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    I like writing music
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    I like anything Marvel and DC
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    I like working out and PS1 nostalgia

    These are probably the only pleasures left in my life, everything else I hate xD
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  1. #146 Grand Theft Auto IV - Good game, prefer GTA V and I don't like the idea of the platinum being rarer than my Transcendence platinum from WipEout HD but dems the brakes kidda 😎

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    2. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      I love FlyingKitty goooood memes lol

    3. ChristIllusion12


      @DamagingRob Never saw that before, that was... different... xD but this never gets old ^_^


    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  2. Army of Two 40th Day... Shame it's unobtainable for me now
  3. Why offer him Gravity Rush when there's Danganronpa and Steins Gate?
  4. Tearaway, best game on the vita in my opinion
  5. #145 Claire - Complete shit from start to finish, just like Lone Survivor. I decided to sit down and push through it because I'm having a threesome on Thursday and wanted to go without that piece of shit niggling in the back of my mind xD 

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! But on the subject of Lone Survivor, 



    3. ChristIllusion12
    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      @PooPooBlast Pretty much my reaction xD 

  6. #144 Nurse Love Addiction - I love visual novels but I really struggled to get into this one, I was reading it but didn't really understand any of it and overall it just wasn't very interesting but I will admit Sakuya's choice path I thought was very good... 10/10 to whoever thought of that idea. 

  7. Jerry Cantrell - Under-rated as a guitarist in my opinion.



    1. Glowbugg


      I was literally listening to AIC while scrolling thru these right now 👍

  8. Guess what I love most about Cliare on the PS Vita? That's right... NONE OF IT! 

    1. XellossFang


      i can tell "cliare" xD must be frustrated with it 

    2. ChristIllusion12


      @XellossFang That was a genuine mistake... in the same way this game was a mistake xD 

    3. XellossFang


      i have it due to ps plus but never played it cus i didn't like how it looked

  9. Oh wow, I'm playing Claire and it's very similar to Lone Survivor... Shit. 

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    2. Jelloycat


      Oh man, I remember playing Claire because it was a free ps plus game a while back. What a meh game, and I get it was supposed to be 'spooky', but honestly it was just so dark you could barely find anything. 

    3. ChristIllusion12


      @Jelloycat Agreed, I'm using the walkthrough on psn profiles but as soon as I read the next step on where I need to be Claire dies because the dark room is scary and I'm like bitch grow a pair xD 

    4. Jelloycat


      She's get scared obviously quick, especially in Nightmare mode. xD Even using a guide for my second play through I had trouble finding things because everything looked the same. I can't even bring myself to play it again on PS4. 

  10. #143 - Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen

    The stealth mechanics are alright but the combat is just a crappy clunky horrible mess leading to one of many frustrating deaths. It got delisted from the PSN store so I bought a physical copy thinking it might be a hidden gem and yeah I shouldn't have bothered, it's not very good but hey guess what is good? That's right, ME! 😎

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Lol Congrats on the Platinum 👍


      I have heard that game was just a train wreck for the most part. Good job on holding through till the end ;)

    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  11. I've been going through all my posts on here and I think I could quite easily be the Gordon Ramsay of videogames, like when a game is buggy, glitched or broken I can scream 'This game is RAW!' 

    1. PooPooBlast


      Your girl knows I've got the sawce!

      no ketchup!
      Just sawce, RAW LAMB SAUCE!

    2. ChristIllusion12


      @PooPooBlast So he brings that pissing over and the big surprise is the fucking game is fucking RAW!
      It's UNPLAYABLE! 
      This game is about as consistent as pigeon shit on trafalgar square
      EA - Just pathetic... Ubisoft - Just ridiculous!
      Just look at the fucking mess in here... there's shit... there's disarray... the disorganisation and look... LOOK AT THE MESS!
      Well done to you, I just can't believe how inconsistent this game is, FUCK OFF!
      That wouldn't even pass as kitty cat fucking cat food!
      Crap on top of crap, on top of crap, on top of crap!
      Can no one make a fucking game?

    3. PooPooBlast


      Hahhahahaha so not only can you be a poet, but you can be the Gordon Ramsay of gaming. 


      Well done. xD 👌

  12. As much as I prefer Marvel over DC, this is one of the greatest fights I've seen 


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    2. ChristIllusion12


      @IntroPhenom I have both parts of the Dark Knight Returns DVD but I haven't watched it yet but I've read the book and the follow up book The Dark Knight Strikes Again. My friend who is a massive Batman fan said the fight in Batman Vs Superman, as good as it is it's just a rip off to the fight in the Dark Knight Returns like you said. I fell asleep through Batman VS Superman but I've been told it's good but it has a very convoluted story to it :/ 

    3. IntroPhenom


      I think you fell asleep during BvS for a good reason.  :)  Skip it, unless your home sick in bed and bored out of your mind.

    4. ChristIllusion12


      @IntroPhenom Like today then xD except I'm getting all the pigeons on GTA 4 xD 

  13. #142 - UNmodern LAGfare 2 
    Here's a short poem to describe my overall experience with the game

    Shitty shit shit,

    Hissy fit fit,

    Wristy slit slit!

  14. Crysis 2 MP servers shutting down October 2018... I feel sorry for any poor bastard who chooses to boost that fucker. I did it back in February and was ready to throw myself off a bridge afterwards.

    1. Evertonian


      thanks for heads up mate

      another one I will never get done in time

    2. ChristIllusion12


      @Evertonian You will, it took me 2 weeks to get it all finished... that dedication (6 month trophy) is glitched and is known for popping earlier than it should be :)

    3. Evertonian


      Cheers pal