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  1. For God of War I don't remeber that I had a lot of promlems with the map. You should try Fallen Order on planet Dathomir, that was one of the worst experience with any map for me in video games.
  2. Hello, can i get invite to crew? My psn JollyCreep. Many thanks ahead guys and have a nice day)
  3. Just checked, you can easily obtain Vaudeville Legend! by collecting stars from other difficulties You just need to collect 110 stars.
  4. I just claimed demo for PS3, then got PS4 version for free on PSN. If it didn't work, maybe they already fix it.
  5. Also, if you don't own game on PS3 - take demo and then you can get full game on PS4.
  6. At New Serena there is a door with the blue arrow to change the time. Same with Old Navy Apartment, but there is a blue arrow on bad. Just interact with them!
  7. You can change it in New Serena(Kamurocho) and at house(Onomichi)
  8. Well, I opened around 3k boxes and have 50% of abilities, then tryed multiverse with reward "Random Ability" and get Cat Call.