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  1. I got it after 207 wins. I joined a tdm in progress and lost, it poped at the final kill cam screen. Try Team deathmatch mode mostly good luck.
  2. Watch Ps4 trophies's guide on youtube. There's an upgrade that you get in mission, not by accessing terminals. It may not be earned sometimes. And the upgrades are random.
  3. So I finally got dominion and the platinum. It poped after I joind a tdm in progress and lost. Total wins:207.
  4. @Second genesis were u in the winners circle of any of the 4 tdm games?
  5. Don't worry about that lol.
  6. Thanks everyone I'll try your suggestions.
  7. Favorite handheld console is the psp.
  8. Alright. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hello. Ive already won 100+ online matches but still nothing. I tried mixing the games, losing gun games, wining 5 infected per looby,any good solution? Appreciate it.
  10. The Evil Within 2 (Psycho Break 2)
  11. Im playing as Sam B too , already finished the story and im currently lvl 42 but i've never found any weapon. People saying that there's a chance to find a weapon in the arena (Bloodbath DLC) at round 20 probably , it gives you a notification saying "zombie is carrying a (unique ,rare and uncommon ) but not an orange weapon. I was playing in arena A easy by the way. What might happen if use an exploit? Cuz i did that champagne xp glitch a couple of times. But i dont think that's the reason why i can't find any weapon , because i did it after completing the story.
  12. Hello what's the easiest method to get 5 orange weapons?