks were difficult, I don’t argue, but those tracks just killed me, but I managed through persistence.😉
  5. Hi guys. I want to start the game, but I do not have ps-move, I was looking for a lot of information on the forums, but some players say that they got the Yakuza trophy without a motion controller? Is this true, is there anyone who can confirm this?
  6. I sympathize with you guys, I was lucky, in the summer I closed the game 100%. In this situation, it could be 50:50, from the outside Square Enix it looks like empty promises ...
  7. M1dn1ghtStars, there is nothing terrible. We closed the whole online for 10 days, the guys got caught:)
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  11. hello friends, need help with all the online, the two of us, actively looking for people to boost, or the team in helping to close online trophies. I am hope for your help. Add with the mark "Inversion". id: sadikofffff
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