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  1. I finally got my platinum after a long time, felt exactly the same about the shura ending bosses. took me longer to beat the two of them then the rest of the shura playthrough coz i pretty much ran through everything and skipped as much as possible. what i did for that move of his was i would quickly move on to a apart of the ground that wasnt about to explode then use my umbrella to absorb the many slahes that followed. would punish with projected force as his move ended. the rest of the time i was just trying to get behind or a deflect and doing one hit at most. also he always dodges the first strike and then hits you when you so dont do a combo, hit once, deflect immediately then if you can hit him otherwise try and get around him.
  2. Hey everyone, Seen a video on this, guy hacked the vita and could play gb snes etc on the vita. Not sure what else the CFW can do but interested in this topic and have a few questions I am hoping someone can answer. What are the real advantages/disadvantages of doing this? I still enjoy vita titles from psn store and my collection of game cartridges, will doing this stop me from playing what I have? Should I get a second vita to do this? I have a 32gb card is that enough to hack the vita and have a good amount of games plus have some vita titles still on? Can I brick my vita? What other doors do I open by Hacking the vita? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Ya I remember that 110 hours on ffx, lucky for that thornberry trick. Oh and the 0sec chocobo ride can go die. Just finished dark souls 3, Going for wolfenstein the new order perk farming has been fun and nice change of pace to go into a shooter.
  4. Think it's just complete luck, been doing really well with a strategy I found on YouTube, don't know who posted it. Anyway, respecd all points to luck attument int and fee randoms elsewhere so have like 99 luck 60 int and 35 attument. Using affinity spell have staff +9, crystal rapier symbol of avarice and gold serpent ring with a rusted coin I get 515 item discovery. Run up the stairs use coin and cast spell twice for each knight. Been working good done my first 50min and have 18 of these which seems to be very good. But there's times where you get them consecutively and times where you do like 10 runs and nothing. Hope the above helps and credit to the YouTube dude
  5. Hey anyone still farming these? I need sunlight medals, proof of concord, vertebrae shackles and 10 human dregs Will help you farm also, my internet sucks so invading has really not worked well for me
  6. Thanks so much, appreciate the help alot
  7. Hey everyone, looking for the rings, if anyone is willing to drop for me I would be happy to help with any things else you require or even consider compensation for your time, thanks alot
  8. #65 Devious Dungeon very fun game and cool, enjoyed getting new weapons and armor simple but fund #66 Little Adventure on the prairie - my fastest platinum and so unbelievably boring #67 Tekken 7 - i love Tekken not great at it but love it, trophy list is easy and overall this is a quick platinum
  9. Devil Jin FTW 1 trophy left for me, just need 10 online battles should have Plat soon
  10. "a hunter must hunt" Eileen the crow - bloodborne
  11. Just purchased a digital version of onepiece burning blood, will be my first onepiece game looking forward to it
  12. #59 digimon story cyber sleuth Was a cool game but the medal collecting was annoying
  13. Hey guys please can you help, does the groundlocomon case appear from investigation or must it be gotten from dlc. I don't have the dlc but this is one of the two last medals I need, please can someone confirm for me? Edit: nevermind got the plat
  14. This advice to get platinum sukamon helped alot thank you, gotten all the way to having three platinumnumemon all with three tactician usbs and I'm on chapter 8 but megas are coming in fast