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  1. I just started LBP2 a few days ago to get that stupid 24 hours of create trophy done while watching movies. however, when i booted the game and logged into my account 2 trophies (scoreboard 25% and 50%) just automatically popped ... maybe because i fulfilled the requirements in LBP1, 3 or Karting, I don't know. I never played LBP2 before but these 2 just unlocked. So if those trophies are linked to my LBP account, how about LBP Vita? When I boot up this game for the first time, will such trophies also unlock and maybe even carry over some stats like progress towards the 24 hours of create so I only have to do that once and then just get it on the vita?
  2. thank you! so since 1 and 2 (and maybe 3?) are connected making a level on 2 any having people play and heart it might unlock the respective trophies in 1 if you just boot it up after meeting the requirements?
  3. Since the game will be free on PS+ in Feb 2020 I decided to share my old trophy guides with you. They have commentary in German but you can just mute that and play along / do whatever I do to also get the trophies. I made guides for the beneficial Survivor Difficulty glitch and also for the DLC maps that have been added to the base game trophy list for the PS4 remake of the game. ------------------------- Ich habe gerade gesehen, dass die BIOSHOCK Colelction im Februar Teil des PS+ Gratis Line-Ups sein wird. Daher wollte ich einige Trophy Guides mit euch teilen, die ich vor Ewigkeiten für die PS4 Fassung des Spiels gemacht haben, die aber allesamt immer noch funktionieren (inklusive dem nützlichen Difficulty-Exploit ... der aber leider NUR für den 1. Teil gültig ist) und euch einige der nervigsten Trophies des Spiels angenehm leicht machen. Wenn ihr die Platin in einem Spieldurchgang schaffen wollt empfehle ich euch unbedingt beim Spielen einen Guide für die Collectibles zu verwenden, da man sonst leicht etwas verpasst. Anyways, hier die Links zu den verfügbaren Video Guides: Playlist mit allen 11 Guides: Bioshock - Ich Entschied mich für das Unmögliche (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock – Cohens Zimmer gefunden / Ironie (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock - Eine schockierende Wende: Experte (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock - Eine schockierende Wende: Sammler / Meister-Elektriker (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock - Welt der Schmerzen: Experte (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock - Welt der Schmerzen: Sammler (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock - Welt der Schmerzen: Harter Hund (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock - Ehrgeiziger Erfinder (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock - Das Ich im Team: Experte (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock - Das Ich im Team: Sammler (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide) Bioshock - Das Ich im Team: Pazifist (Trophäe / Erfolg Guide)
  4. i recently found an interesting trophy glitch in the game that i wish to report. however i want to stress that i did not cheat or deliberately try to cheese or exploit the game. still, i think the find is interesting enough to note, though. i played with a friend of mine on his console. he already platinumed the game and played with me because he liked the game amd just wanted to show it to me. i logged into my account and played with him, on his console. suddenly, after playing for lets say 30 minutes and beating the first couple of levels, trophies started popping. i was wondering which ones it were and they were, in fact, all of the game completion trophies (including the one for completing the game on bananas difficulty even though we were playing on normal at the time). so yeah ... lucky me, some might say, but im actually not too happy about it since im missing most of the progress trophies but have the ones for beating the game. looks like i cheated, when i fact, i did nothing the like!
  5. i tried the challenges yesterday and it did NOT work! setup was exactly the same ... same accounts, same console, etc we finished a challenge on normal, bananas and custon difficulty and NONE of the challenge related trophies unlocked. however ... there was one difference in the setup. we were 3 players instead of 2. interestingly, after finishing the first challebge, the new player got credit for completing the main campaign in all difficulties. thats even mlre odd than the whole story in general. ;-)
  6. i haven't played much of the game yet but if that trick works for game completion i actually think that conpleting one challenge on either difficulty must work just like that. maybe i have time tonight to check that out
  7. ok thats great to hear ... id hate to be discredited for something i didnt do (deliberately) ... and i also dont know whether this glitch is repeatable as you need a profile that 100%ed the game a local co op game a profile that didnt play the game yet no idea whether that also works online but i dont think so otherwise people would have found out about that way sooner. also interesting to find out whether that also works for the challenge related trophies...
  8. i 100% agree ... apart from the part where you mentioned something about enjoying the game. im not very patient, many levels took 100+ trues and the trial and error of this game is frustrating beyond belief. took me around 1500 tries and countless hours to get to 99% of this rage inducing garbage. most of the times i played, the avgn would have felt ashamed having to sit next to me... anyways ... i have 99% ... only thing im missing (guess what) is the briefcase in 2-30. i know that you cant dash out of the tiny room its in and uve seen every single yt video there is a million times. i know what to do, ive seen it ... it just doesnt work. when i jump from the left qall he jumps straight into the spikes, the double jump never activates. when i jump to the right wall first, the double jump also rarely qorks, he just jumps away from the space hes supposed to go rhrough and qhen i get him to jump again he just lands in the spikes. please ... does anyone have any hint or tip for me how to finally get this briefcase (getting in there or finishing the level are easy, actuslly) and be able to finally put this annoying game to rest.
  9. I've followed the walkthrough precisely ... well, at least I that's what I thought. Turns out I'm missing File44 for the SCENES trophy. Could anyone please check which scene this is and point me in the right direction whee I can get it? Thanks!
  10. Perfect! Thank you so much for your quick reply ... no idea how I managed to scew this up, especially since your guide was incredibly. Must have been a lot of work, even though the game is easy to "play" I guess making the guide was very complex and time consuming. Thanks a lot for your efforts! I have found a trick for the mini gane that maybe you can add to the guide: as soon as you reach 310.000 points for all the pictures, back up your safe file to the cloud or a usb drive, buy the pictures and get the trophy. Then, copy your old save file back and you have both the trophy and the points, meaning your post game grind lost a few hours. P.s. just like almost everyone else, I'm struggling with level 6-2 and earning points in free play is extremely slow...