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  1. Max Payne 3 NYMHC 



    Attempt #43 - Bugged on Chapter 4, I shot the guy in last man standing and the camera wouldn't revert back to Max. Fuck all I could do. Restart.


    Attempt #44 - Died on Chapter 7, went a bit trigger happy but it was worth it because I had 21 minutes on the clock but I was clearing the enemies in the backstreets before the warehouse section and the guy on the balcony put me in last man standing but I couldn't see him because of the wooden patio in the way so I had to move my crosshairs around until they turned red so I could guess where he was, but by the time I did, it was too late and I died.



    Attempt #45 - Bugged on Chapter 7, I had that horrible bug happen to me where it stops spawning enemies and you can't progress any further. 21 minutes on the clock. Fuck all I could do. Restart.


    Attempt #46 - Died on Chapter 3, Got flanked in the stadium, was pissed off over the bug in Chapter 7 so didn't really give much of a fuck in this run.


    Attempt #47 - Died on Chapter 8, The section where you save Passos from gunpoint in the courtyard, but basically a goon put me in last man standing and it did that glitch again where I fire and no bullets come out but made no noise to indicate I had no ammo either. 22 and a half minutes on the clock. 


    Attempt #48 - Bugged AGAIN on Chapter 7, royally pissed off is an understatement right now.


    Done for today now, going to wind down on Silence... 

    Will resume this relentless torture on Monday!

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    2. Otonio_Bruno


      I'll be trying a good attempt or two tomorrow, depending on my humor. My last attempt I got finished at chapter 14 at very last boss and his very last grenade, I swear he'd only use it 3 times but I guess I was wrong and he used 4 times.


      I'm really envy of all your patience and persistence for this trophy, ChristIllusion, I did around 10 attempts and they were enough to drain me outta of this game for a good while. I really hope you get it (And I hope I can do it too xD ).

    3. ChristIllusion12


      @ihadalifeb4this I've been playing it offline but fuck me, what a bitch xD @Otonio_Bruno Good luck dude, I'm not looking forward to that last guy with the grenade, he fucked me quite a lot in my normal NYM run :(  @Honor_Hand Yay I'll have a reason to ejaculate my frustration xD 

    4. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp

      "Yay I'll have a reason to ejaculate my frustration"


      - ChristIllusion12, member of Pee-SN-Pee, 2019-2019