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  1. Murdered: Soul Suspect Day of the Tentacle Remastered Everybody's gone to the Rapture. I think those were the most relaxing for me.
  2. These Days are long Gone I suppose.
  3. Maybe not for every game. But if a game I really liked and need an excuse to play it again, I dont mind NG+ trophies then.
  4. 5 days, 21 hours, 49 minutes.
  5. No Point in Dying LIMBO
  6. When I see this thread: When Ratalaika fans see this thread:
  7. The Order 1886 Mayfair Theme. I've had it set since 2016 and every time I change it, I get it back again. Really amazing theme.
  8. Another day, another Ratalaika thread. Lets grab the popcorn ladies and gentlemen
  9. #70 Conan Exiles To Crush All Trophies Beneath
  10. #5 Energy Cycle - where's the fun exactly? #4 Burly Men at Sea - boring as hell. The fact that you needed 11 endings made it even more boring. #3 The Deadly Tower of Monsters - Repetitive. Bad sense of humor as I recall? #2 My Name is Mayo - yeah clicking a jar of mayo 10,000 times is loads of fun. #1 Little Adventure on The Prairie - probably the worst game I've played. The environment design seemed like it was copy-pasted every 2 meters. Shitty A.I. for an easier pronunciation of the game name, just call it shit.
  11. Maybe Teslagrad. Especially that bloody scroll that you have to dodge electric lasers to get within a time limit. took me 40 mins to get.
  12. Ultra rare plats cant be fun for the whole journey , even if its a triple A game. They're either grindy or difficult , and the fun will be gone by then. Anyway , to name a few: Red Dead Redemption 2 - grindy The Evil within - difficult Outlast 2 (not sure if its a triple A or indie still has good quality) - difficult GTA V - grindy Thief - not too difficult. PS4 edition is currently at 3.98%
  13. W571WE - Welcome to Los Santos
  14. Exactly