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  1. Max Payne 3 NYMHC


    Attempt #60 - Died on Chapter 3, Ran out of bullets in last man standing on the stadium section


    Attempt #61 - Died on Chapter 8, right at the end, I got put in Last Man Standing and Passos got shot as I was getting up

    (I youtubed this because this was annoying me, and rather than grab the rifle and pick the goons off from the balcony, everybody seems to shootdodge off it and just take them out with dual weapons)


    Attempt #62 - Died on Chapter 3, guy took cover whilst I was in Last Man Standing inside the memorial part of the stadium


    Attempt #63 - Bugged on Chapter 2, took the guys out in the kitchen and couldn't progress any further. Sound cut out and frame rate dropped. Restart. Starting to wonder if half of these attempts are down to bugs and not me being shit xD


    Attempt #64 - Died on Chapter 4, accidentally shot Passos after he opened the gate for me after the chop shop section


    Attempt #66 - Died on Chapter 6, final part of the office section. Did that bug again where I was in Last Man Standing and no bullets were coming out of my gun or any clicking noises to indicate that I had no ammo.


    Jesus fucking Christ...

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      @PooPooBlast Have you been putting semen on my leg? xD @ResoluteRock It's better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven but seriously fuck this game xD 

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      Attempt #69 coming up...