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  1. Communities went downhill the second they allowed people to post whatever like disgusting pictures and porn. The amount of non gaming communities on there makes you just feel sick. Banning people that got reported for it obviously wasn't working too well, they rather remove it completely than try to fix the issue.
  2. What do you mean optional? Its on sale atm with crossbuy with PS4, thinking of grabbing it but if I download the vita version would it be patched already or can I still choose to not patch it?
  3. The jokes on her, with how things are now, she might not need to quit and still lose her job. 😏
  4. What's wrong with your trophy cabinet?
  5. Forcing yourself to just focus on trophies is your problem like many mentioned. Just play what genre/game you actually enjoy.
  6. Ultra Rare plat master.
  7. This could really cause problems for this site right? with leaderboards and all. Hopefully its just a sync issue for now.
  8. GAME OF THRONES TONIGHT!!! YEAHHHH!! Once this season wraps up maybe we can get a real GoT game and not now TT crap yeah?
  9. Wow, this is great news!! is this a movie? We really need a game.
  10. Yeah I saw a name @PooPooBlast (jk) hahaha, But I made it better....
  11. WoW, this is scary. So anyone experienced lost dlc yet?
  12. Whatever floats your boat. I know friends who collect dead bugs....Dead bugs!
  13. NG+ should add more to a game than simply just replaying for a trophy. But I dont know how that would be implemented.
  14. Depends if I can think of another name, but I like this one....
  15. Risky, but if a hacker really wanted you, you are a dead man already!