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  1. Outlast 2 1 week ,1 day. 1.82%
  2. I Am Bread I Am Bread - 0.27% Ultra Rare
  3. #75 Im Bread Both Bossa Games Studios done. Bloody hell these guys are just obsessed with weird controls.
  4. Congrats to the winners and thanks to @eigen-space for hosting this event and @cjshaitan for the big contribution. And hopefully I'll get the chance to participate again next year.
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Surgeon Simulator Outlast 2
  6. The Whole World Went Away Dead Island - Definiteve Edition
  7. Red Barrels. Creators of the Outlast series.
  8. I don't plan on stop trophy hunting anytime soon. Before becoming a trophy hunter I used to play MP all the time. That got boring. The thing I like about trophy hunting is, that it gives you sort of goals to achieve. Keeps you goin until you achieve em all (trophies). Like playing a triple A game you've been waiting for, a long time. After you finish the story you say now what? That's what got me into trophy hunting, I really liked Batman Arkham Knight and I said I want to achieve the platinum trophy in this 1 at least. And I did achieve the plat and I found trophy hunting a fun thing so I continued along.
  9. Every Trophy accomplished Black Mirror Nice game. Good story. Wish it had less loading times and better optimization. Would've been much better.
  10. Asia's may lineup (except Japan): Metal Gear Survive , The Witness. Source: https://pokde.net/gaming/sony/playstation-4/ps-plus-asia-may-2019-free-games-lineup/ There's a high chance that we get Metal Gear Survive as well unfortunately.
  11. It needs some practice for 5 or less deaths run. Practice the hardest sections in chapter select, till you get prefect timing. Like the hotel sign, you could just keep goin non stop and you'll make it.(doesn't work in chapter select). The 2 boxes section where u have to stack them in order to make that jump and avoid the saw. I press the left 1 right away and get close to the right button, wait a 1 second or 2 and you should stack the left box on the right one. I like to push the boxes a bit to be safe. There's a video on YouTube I found helpful for the hardest sections. Its called "Limbo hardest sections" or something like that. It took me I believe 4 tries to achieve. Ended up with 3 deaths (2 stupid ones). I reached the very last chapter where u might die in my 3rd try, I was on 5 deaths, no more tries for me. I didn't time my jump right as I rushed 1/2 a second and died. So yeah just practice the sections where u die mostly and you should do it in 5 or less deaths.
  12. Red Dead Redemption
  13. Murdered: Soul Suspect Day of the Tentacle Remastered Everybody's gone to the Rapture. I think those were the most relaxing for me.
  14. These Days are long Gone I suppose.
  15. Maybe not for every game. But if a game I really liked and need an excuse to play it again, I dont mind NG+ trophies then.