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  1. I think I'll pop the 50km trophy and the plat in Rocket League. And got the online trophies in Tekken 7 couple days ago, I'll try to earn some of the offline ones. And other indie games as well.
  2. Awesome. Its fun to participate again this year. Hope I can beat my last year's record tho.
  3. I heard that you can get it with the premium edition not quite sure tho.
  4. Batman Arkham Knight is one of the best games of this current gen. Its a great chance for those who didn't play it yet to try it out. Didn't Darksiders III release this year or last year? It didn't success as expected I suppose. Might give it a go.
  5. Voted for Borderlands 3. Thanks for chance. Good luck everyone.
  6. Ben 10
  7. To everyone who still having problems unlocking the Following Orders trophy, no its not glitched and there's no need to re-install the game. I had the same problem. Just head to mission 7 , and go to the bridge leading to the graveyard there's a patrol boat thats roaming there and will appear as a secondary objective once you see it. You'll have to destroy it. Really weird that its not showing unless you discover the boat yourself, I think its the only secondary objective that you must do that in order to get the objective. Here's a map of the mission you need to go across the bridge leading to the graveyard (Number 2) to spot it: https://guides.gamepressure.com/sniper_elite_4/guide.asp?ID=39064
  8. Outlast 2 1 week ,1 day. 1.82%
  9. I Am Bread I Am Bread - 0.27% Ultra Rare
  10. #75 Im Bread Both Bossa Games Studios done. Bloody hell these guys are just obsessed with weird controls.
  11. Congrats to the winners and thanks to @eigen-space for hosting this event and @cjshaitan for the big contribution. And hopefully I'll get the chance to participate again next year.
  12. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Surgeon Simulator Outlast 2
  13. The Whole World Went Away Dead Island - Definiteve Edition
  14. Red Barrels. Creators of the Outlast series.
  15. I don't plan on stop trophy hunting anytime soon. Before becoming a trophy hunter I used to play MP all the time. That got boring. The thing I like about trophy hunting is, that it gives you sort of goals to achieve. Keeps you goin until you achieve em all (trophies). Like playing a triple A game you've been waiting for, a long time. After you finish the story you say now what? That's what got me into trophy hunting, I really liked Batman Arkham Knight and I said I want to achieve the platinum trophy in this 1 at least. And I did achieve the plat and I found trophy hunting a fun thing so I continued along.