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  1. Max Payne 3 NYMHC


    Attempt #67 - Died on Chapter 9, failed the QTE when the guy fires the rocket launcher from the chopper. 21 and a half minutes on the clock.


    Although to be fair, I noticed I was sucking quite bad from Chapter 2 onwards and I found out my left analog stick is fucked so Max will keep on moving forward when I don't want him too which is pretty annoying so I bought a new controller off eBay.


    Oh and I finished off all the online trophies for Mortal Kombat (PS3) today, so just Alien VS Predator and that's all PS3 online trophies done ^_^


    I'm thinking about having another go on Max Payne but I don't know if it will be worth it if my controller is shagged anyway or just finishing off XBlaze: Code Embryo :/ 

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    2. ChristIllusion12
    3. Honor_Hand


      @ChristIllusion12 Yeah, tell me about it. Had one that didn't last a month xP At least I salvaged some of the parts and was able to repair an OEM one with them. xD


      Hmmmm, the package looks alright. But the price seems kind of cheap for an OEM PS3 controller :hmm: The original ones are usually more expensive from what I've seen online. Although, one never knows nowadays. Con-artists have gotten so good at it that it's hard to know. O.o

    4. ChristIllusion12


      @Honor_Hand I tried that with my vita, I replaced the left analog stick but it was some cheap chinese shit that didn't last 2 minutes, bought a more expensive one but I haven't got round to fitting it on yet but as long as this controller does what I want it too then I'm happy xD