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  1. Going through something like this for the past few months but unfortunately doesnt seem to be limited to gaming. i have gotten like a handful of plats this year but slow by my usual standards. initially thought coz i was just so busy all the time that it was the reason. i started a thread where i asked for games for busy dads which was cool there were some games on that which i wanted to try and got about 3 platinums from the suggestions but still in the same burnout mode since then. i start a game play abit of it and then just dont wana go back to it after that and they good games im just not motivated enough or care enough to continue. in the past few months i have abandoned games like, the witcher ps5 upgrade version, horizon forbidden west, shadow of the tomb raider and jedi fallen order i also installed Life is strange 2 since i place the first one, tintanfall2, bugsnax, concrete genie and may a couple of others that is just delete again and dont play. i also have gamepass on xbox, a switch and one of those chinese handhelds for emulation. the handheld gets the most use but still find myself starting a game playing abit and then just abandoning it shortly after. trouble is its the same with movies, books and series as well just dont have the drive to start anything new. work has been a struggling to say the least. just dnt want to do anything and stick with anything to see it finished. the gaming issue is one of the big ones for me since gaming has been a constant for me since the 90's hopefully it doesnt last but feeling frustrated with myself since i just cant seem to keep myself entertained just spend my days doing the absolute necessary things and then go to sleep. comforting to read that this happens to alot of people but really hoping some ways to fix it actually work going forward.
  2. Used to be able to power through and at least see the end of the game but more recently I am having a hard time finishing anything just feel at some point it feels like work and I'm not keen to go and switch on the PlayStation. Work has gotten ridiculous since COVID and family time also a big part of my day so when wife and kids go to sleep I'm buggered I think that's whats making me just not be in the mood to go for the end most of the time.
  3. Actually its abit annoying that i live in South Africa. we have regular power outages and planned blackouts, so cant keep a console on sleep. i know that any non-multiplayer would be doable slowly but intention is to have a great experience and move on and not slog toward a plat over many many play sessions. thanks so much for this, i deliberately named it dad games coz i knew dads will understand exactly what im getting at.
  4. so just an update, i downloaded Titanfall 2, Shadow of the tomb raider and life is strange as these were already in my library from ps plus started with Tomb raider got up to the empress jaguar fight. thinking i will drop into the other games in between coz i see tombraider requires 100% completion of the map, looks like it will take a while
  5. These both look amazing,nice trailers didn't know same people that made Vanquish made bayonetta This is an awesome list thank you so much will go through, I think some of these might be in my library and haven't been played from the monthly Ps plus games. Will work through this list should sort me out for a long time to come Congrats to you as well kids are amazing can't wait until I can play everything with him Yes dead space was enjoying back on ps3 can't remember why I didn't finish it but I see there's a new remake of it, looks good. Also I think titanfall is in my library from PS plus. Heard good things about journey also. Will watch some trailers and see the others. Thank you
  6. Thanks so much, ya my little guy is 4 he doesnt want to beat games just wants to make spyro run in a circle and breathe fire lol. not limiting on type but online, stuff does tend to be longer frustrating platinums. i also dont buy anything on release anymore coz by the time i actually play it/finish it its old already. feel like its a waste for me to destroy a games value leaving it catching dust. thanks for the suggestion will try Dynasty warriors like the idea of being able to stop and start anywhere. also games with stages are better than open world for me.
  7. Hey everyone, Sorry if we have a topic like this, did try looking. I recently been struggling with what to play, started witcher Ps5 but just not getting into doing the same game again an committing so much time to it. I have a busy job and also a dad so dont really get much time to play. Been abandoning or just not starting games that will take too long, be grindy or frustrate the hell out of me in my limited time. I recently (about two months ago) played the RE 2 and RE 3 remake. these games were perfect for me, wasnt a major time commitment, had good gameplay and story and wasnt terribly difficult to platinum(bought the DLC). was hoping i could find some more games that fit into this category. hoping I could get some suggestions or we could start a list for busy gamers who still wana hunt so trophies. again sorry if there is a thread like this happy to just be directed there thanks for reading
  8. bought all three games on sale coz of the price but honestly this one was the only enjoyable game. level 12 is hard but game controls very well and was fun. took me 21minutes im not as good as the people on here but was fun and hardly costed anything
  9. I know I'm replying on an older thread, see this game is selling for $2 atm which is less than a coffee, was Abit concerned that it would be demanding and frustrating but reading all the comments looks like people enjoyed it, will give it a go
  10. dont feel bad, my last one before this one was 5 weeks ago #178 God of war ragnarok (Ps5) going for resident evil 2 next, heard the playthroughs arent long but theres alot and im not sure of difficulty somight be a while to the next one
  11. wow some serious hours put in on games here, i think my longest plat was FFX for about 110 hours, next would be the witcher 3 managed it in 92 hours other than that some 60 hours and most much much less
  12. so i never get any premeditated league crimes that had man bats but they definitely do spawn in other locations apart from the story locations. i was scanning for crimes as i went along and when something appeared on a roof top sometimes it was a man bat. you will hear it screech and then it will fly to the building. so my two cents scans for crimes and if its an empty roof top might be a man bat
  13. Hi everyone, wanted to check in with everyone how you guys are doing this, is there an ingame tracker? i have been going after mobs and owls coz i need the godmothers and talonted trophy but been at it for a while in the post game and the trophies arent popping. i want to go into ng+ but no sure what will carry over for me so was hoping i could check before i start ng+
  14. Going to share a very unpopular opinion here but here goes my two cents i have a few and had a few of the ratalika games also a few years ago. the reason i get them is when i need some fodder to make up the numbers so that my milestones can be game i want to see on my profile. i do agree that these jumping games are not really games, i feel like ratalaika had one or two that were actually alot of fun like full blast that comes to mind. i do feel like the more ridculous the games are the more i questions what the point but i do like that i look at my milestones and most are games i like having on my profile. the rest to me is just fodder i had some time and money to set up my profile the way i wanted it to look and thats ok. i wanted to do it that way and that should be up to me. as far as easy trophies go some games would be hard to judge coz everyone isnt the same. for other games it depends on the type of person and what they looking for, some people want plats and other people want wolfenstein 2 or ninja gaiden hell that takes work and a mad amount of commitment to get. it depends on the person. at a minimum i do feel like there needs to be some game to it but i still feel likes those games have served a purpose on my profile and to me thats ok
  15. took me forever to find a person to help me online for the last couple of trophies. was a good game though