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  1. Max Payne 3 NYMHC (Attempt 3 and 4...)


    I was going to spend most of the day on it yesterday but with life interuptions and falling asleep in the afternoon getting in the way I didn't have a lot of time. To be honest, after finishing Episode 2 of Batman The Enemy Within, I was just bored and couldn't be bothered playing Max Payne 3 but I did give it a quick go so...


    Attempt #3 - Died on Chapter 3, the 3rd sniper killed me whilst I was in bullet time mode trying to kill the two guys below. I did make a note of this on my standard New York Minute playthrough so it's my own fault really


    Anyway, today I felt that sense of boredom again so I thought why not try Max Payne 3 first and then wind down with Batman afterwards? So that's what I did, anyway... I was absolutely fucking smashing it and I accumulated 8.30 minutes on the clock until...


    Attempt #4 - Died on Chapter 5, at the end with the QTE boat section, I accidentally shot Fabiana... ffs!


    Nevermind, we'll do it again xD 

    1. panikooooos


      Hahahah I did the same thing to Fabiana in my 1st or 2nd attempt, the worst thing about attempting NYMHC is that you can be playing for 3 hours, miss a bullet and it's BAM, black screen with retry or quit on the bottom, no music no nothing, that damn screen is so depressing, I get how it's fitting for the game but still... Keep trying my man!

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Don't let bastards grind you down!

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