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  1. The jokes on her, with how things are now, she might not need to quit and still lose her job. 😏
  2. What's wrong with your trophy cabinet?
  3. Forcing yourself to just focus on trophies is your problem like many mentioned. Just play what genre/game you actually enjoy.
  4. Ultra Rare plat master.
  5. This could really cause problems for this site right? with leaderboards and all. Hopefully its just a sync issue for now.
  6. GAME OF THRONES TONIGHT!!! YEAHHHH!! Once this season wraps up maybe we can get a real GoT game and not now TT crap yeah?
  7. Wow, this is great news!! is this a movie? We really need a game.
  8. Yeah I saw a name @PooPooBlast (jk) hahaha, But I made it better....
  9. WoW, this is scary. So anyone experienced lost dlc yet?
  10. Whatever floats your boat. I know friends who collect dead bugs....Dead bugs!
  11. NG+ should add more to a game than simply just replaying for a trophy. But I dont know how that would be implemented.
  12. Depends if I can think of another name, but I like this one....
  13. Risky, but if a hacker really wanted you, you are a dead man already!
  14. Banning accounts because of name?? wow thats bit far for SONY to go. Dont they even have a censoring name automated system I remember there was something I couldnt use for my name.
  15. Wow, this game is looking more amazing every generation. I cant fathom the PS5 MK.
  16. Welcome. Nice signature!
  17. This is great news! Sony is really listening to the players. huh
  18. Welcome.
  19. Yes I need more friends so add me. NOW!!
  20. Free?? Great. Thanks!!
  21. I praise whoever I like, so thank you for making my life easier. I hate getting directed to other places/sites. I come here for a reason. Don't think anything interest me this flash, maybe something for the vita.
  22. What did they say about characters?? characters I liked aren't the super iconic ones either.
  23. Nice, finally.
  24. I grew up a bit watching my brothers watch DBZ. I think the gamelpay looks pretty intense. I dont know if its my cup of tea but i Love fighting games, not good at it but love them. I do hope they got some the female characters in from the anime. Like Android 18, chi-chi, Pan, Videl.
  25. Unless the 2nd purchase of the same game is super cheap. I dont believe people who do it again because they realllly enjoyed the game that much; the truth is they know they can get the plat again easily since they were able the first time. Im not a plat hunter, so buying a game again chances are slim.