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  1. infamous: second son 1 trophy left would have said finish up spyro trilogy but think you're still in the process
  2. stil shows 29 here in south Africa, funny though my vita shows 423
  3. I have had this twice now, once in chapter 3 for the play dead trophy and more importantly I beat the game in veteran and it hasn't given me the trophy, this is so annoying Under highest difficulty achieved it doesn't show anything for the last chapter
  4. So I attacked the guys coming out of the house, Farah even comments to say she likes Alex style and he is very efficient but the trophy didn't pop. First I thought it was delayed and wow there is such a delay with these trophies so I continued but it didn't pop. Is there anything specific that needs to happen for me to get it? Playing on Veteran if it helps
  5. very late to the party on this, does anyone know if and how the patch can be deleted on vita, still on y first playthrough, no using a guide just going freestyle for the first run so will still have to do collectibles at some point. this game is really tough though but I think it gets better as you get more confident in killing
  6. Got it right doing this yay! Was on my third attempt got 14 the first two times and then third time it worked. Still with a 6 gadget variation though so don't know why but doesn't matter Also btw I have subscribed, thank you so much
  7. Going to choose 3 games. the Nathan drake collection you got most of the trophies already. crushing shouldn't be hard for you judging my your trophy list, damn impressive
  8. so when i tell you i suck lol i really suck. seen your video before I got to my playstation so I was like great this is going to be awesome. for some reason i keep only getting a six variation from gadgets sometimes a 7 but on normal combat i must have got an 8 like once or twice only. gave up after an hour but realise i havent been using the re-direct i just been trying to go into the next move so that will be tonights mission lol. what really kills m is that damn shield guys, every now and again one pops up in front of me when im doing a normal strike or triple cape stun and resets my combo on the one run i managed to get 8 variation but my gadet variation was 6, closest i have come so far. but yes thank you, this video is great gives me alot of hope and its an amazing find
  9. this is very helpful, thank you my biggest issue in the campaign if I remember correctly was a fight sequence on a balloon they one where the whole crowd eventually turned into the joker laughing, all real thing I cant remember that frustrated me on normal. doesnt appear to have been a big issue for anyone else so worries me abit great that the dlc stuff will help with AR mission stars. on the jumping around though is there something specific i need to be doing feel like it ends my streak not sure if its because i press the buttons multiple times
  10. Hey Guys, resurrecting an old thread but kinda fits in with my journey. I played this way back when in 2015 and I think I kinda got bored of getting all the riddler things at a point and then just abandoned the game for something else that as probably new. recently though maybe it's worth mopping up for the platinum. I have the season pass but generally don't play much beyond getting the actual platinum. I downloaded the game again and my save from the cloud to find that I have 95% completion on normal difficulty. I have 48 out of 65 base game trophies but wanted some advice on trophies I am missing, if it's going to be too annoying/frustrating then I won't really go for it, my concerns are: absolution getting 69 stars, this should be easy coz I can use DLC challenges for stars so don't have to do great in all challenges? brutality 101 - how long does it take to become good enough at the combat to do this? I have played Arkham Asylum and Arkham city but I have never been good at the combat in batman games the long Halloween - beating new game plus on Knightmare, again I have never really been good at the combat so how tough is this really, also keep in mind that I am rusty as I haven't played this since 2015 other ones that I'm missing don't seem too bad they just more grindy or the jumps/flying under bridges instant kills on tanks taking out cars so not really worried about those too much.
  11. So annoyed managed to do everything on my first run through the level slayer gates that annoying marauder secret encounter everything except... Missed the cyber mancubus toy until the end of the level, used fast travel and went back and the switch is pressed but can't open the gate for the toy. This one toy this annoying little toy going to make me run through the entire level again Hate this trophy so much Edit: it actually wasn't that bad to go back and get. the encounters and other stuff stays compleletd and when you run though again can do infinite ammo cheat which is really really fun
  12. Recently got this platinum, got an email saying congrats here are other games you may like. No theme, avatar nothing. Maybe coz I have the complete edition? Does anyone know. Also got bloodborne Plat but no theme. Got the God of war reward though so not sure what to make of it.
  13. I'm only three chapters into this one so maybe things will change but I must agree with @zXShermanXz I enjoyed 2016 abit more largely due to the ammo management situation. feel like I can't really use what I wanna use because ammo is so scarce. It's more fun for me when I can't just blast away with what I like for the most part.
  14. Looking for vita friends if there is any out there, looking for a friend to boost asphalt injection mp trophies
  15. I finally got my platinum after a long time, felt exactly the same about the shura ending bosses. took me longer to beat the two of them then the rest of the shura playthrough coz i pretty much ran through everything and skipped as much as possible. what i did for that move of his was i would quickly move on to a apart of the ground that wasnt about to explode then use my umbrella to absorb the many slahes that followed. would punish with projected force as his move ended. the rest of the time i was just trying to get behind or a deflect and doing one hit at most. also he always dodges the first strike and then hits you when you so dont do a combo, hit once, deflect immediately then if you can hit him otherwise try and get around him.