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  1. i finally got done with this awful game and this terrible rng trophy. my tip for the big sleep: while you should be able to skip text on the 2nd playthrough you should not skip entire dialogues. once youre in control - visit the chief and exhaudt dialogue - talk to all characters in the guest and exhaust - then shift into lexie and visit rayne apparently the other dialogues are necessary fot the "how are you" option to appear sometime. when he gives you the line about dorotha marrying oscar youre good to go. i just did my 2nd stack ... got rayne as the killer 1st time on my 1st but now spent more than an hour just mashing x and finally having luck on what felt like the 50th attempt.
  2. this definitely works, i got the trophy that way. i attemoted it legit a few times before and often had troubles with some events ... especially the randomly generated boost blitzes can be painful. so i thought about the following yet havent tried it out because i didnt have any issues with the 7 challenges i got do the first challenge upload your save to the cloud / usb change date 1 day ahead do challenge and repeat until done BUT if youre hit with a challenge you cant complete simply redownload your last save file and start the game back up ... since challenges are generated randomly you hopefully will end up with a different challenge without losing your progress...
  3. ive just completed the game following the steam guide however i didnt get this one trophy. therefore also missing 1 scene and 1 cg image. someone else in the guides comments also said he was missing this trophy/epilogue after following the guide. does anyone have any guides or ideas on how to get this trophy? any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. If you want to play this game on the vita (physical release by Play Ssia) please beware: 1) the game is incredibly SLOW! while the ps4 version takes around 2 hours to platinum the vita version will take around 8-10 (!) due to the slow text speed. 2) when you start a playthrpugh you have to finish it! Saving the game, quitting and then continuing on another day will LOCK YOU OUT OF THE TROPHIES! happened to me twice now. first time i thought i had screwed up something, now im 100% sure i followed the guide perfectly. it seems to be the game's fault...
  5. oh wow ... this thread was just what i needed. i had the feeling i was the only one who deeply despises this miserable abomination of a game but glad to know im not alone. heres why: part 1 (which i liked) had 5 episodes with great variation in missions. some shooting segments were annoying, some mission markers a bit hard to find kn the hub worlds, the driving missions were disgusting but here you have 8 episodes and it takes only two for the game to overstay its welcome everything is designed in a way that you have to constantly backtrack, traverse the most insanely convoluted routes and then the game has the audacity to sometimes extend the "normal" amount of "do x 3 times" missions ro doing it six times. the hub worlds are tedious, some mission requirements are not specified (like when you have to get the moose head you cant stealth kill the one guard who stands on the above platform all by himself, this will fail the mission requiring you to do the tedious and overly long jumping parts again) every hub world feels like a maze, getting from a to b gets longer and more annoying from episode to episode. they literally took the worst parts of the fiest and made thrm a million times worse ... and longer. the game is boring in its best parts, incredibly frustrating in its worst. from the first minute on i didnt get any enjoxment oit of it at all. i just want this garbage to end. p.s. the fourth was also fun to play (albeit with way too many collectibles) but as of now im seriously questioning whether i should even start to play the 3rd...
  6. true dat! i usually do so from time to time but not after every single session or every single hour of gameplay. even though i played over 900 games on ps 3/4/v i never had this issue before. hence the warning in this case...
  7. just to let you know ... if you play these games please back up your save file regularly to the ps cloud! im only on the first chapter and had the game crash/freeze a couple of times already. now, while sorting the laundry in the first chapter, it crashed again, only to boot up the next time on a blank save. everything was deleted! luckily this only happened in the first chapter and not mich progress was lost but given how slow and tedious this game is to play on the vita ... better be safe than sorry. p.s. im playing the physical edition by play asia. dont know whether the digital version is more stable but yet again ... better safe than sorry.
  8. other question ... does the online even work for you? i have a strong (500/50) wired internet connection and every time i get a match online the game immediately quits back out because it failed to establish a connection with the opponent. happened about 20 times until i gave up. not a single match even started
  9. i also got hit with the glitch. interestingly enough, not only do the genki holidays not show up on the map, they arent even in the list of unlocked activities ... but "naughty or nice" is ... very strange and frustrating. will try reverting to an older save to do it EDIT: glad i had some older saves on hand ... one after the "Ghost in the machine" mission really did still have the genki holidays and i managed to complete them with no problem.
  10. thank you!
  11. do you by any chance know how these 2 challenges are called / worded in the game so i can check whether i have them? but since im very early in the game im afraid i can give up on this platinum. shame...
  12. I figured out the problem. Apparently, connecting 2 controllers to the PSN (in order to play the multiplayer game) caused the problem. When I booted up the game with only 1 controller, the trophies worked fine. also, you can get the 2 player trophy with just 1 controller. What an odd programming error...
  13. Maybe it dows. Yes i play cheap shovelware only for trophies. Yes i play different stacks of the same game just to get even more trophies. I like being high up on the leaderboard. But still, you dont need to worry about me ... i also like to play good games and sometimes even not just for the trophies. But the last sales on the psn had so many cheap and easy games in them, i couldnt resist. And this was one of them. One that could have been good like erica, the bunker, the complex or ... any other game, really. Just was just boring and frustrating.
  14. Interesting ... thats the same guide i used. But following this one had me stuck on 169 videos after the first playthrouh, then i read on here about the fact that you have to upload an incomplete set of videos to get access to the 170th video ... which is what i now did in a 2nd playthrough AND STILL I ONLY HAVE 169 VIDEOS at the end of the game, not unlocking the full upload trophy. I am 100% cwrtain i enteed all the 84 words and clicked on every single video that popped up (even the multiple entried under the same video) This is killing me ... please ... ANY hint is much appreciated. EDIT please forget about it ... i found another unwatched video under the search term BRAVERY. Still ... i enjoy playing easy games, fmv games, i like going for platinums and still i dont mind playing good games without regards to trophies. But of the almost 900 games i played this is one of the worst for me of the entire ps4 era.
  15. just a bit more info ... i have never played solitaire before in my life ... this made it incredibly frustrating to have to learn the rules of the game just for this. this sort of card games just isnt for me. also ... one VERY IMPORTANT addition because some trophy guides leave that bit out: as soon as you have the chance to upload DO SO! you can continue where you left off and mop up the rest but if you complete all 169 videos and then upload, it will lock you out of the 170th ... another thing i had to learn the hard way how this game got such a high completion is beyond me, i was close to throwing in the towel multiple times. this is the worst platinum i did in a while ... and i did 20 yesterday and over 10 today alone. but this was simply not enjoyable at all for me this "40 minute platinum" as its sometimes labeled (and which is the reason why i played this in the first place) took me around 6 hours of agony and frustration.