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  1. Max Payne 3 NYMHC 


    Attempt #54 - Died on Chapter 10 (my best so far) at the end, when the bus crashes and you get surrounded by goons. My strategy was basically to blow up all the cars to rack up explosion kills but whilst doing so, I got put in Last Man Standing and I couldn't find the guy who shot me among all the smoke and debris and died. (25 minutes on the clock)


    Watch at 2:26 to see how fueled I was just for it to all be in vain :/ 



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    2. ChristIllusion12


      Ran out of rep points people :( @locoporkko Thanks dude but my name's Adam ;)  @ihadalifeb4this I really hope to finish this too :(

    3. locoporkko


      adam good luck some day you will platinum max payne 3 

    4. ChristIllusion12