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  1. I loaded my save just before the final boss just to see how many collectibles I had gathered during my 1st playthrough. Turned out I had collected 46 out of 47 with the missing one being the fridge note at the beginning of the game. I then loaded my completed save file and started NG+ making sure to pick up the fridge note at the start. Trophy did not pop. I reached the village so I coud open my inventory. It now shows the fridge note but I'm still stuck at 46/47. WTF ? Anyone else experieced this glitch? Is there a fix besides collecting everything again?
  2. Sitting at 29%+ right now. How come is this percentage so high? It’s a plat that requires quite a lot of time and work. There are a lot of easier plat trophies out there that sit way below this percentage. Is it because of the dedicated fanbase and the fact that a lot of older players know the game inside out? Still, that’s a lot of achievers IMO.
  3. Hey I've got some questions regarding the walkthrough and more specifically, the endgame portion.I'm about to begin Mephestopheles quest and I was wondering :- Shouldn't I manipulate my character tendency back to Pure White when I'm done with this quest? Wouldn't it make the King boss and NG plus easier in PWCT?-Also, since I have all the required souls before Mephestopheles, why isn't it suggested in the walthrough to buy everything from Sage? Wouldn't that make things easier also for the bosses and NG plus? Then I could only buy the remaining stuff from Yuria in NG plus to get Sage's trophy.Thanks.
  4. Yeah I know that but still, I don't understand why there wouldn't be a way for the ps4 version to recognize my ps5 progress. Do they use different clouds?
  5. Is that doable or is it just the other way around? I downloaded the ps4 version thinking that my ps5 trophies would auto sync but they didn't. I'm afraid I might be stuck with a 0% ps4 list...
  6. Will the trophy pop if I skip Monarch entirely using the trick to open the chairman's door in byzantium and talk to Sofia afterwards? I really want to speed this up and get it over with.
  7. I get that a macro is used to trick remote play and record automatic runs according to the inputs you used in a run. What I don't get is how to program that macro for remote play. Yesterday I downloaded remote play on my I-pad (does it even work on I-pad or do I need to use a PC/laptop?) alongside the macro zip file. I'd like to know what's the next step. Cause when I go and read the info on github, I don't understand $**T. I'm not very good when it comes to PC terminology and programming. Thanks.
  8. Could someone please post an easy to follow step by step guide to using macros (whatever that means)? This is like a foreing language to me.