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  1. Max Payne 3 NYMHC (Attempt 5)


    - I had a warm up run and died on Chapter 2, I ran out of bullet time so I couldn't kill the last guy whilst protecting Fabiana and then the helicopter kept moving so aiming was a bitch, anyway, dude shot Fabiana game over xD 


    Attempt #5 - I was absolutely fucking slaying it until I got up to Chapter 7, I had about 12:30 minutes on the clock and I'm annoyed because it wasn't even my fault but after the QTE when you kill the guys whilst riding up the chain, I killed the 3 enemies on the opposite side of the building and I headed downstairs into that shack cabin thing. I noticed there was no pain killers on the wall, no guns in the room and enemies weren't spawning... so I shootdodged myself out the window and was able to make it up to the house (the one with the drugs clue in it) but I couldn't progress any further. Anyone else experienced this glitch or know how to avoid it? I've been playing it offline but I've had the golden guns on but I don't think that would make much of a difference to be honest :/  

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    2. panikooooos


      It's probably a 1 time thing don't worry, other people have said it, but you should just pause for a bit if you notice the game's textures not loading fast enough, lag etc.

    3. Leenewbe


      even if your offline if the dlc is installed it could still be causing a problem, not saying its the cause but its just a possibility, its been a while since i did my hcm run where it kept happening so i'm just offering suggestions. 

    4. ChristIllusion12


      @Leenewbe Cheers dude I appreciate it, always open to suggestions... going to give it another go shortly :)