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  1. I started Norn9 Var Commons a couple of weeks ago. I've only been reading it at work but it seems okay so far but the game has asked me for my name so say hello to Slagarella ;)xD 




    1. MidnightDragon


      Little Ms. Slutty Whore!

  2. :platinum: #206 UNRAVEL TWO - I told @DamagingRob I will give my verdict on the game after I've beaten it and here is what I think:


    My feelings towards Unravel Two are very much the same as Little Big Planet on the PS Vita in the sense that it's fun if you just want to play it for fun but an absolute nightmare if you want to play for trophies.The trophy guide gave this game a 5/10 and honestly I'd be more tempted to give it a 7.5/10. You will unlock the No Death trophies whilst you're more than likely trying to beat the Gold Medal times in the levels and remembering the levels and the layouts isn't the hard part, it's the perserverence of replaying the level time and time again when you can't beat the gold medal times.


    The last couple of levels are actually the easiest to beat the Gold Medal times on and other levels (despite watching a video guide) I only just managed to beat the Gold Medal time with just a couple of seconds to spare however, level 2 is an absolute twat despite video guides and short cuts etc. and that arsehole of a trophy took me 3 days to unlock. 


    Finally, I had to beat all 20 bonus levels in one go in under 45 minutes. You can actually die on this and it doesn't go against you but there's no timer to indicate your progress so I had to use a countdown timer on my phone. Some of the levels take a lot of practice but they are do-able but bonus levels 13 and 16 are considered the hardest. The best strategy I found was, instead of doing the levels from easy to hard (1-20) I instead went in reverse and did them from hard to easy (20-1) and I just popped the trophy with about 2 seconds to spare but I did die quite a few times for stupid reasons.


    I think the dev's put the trophies in with the intention that it was to be made for co-op and it is do-able solo but it all boils down to time and patience if you want the platinum for this game. 


    Overall, is the game fun? yes.

    Are the trophies easy? No. 

    Does trophy hunting zap out the fun out of the game? Eventually yes.

    Is it doable? With time and patience and commitment yes


    If you really want to throw yourself into the 7th circle of hell and attempt the challenge then go for it and good luck but if you just want a fun game with an easy platinum with very little stress without trophy hunting becoming a chore and taking away the joy from the game then play Unravel One :)

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    2. ChristIllusion12


      @EcoShifter Okay dude I'll bite, you play it and then get back to me ;)  @Honor_Hand Cheers dude, I just was at the point where I just wanted it done, I was kinda neglecting my studies so I could finish it and that's something I don't really want to make a habit of xD 

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Kinda surprised it's rated that low. :hmm: I've heard it's a lot harder than the first game, especially if you're doing it solo. Sounds like another game, where the trophies will make me wish I'd never bought it...

  3. UNRAVEL TWO PROGRESS (Clear all 20 bonus levels in one go in under 45 minutes)


    Today was actually a better day but still shite in some aspects


    ATTEMPT #2 - I cleared 15 levels but then I ran out of time. Challenge 16 was giving me such a hard time as it has for most people. 


    ATTEMPT #3 - I cleared 17 levels before I ran out of time. I actually cleared Challenge 16 on my first try this time but Challenge 13 was giving me a hard time instead which is pretty luck based on the second part depending on what direction the enemies are moving.


    Bed time for me as I got work tomorrow and then I'll give it another go but I found out before I shut the game down that I only cleared 19 challenges and I've missed challenge 20... fucks sake, I'm just hoping when I Youtube it, it'll be a simple one xD 

  4. I had a practice run on Unravel Two for the Hard and Fast trophy which involves beating all 20 bonus levels in 45 minutes so I had a timer set for 45 minutes counting down on my phone and I cleared...


    12 levels.


    I now know what hell on Earth is because this is annoying as fuck! 😡

  5. My goal for tonight is to finish the last two bonus challenges on Unravel Two and then put my stopwatch on my phone and have a practise run at trying to beat all the levels in under 45 minutes. To be honest, I'm kinda done with the game now 🙄

  6. I met Page Hamilton from Helmet last night. I'm sporting creepy serial killer face but fuck it, I don't care. It was actually a very good night and Helmet are such an underrated band. They were playing at this place called the Gorilla in Manchester and when I got there it was basically a cafe but there was a sign saying 'Helmet - entrance under the bridge' so I went under this dang smelly old bridge and bearing in mind, I've never been to this venue before nor have I seen Helmet live or seen any of their live material on Youtube (but I do have all of their studio albums) so this smelly door opens and this guy comes outside so I go 'excuse me, do you work here?' and in an American accent he goes 'No I don't' so I told him that I was going to see a band but I don't actually know where I'm suppose to wait and he didn't have a clue either so I said okay no worries, thanks for your help and off he went back inside. I waited in line and I was the first one in the line and eventually I got let in so I bought a t-shirt (to frame) and waited for the band to come on (they were doing a 30 song set with no support) and honestly, I knew they were underrated but only about 150 turned up which is a little bit more than when I saw Doyle except in comparison to Helmet, Doyle weren't very good live because the singer got wasted before he went on stage and shouting fuck you to the crowd. An hour later, Helmet came on and the guy I spoke too under the bridge turned out to be the fucking singer, Page Hamilton. I had such egg on my face but I was in the front way right in front of him and they put on an amazing show. The crowd were a bit cheeky because the band went off and was waiting for the audience to cheer them on for an encore and by this point, one guy next to me was already helping himself to the band's set list. After the show, they were throwing guitar picks out and I was determined to get on and one guy behind me just shoved his way into me and tried to reach for one of the guitar picks on the microphone stand. I actually tried to move his hand away because I thought it was fucking rude and should wait for the singer to throw them out to the crowd but instead he gave up and made a grab for one of the guitar picks on the stage floor instead. Then another guy brought the microphone stand forward and helped himself to a pick and I thought you cheeky ♥ but then I thought it's now or never so when the singer and drummer weren't looking, I brought the microphone stand to me and nabbed a pick and then everybody else did it after that but the drummer caught them doing it and was like woah not cool man! but Page stuck around to sign autographs and do photos afterwards so he signed my ticket and got my photo with him but I apologized over the fact that I didn't recognize him but he was like 'that's okay, I didn't know if you were passing by or coming to see us, I musn't have had my glasses on' and then I said that I was going to see Helmet with my dad back in 2005 at Download but we missed it so 14 years later, I thought better late than never and you are one of the last few bands I've yet to see live but you put on an amazing show so thank you very much and then he shook my hand and then I greeted him goodbye and said don't leave it too long next time and was like thank you very much and fist bumped me but what a fucking top band they were! ^_^ 




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    2. ChristIllusion12


      @PooPooBlast I don't think you've read one of my paragraphless long texts since Saw II xD 

      Hopefully if you click the link you can see one of the videos I filmed. This was the song they opened up with ^_^

    3. Lorajet


      Well, that was probably the most I've read this month!  You should write for the free press on entertainment!


      How were the acoustics?

    4. ChristIllusion12


      @Lorajet I'm still deaf... no acoustics, just loads of heavy distortion xD 

  7. Nearly finished Unravel Two, just got to do the 20 bonus levels in one go in under 45 minutes. I had a quick practice without using Youtube but I got stuck on Challenge 4 but no time to continue with it today, got tickets to see Helmet, one of the last few bands I've not seen live ^_^


  8. Okay I lied, this is much better 😂



  9. Found this by accident last night, thought it was pretty funny 😂



  10. Hideaway Time Trial on Unravel Two... I finally did it, 12:52! I nearly fell out of my chair when the trophy popped. 


    I got work tomorrow so decided to use my last 30 minutes to get a head start on level 3, Little Frogs (time to beat is 8:00) 


    - 1st attempt - took my time but died once during the chicken chase so no no-death trophy for me but I did it in 14:08

    - 2nd attempt - rushed it a bit but had a few hiccups and died twice, did it in 10:22


    With that said, this level is a lot fucking easier already, might crack it tomorrow night ^_^

  11. Hideaway Time Trial on Unravel Two... I only had an hour because I been at work all day but I had another go and I got a near perfect run but I died at the second to last part but I thought fuck it, I'll finish it off and I'll see how I did afterwards. I need to beat 13 minutes to get the gold trophy and I did it in... 13:01.


    I am fucking seething! 😡

    1. BlackSquirrell1
    2. ChristIllusion12
    3. DamagingRob


      Lol. Man, this reminds me of Switch Galaxy Ultra so much. You have no idea how many times I was a second over, or even right on the time, since getting the exact time wasn't good enough...

  12. Hideaway Time Trial on Unravel Two... 13:29.... 13:12... fucks sake xD It's suppose to be the hardest level but I refuse to do any of the others until I master this one. I'm just thinking of that episode of Dexter's Laboratory when they try and be the first ones in the lake for the fishing trip


    'Oh well, I suppose we'll just have to try again tomorrow' xD 

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      You've really reduced the time.  ALMOST THERE!

    2. DamagingRob


      Not inspiring confidence with these updates. :lol: I'll probably get annoyed and bail. :P

    3. ChristIllusion12


      @DamagingRob I did the final level within a few tries but I've spent hours on this one, it's an absolute twat xD 

  13. Hideaway Time Trial on Unravel Two... 15:12, 14:06, 13:33... come on PSNP Gods, do your job and help a brother out 😂 

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    2. ChristIllusion12


      @Lorajet It's somewhat easy, it's just very time consuming and it's testing my patience xD 

    3. PermaFox


      I'm humbled in how fast you were able to finish Unravel.  I'm definitely losing my touch with these games!

    4. ChristIllusion12


      @PermaFox It's fairly easy to be honest, the second one is a bitch though xD 

  14. These time trials on Unravel Two are a pain in the arse. I've been busy all day so I only had about 3 hours to attempt them but I figured 'let's do the Hideaway one, seeing as it's the hardest and get that one out of the way with first' so I got the no death trophy during my 3 hour stint but I just can't beat the gold medal time just yet, I think it's going to be like Musynx where I spend 4 days trying to pop one trophy. The time to beat is 13:00 but I have been keeping track of my progress, I went from 21:40 down to 17:58, then 16:29 and now 15:24. It's 1am over here so I said fuck it I'm going to bed, no point getting worked up over it so I'll try it again tomorrow before I go to college. I know i'll do it eventually but FUUUUUUUUUUUU xD 

  15. What has my life become? I'm on eBay looking at light shades and I'm struggling to find one that I like... do I go for modern or nerdy? I find modern ones are the pink fluffy things what girls like and nerdy Monokuma light shades don't exist xD 

    1. mysticmosh


      One that matches the decor, or one with a gaming related theme!. Next you'll find yourself looking for a matching rug if you're not careful!.😂

    2. PermaFox


      Are you visiting your feminine side?  Problem is whatever you get you'll find something you like better in a week or so....:lol:

    3. ChristIllusion12


      @PermaFox I've always had a feminine side xD but yeah that sounds about right xD and don't tempt me @mysticmosh my bedroom needs a new carpet xD